Laser treatment at the dentist with dental laser (dentist laser)

Laser treatment at the dentist with dental laser (dentist laser)

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Dentist laser treatment

The Dental Laser Technology for the dental treatment and the tooth preservation continues to develop.

At the dentist will the Laser for drilling used only to a limited extent.

Dentist laser for laser treatment

At the dentist need dental patients and dentist in the Dental treatment with laser wear safety glasses.

Dentist lasers for dental treatment came onto the market in the early 1990s. Depending on the type, the Dental Laser or dental laser scalpel and or also drill replace partially or completely. Due to the germ-reducing effect of Dental laser the dentist opens up a wide range of applications for the dental treatments. With the Dental laser treatment All types of tooth decay and tooth defects can be treated, but not the processing of metal fillings and gold crowns. The laser technology with the tooth laser or soft laser etc. cannot be used for all treatments, because when replacing amalgam fillings, the use of lasers e.g. not possible. When placing fillings using the Dental Laser is the dentist able to kill bacteria in the dental fillings, which can often lead to longer procedures for tooth restoration.

The Dental Laser works without contact and therefore cannot transmit vibrations or pressure to the tooth and thus to the surroundings of the tooth.

The drill however, is significantly faster than one laser (dental laser) because larger areas can be processed quickly and easily with the drill.

The risk of heat damage to the tooth is at Dental laser almost as impossible as that laser pulses are extremely short and depending laser type there is also additional cooling.

An exact statement about the pain load cannot be given, because the pain sensation is different for every patient and for every application. With the Dental laser is at the dental treatment worked sterile with which complications and thus also inflammation and thus pain avoided. The laser (diode laser) works selectively so that it couples to the red blood pigment and also to the colored bacterial envelope and is effective. Healthy tissue remains untouched because the Dental Laser discharges its energy only where there is tissue that is well supplied with blood or that is often inflammatory or bacterially populated. The diode laser removes inflammatory gums when treating periodontitis and at the same time kills the bacteria in the gum pockets. With the Dental Laser you can separate lip bands that are too short and remove excess tissue. The Laser from the dentist can be used for the root canal treatment for the sterilization of the root canal and thus reduces the risk of later tooth infection. To Irradiation with the laser painful canker sores and herpes can be healed more quickly, and implants can be uncovered in a more gentle manner. So that the precision of dentures can be improved, it is possible to gently remove the tooth edge for crowns or dental bridges before the impression of polished teeth laser treatment expose.

♦ At the laser treatment in the dental practice, the risk of inflammation is lower because of the laser at the same time kills bacteria.
♦ A Dental Laser closes blood vessels, which is why there is a small amount of bleeding and therefore sutures can often be avoided.
♦ Through the Laser treatment at the dentist Noises and vibrations of the drill can be eliminated during dental treatment, which is important for patients with dental fear an advantage is.
♦ For patients with dental fear means the Laser treatment at the dentist More patient comfort, because local anesthesia is only required in a few cases.

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