Law on hold

Law on hold

Red-light district in Frankfurt © Arne Dedert

Several Catholic women's and welfare organizations are calling on politicians to get the proposed Prostitute Protection Act off the ground as soon as possible. In principle, the associations welcome the draft law, but criticize its late implementation.

"The prostitution industry must be more strongly regulated in order to finally better protect prostitutes and take their different life situations into account," reads a joint statement by the Social Service of Catholic Women (SkF), the Catholic German Women's Federation (KDFB), the Catholic Women's Community of Germany (kfd) and the German Caritas Association (DCV). The law should therefore not be delayed any further.

Better protection for prostitutes

This provides for stricter regulations for brothels and better protection for female and male prostitutes. The planned additional offers for health, psychological and social counseling and support are also sensible and necessary. Beyond the law, however, the associations say the federal government must also fight human trafficking, violence and sexual exploitation more decisively than before.

After long and controversial negotiations in the governing coalition, the "Prostitution Protection Act" was originally to be introduced into the federal cabinet in late fall and passed in parliament next year. However, a large number of countries had expressed reservations. The main ies were data protection, objections under constitutional law and questions of financing.

Permit requirement for operators

The core elements of the planned law include mandatory permits for operators – from brothels to caravans or escort services – as well as minimum requirements for operators, staff, concept, hygiene and safety. A condom requirement is intended to strengthen the rights of prostitutes. It also aims to ban practices such as "flat-rate sex" or "gang-bang" services.

The prostitution law passed by the red-green government in 2002 abolished the immorality of prostitution. However, liberalization had led to a significant increase in forced prostitution. As a result, the CDU/CSU and SPD had agreed in the coalition agreement to newly regulate prostitution.

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