Lasikon: Guide to the laser-op on the eye

Lasikon: Guide for laser eye surgery

The Lasikon is an independent knowledge portal with detailed information on the subject Refractive surgery, colloquially also as “laser eye surgery” known. The treatment of the eye by laser can be done by different methods. Each laser process brings certain Risk and cost issues with himself. Therefore, the procedure on a sensitive sensory organ such as the eye must be very well considered. If so, yours Let your eyes be lasered you want to be safe from many unanswered questions.

On Lasikon you will find everything worth knowing and useful tips and recommendations for your decision. With this knowledge, you can well prepare the beginning of a new life without glasses or contact lenses and avoid nasty surprises. We introduce you the most modern procedures of laser surgery from LASIK to Femto-LASIK to ReLEx SMILE. The main differences, advantages and disadvantages as well as questions about costs, experiences, risks and side effects are discussed.

Before an operation on the eye you should still carry out a detailed consultation with an experienced ophthalmologist! The basics on this website help patients to guide the conversation and ask the right questions about the process of eye laser surgery. To get started, you can check it online here, Whether your eyes are suitable for a laser surgery at all.

Topic Overview

Understand basics and causes

In Germany, four visual deficiencies are very common:

The reasons for this are of different nature: in short and long-sightedness, the eyeball is too long or too short – measured by the refractive power of the optical apparatus (see structure of the eye). This deformation is mostly genetic, and it comes to light in the course of growth. When the growth process is over (usually around the age of 25), the deterioration of vision comes to a standstill. In astigmatism or astigmatism, the cornea is not evenly curved, it has a dent or is “crooked”. In contrast to the three aforementioned causes of ametropia, presbyopia is based on a hardening of the eye lens.

For all four eyesight:

You can correct them with surgical laser procedures – on the condition that they are not too pronounced!

How does a laser eye surgery work??

laser eye surgery is the colloquial term for an eye operation, with which a visual impairment is corrected. Modern laser techniques – such as LASIK – enable a gentle operation with a high success rate. After laser surgery, patients can again see without visual aids (glasses or contact lenses) with full visual acuity. The following graphic outlines the LASIK procedure in general terms:

Decisive for normal vision is the cornea of ​​the eye (cornea). It is processed during surgery so that its refractive power changes. First, the cornea is cut circular and the top layer folded up as a so-called flap. Subsequently, the tissue is adjusted with an ultrafine laser beam. Then the eye is thoroughly rinsed and the flap folded back. The whole thing is almost painless and only takes a few minutes. Further Details: Basics of Eye Lasers »

Which eyesight can be healed?

In principle, all eyesight weakness, the cause of which is based on a faulty refractive power of the optical apparatus of the eye, can be refracted by means of current methods. More detailed information on the procedure for special refractive errors can be found here:

How much is the laser surgery??

Depending on the surgical procedure, location, qualifications and experience of the specialist staff, the costs for a laser surgery of the eyes can vary greatly. Due to the high demand, a veritable market has developed in recent years. Many providers promise one tempting cheap laser surgery from far below 1000 euros per eye. For many discounter and cheap deals, however, caution is appropriate. For most reputable eye laser centers in Germany, the surgery costs around 1500 to 2000 euros per eye. There are also much cheaper providers abroad. As recognize reputable clinics and what the lasering of the eyes may cost you can find here: Eye lasers & costs

What are the risks and dangers??

A laser eye surgery is and remains a surgical procedure in a sensitive organ. In an operation that can Risk of complications never be excluded. The most common risk factors include unhygienic surgical tools and rooms. As a result, infections and inflammation of the operated eye can occur, which are associated with pain and require a longer recovery time. In the worst case, this can lead to long-term problems. It is therefore strongly recommended to be convinced of the first-class hygienic conditions of an eye laser center or a clinic. Experience has shown, however, that the complication rate in competent ophthalmologists is very low, because the treatment itself is minimally invasive, why a quick recovery is expected without major complaints. With which risks the patient still has to expect and how to minimize risk factors, you will learn here: Eye lasers & risks

Where to laser the best?

The for your claims best clinic for eye laser It is not easy to find. To rate a laser eye center as very good, the provider must meet various criteria. These include highly trained ophthalmologists with experience, in-depth consultation prior to surgery, and a thorough follow-up after laser surgery. Sympathy and a subjective opinion of the staff are added. If the cost factor, the economic interests, terms and conditions and contracts of the provider are also taken into account, this makes one Provider Comparison very complicated. Here you can find out how to find and compare the best laser eye care providers in your area, and which reviews and testimonials surgical patients have made after eye laser surgery: Eye laser providers & experience

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