Laying laminate – cost – performance overview

What does laminate cost?

Laminate is one of the most popular floor coverings. This is partly due to its versatility.

Due to the wide range of design possibilities, the overall prices for laying vary greatly.

On average, you can expect to pay between 30, – and 80, – € per square meter. This price range includes both the material costs and the work of a craftsman.

If you decide to install the laminate flooring yourself, the costs per square meter are usually lower.

Cost composition for laying laminate

The cost of laying laminate is made up of two main factors: first, the cost of the material, and second, the labor costs of the craftsman.

Before the individual cost items are explained in more detail, here’s an overview:

Example calculation – Lay laminate

cost factor Cost example for 1 m² Cost example for 10 m² Cost example for 20 m²
total 30, – to 80, – Euro 300, – to 830, – Euro 590, – to 1,600, – Euro
Material costs laminate 10, – to 30, – Euro 100, – to 300, – Euro 200, – to 600, – Euro
sound insulation 2.50 to 6, – Euro 25, – to 60, – Euro 50, – to 120, – Euro
skirting 2, – to 10, – Euro 25, – to 120, – Euro 40, – to 180, – Euro
labour costs 15, – to 35, – Euro 150, – to 350, – Euro 300, – to 700, – Euro

All prices are approximate values ​​including VAT and may of course vary.

Even if many do-it-yourselfers try to lay laminate themselves, this should be left to an experienced craftsman if you have no experience in laying.

Wood is an organic material that “works”. For this reason, later extensions or contraction must be taken into account. This should not be underestimated.

Which additional costs for the material you as a professional handyman should plan, you will find out below.

Depending on the quality and appearance of the flooring costs on average between 10, – and 30, – € per square meter. The material costs can also be upwards at 60, – Euro.

Overview of costs of different types of laminates

laminate type Price per m²
Standard 5-7mm thick 5, – to 15, – Euro
Standard up to 12mm thick 15, – to 50, – Euro
vinyl laminate 30, – to 60, – Euro
special grains and structures 20, – to 60, – Euro
Moisture-proof laminate 15, – to 45, – Euro

All prices are approximate values ​​including VAT and may of course vary.

Decisive for the quality is above all the abrasion resistance. The stability of the edges is an important quality criterion, which is often ignored.

Laminate is susceptible to moisture damage. Good protection against condensation from below is therefore essential, especially for subfloors made of concrete or screed, which attract moisture due to their mineral constituents.

Laying a protective plastic film costs about 1, – to 7, – Euro per square meter. This technique is referred to as a vapor barrier or vapor barrier.

If you want to lay laminate in damp rooms such as kitchen and bathroom, you can use vinyl laminate. Since the carrier material is made of plastic instead of wood, it can not come to moisture-related swelling here.

Another option is sealed laminate. However, water can still penetrate over the floor space. In contrast, additional sealing of the laminate surface with special oils or paints helps.

Corresponding products for applying a waterproof protective layer cost between 10, – and 40, – € per liter.

Basically, however, it can be said that laminate is normally a much cheaper alternative to parquet floors.

Depending on the region and the company, the labor costs for laying only are usually between 15 and 35 euros per square meter.

Bear in mind that costs are also incurred by laying the baseboards. Additional costs of 2, – to 10, – Euro per meter are common, even if the strips are only laid on the sides.

Often, a fleece as impact sound insulation is placed under the laminate.

This can cause additional costs of around € 2.50 to € 6.00 per square meter. Also transition bars for the door area, which cost about 15, – Euro per door, are required.

If necessary, you should plan for the removal and disposal of the old flooring around 5, – to 15, – € per square meter.

The price depends not only on the type of floor covering but also on the workload of the removal: loose laid carpet or floating wooden floor are uncomplicated as tiles or glued floors.

We recommend that you first use this form (*) to obtain free and non-binding fixed-price offers from qualified land managers in your area.

This is the only way to get an exact price in advance and online for the total cost of your project. It is guaranteed without obligation – you do not have to accept any of the cost estimates. Just use the form below and click "further".

Additional costs if you lay laminate yourself

Even if you save the costs for a craftsman when laying them yourself, there are some additional costs in addition to the material.

In any case, it is worthwhile to buy a laying kit which contains, for example, wedges for the wall distance.

The costs in the hardware store are about 10, – to 20, – Euro. We recommend the following product from Amazon:

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