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Laser tag for everyone!

The Lasertag Hannover children’s birthday party for young and old action fans!

Here the Lasertag Hannover children’s birthday party is guaranteed to be a special experience.
All of this is available for little money: We are the absolute price pig in Hanover. For € 12 per player we offer a lot of fun and games.

Package S = small party
€ 12 pp 3 rounds of laser tag, 1 soda, table for the party, 1 snack plate for everyone. Table fee from Fri-Sun € 10.

Larger party packages at the call center!
Best advice and stress-free booking at the call center: ☎ 05131-8800

This is the plan for the Lasertag Hannover Children’s Birthday:

Once a year birthday everyone is a child again!
“Catch” and “hide” play in the beautiful and better world of the Lasertag Hannover Arena.
The focus is on enjoying playing laser tag, sport and exercise the small Action friends. And of course also for the big ones!
700m² labyrinth with at least 3 kilometers of walking paths stimulate imagination, team spirit and a uniquely awesome adventure.
And of course to get points. Points are awarded for phasers on targets, the tree of souls, skeletor, pharon and of course when tagging opponents.
Lasertag in Hanover is a game in which there are only winners.
The birthday party during the game break at the table is the highlight for the family.
Gifts, cakes, muffins, pizza, … Anything you like is allowed at the Lasertag Hannover children’s birthday party. Once a year, everyone is a birthday child.
Cake with candles. HOT. The focus is on the beautiful birthday cake, but it will be gone soon, eaten and for always in the cake sky.
One drink per participant goes to the house, then it goes on with drinks if necessary.

The Lasertag Hannover children’s birthday party also for the big adventurers!

Perfectly organized and ready to win over your teammates. This is the cool Lasertag Hannover children’s birthday party for everyone up to 99 years.
There is a party in the lounge, but the lightning tunnel, the fortified super targets, Skeletor, Pharon, etc. are already waiting.
Game on in the beautiful and better world.

Get information now and book the Lasertag Hannover Birthday Party 1/3 cheaper!

Book around 1/3 cheaper at the Lasertag Hannover FUN Center!!
The Hanover Lasertag call center, however, only assigns appointments strictly according to age group for super-fun partying.
Book the appropriate appointments with technical advice via the call center of Hanover Lasertag: 05131 8800
In addition, there are admission criteria for young players, Laser Tag makes no exceptions.

A complete overview of all prices can be found here.
The arena demonstrably offers the best offer quality and the best price in the city.
Lasertag Hannover FUN Center currently organizes over 70 parties a week and excites the masses. With the competition, you pay an average of 1/3 more for Lasertec in Hanover and receive outdated technology in a small playing area. Compare Porsche or Audi with a bike, … comparison makes you happy and rich. Around 1500 players week after week can’t be wrong, around 1500 players week after week recommend us from person to person. Play your laser tag game at the market leader in Hanover and the region.

Laser sausages at canteen prices!
1 Viennese individually for 1, – €
1 hot dog € 2
Popcorn bag 1, – €

So cheap prices are in the
Gastronomy nowhere else!!

Please note:
Always order sausages before the game,
because it takes 20 minutes to warm up.

Bringing drinks, sausages, hot dogs or popcorn is not allowed due to our gastro offer.

You can find Lasertec in Hanover Wülfel near Döhren, Laatzen city limits. Best location, easy access. On our Directions page, a map shows you the exact location in Wülfel bei Döhren, Laatzen city limits. COME OVER! It will be blatant and beautiful.


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