Learn French with duden learnattack, learnattack

Learn French with duden learnattack, learnattack

Learn French with Duden Learnattack

Learning French is a special challenge: being able to train, practice grammar and learn vocabulary is part of the program. Verbs in the passé composé, futur simple or imparfait you have to practice and repeat again and again.

Studying French works particularly well online: in our video tutorials you will be given a short explanation of the grammar and then practiced together using examples. To intensively practice French, varied tasks in different levels of difficulty await you. No matter if you like individual verbs être, avoir and faire want to make up or sentences with ne … pas if you want to practice with no questions est-ce que want to learn or object pronouns want to learn.

French – Learning Paths

Learn subjonctif

Companion tout

Relative pronoun dont

Learn French online – this is how it works

At Duden Learnattack, we have found an innovative way to effectively learn French online. The grammar is divided into clear and comprehensible portions. The learning videos explain the most important topic to you; In the exercises, learning French online is a lot of fun, because here you practice and apply your new knowledge. You will find all this clearly structured in our learning pathways.

The benefits of learning French online

Learning French online has many advantages: with different types of questions, you will practice forming forms correctly and writing French correctly. We use changing types of exercises so that learning never gets boring – and targeted feedback comes right after each task. So you can practice easily, repeat everything quickly and improve yourself sustainably.

French tutoring online: Self-learning materials

In the exam and under stress to retrieve the learned knowledge and apply the grammar, is quite different than in the French tutoring or online exercises to edit. Our self-learning materials aim to make you safe for the exam situation. In a class work, you prove your knowledge with pen and paper. In the matching model solution you independently test your work, improve your learning and go with a secure feeling in the exam.

Learn French with 24-hour email support – where is this? Only with us!

You’re sitting at an exercise and can not get on? No problem – with us you can learn French with 24 hours e-mail support. You can send your specific question by e-mail to our team of experts. You will receive our expert answer with explanations of your question within 24 hours.

Learn French online – at home and on the go

Learning French online has a big advantage over learning with the book: simply repeat on the go, as the numbers formed in French or irregular verbs like all and pouvoir be conjugated. Practice homework just as you do with sentences ne … pas and ne … plus deny and how you transform the direct into indirect speech. It’s no problem with our educational videos and interactive exercises!

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