Learn a foreign language quickly during your stay abroad (the best tips)!

5 tips to learn a foreign language while abroad

5 tips to learn your foreign language while abroad.

You are currently in a foreign country or are about to go abroad to improve your foreign language skills?

No matter if you study there, do an internship, work in the project or just there for fun. With these tips you will learn the language much faster.

I have lived for many years in different countries and learned English and French locally. I would like to pass on my best knowledge to you in this post, so that you too can quickly learn your foreign language abroad.

Follow my 5-step program to successfully learn a foreign language abroad

1. Talk only in foreign languages

It is important that you talk from the beginning only in the foreign language. So you learn the foreign language much faster.

During a stay abroad you get used to the language more and more. Provided you talk to her regularly. This habituation process is faster, the more you speak the language.

If you always speak German (or another language) in between, you interrupt your habituation process. Already a few sentences in between throw you partially off track. Then you need some time to switch back to the national language.

Especially at the beginning (the first few months) it is important to isolate yourself from your mother tongue as much as possible. When you call your friends or family, it’s best to do it all in one day. For this you can specify 1-2 days a week. It is better if you speak a lot of German in a day, as if you speak every day, but only a little German.

If you only speak German once, you only need to think about the language once again. If you speak a little bit every day, you have to think again every day.

2. Avoid others from your own country

If you’re new to a foreign country, the temptation is to find other like-minded people from your own country. You have to resist this temptation, especially at the beginning.

The friendships and acquaintances you make at the beginning of your stay are the ones you will probably spend most of your time abroad with.

If you make friendships with your fellow countrymen right from the start, you’ll most likely be able to talk to most of your stay in your native language. So staying abroad is not so much worthwhile, as if you would make friends with locals and only speak the foreign language.

3. Connect with the inhabitants

In the beginning try to make friends with locals. It will not be that easy, depending on your language level. Especially if your language skills are not that good, the locals will usually spend less time with you.

One way to get to know people quickly is to suggest to people that they show you the city. Or that they at least tell you what there is to do interesting things in the city. Many locals like to tell about their city and show them with pleasure. So you can quickly make friends.

The best way to learn a foreign language during a stay abroad is to befriend the locals and spend as much time as possible with them.

To get to know locals, you can organize events. As an organizer you always have a special position and people are more interested in speaking with you

Furthermore, you show that you are an interesting personality and people are willing to befriend you.

4. Be as extroverted as possible, at least in the beginning

So, if you’re new to the country, you have to be as extroverted as possible to get to know locals quickly. That means you will have to approach people. Only a few people will come to you.

However, if you make this effort at the beginning of your stay abroad, you will be able to benefit from it throughout your stay. Because then you will find contact with locals, with whom you can always speak the foreign language.

5. Forcing yourself to think in the foreign language

In order to advance your language skills quickly, you should think as often as possible in the foreign language.

If you are abroad all the time and speak almost only the national language, you will usually think in the second part of the year your first time alone in the foreign language (about 6-8 months). It is then more and more and sometimes you think only in the foreign language.

This is the moment when you feel really comfortable with the foreign language. From there, your language skills will quickly become even better. But you can accelerate this process by forcing yourself to think in the foreign language.

If you force yourself to think in the foreign language for a week each time, you will automatically start to do so sometimes. Make yourself longer and it will become more and more natural for you. This accelerates your learning progress enormously.

Here you can see the interview with Jan van der Aa and Lucas Bighetti about learning a foreign language effectively abroad:

Conclusion: The best way to quickly learn your foreign language is a stay abroad

These were my top five tips for learning languages ​​during a stay abroad.

Follow her and you will learn your foreign language in no time.

I wish you a lot of fun abroad!

Are you already abroad and how is it for you to learn languages? Do you plan to study abroad to learn foreign languages ​​and have questions? Then let me know in the comments – Your Gabriel Gelman.

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