Lawsuit failed

Lawsuit failed

A Swiss court has dismissed a lawsuit filed by the gay association "Pink Cross" against Bishop Vitus Huonder of Chur, Switzerland. Bishop Huonder had not committed a criminal offense with his statements on homosexuality last summer.

This was communicated by "Pink Cross" on Friday. According to its own information, the association must pay Huonder compensation equivalent to about 1.080 euros, as well as the procedural costs of around 1.Carry 350 euros. In Huonder's statements, "neither an explicit nor an implicit call to kill homosexuals" can be discerned, quotes the Swiss Internet portal from the reasoning of the Cantonal Court of Graubunden. The decision had already been made a few weeks ago, it was said.

From the context of the lecture it is clear how homosexual people are to be dealt with in pastoral care after Huonder's intervention. To deduce from this an acceptance of killings of homosexual people by Huonder is "not comprehensible," the judges said.

Quotes from the Old Testament

The bishop of Chur had referred to Old Testament quotations at a lecture in Fulda at the end of July, according to which homosexual acts are "atrocities" that must be "punished by death". He followed up by apologizing "to all people" who "felt hurt" by his remarks on the subject of homosexuality. His lecture on marriage, family and sexuality was "not well thought out" at one point.

With the current decision, the court confirmed the decision of the Graubunden public prosecutor's office, which had dropped the case last October on the same grounds. Pink Cross had filed a complaint against the discontinuation of the proceedings.

"Pink Cross" disappointed

The diocese of Chur was not surprised by the decision. This was expected, said diocese spokesman Giuseppe Gracia. "Pink Cross" expressed disappointment and criticized the current legal situation. This makes it impossible for gays and lesbians to have statements like those of Bishop Huonder "evaluated and reviewed in a proper court case," criticized "Pink Cross" executive director Bastian Baumann.

"We continue to ame that a man whose mission in life is to choose and weigh words was well aware of the power of his words," Baumann continued. Due to the lack of a legal basis, however, they will refrain from taking the case to the federal court.

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