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  • Latin
  • mathematics
  • physics

This is how Learnattack works

The search makes it easy to find learning content

Illustrative learning videos help you to understand

Repeat what you have learned with interactive exercises

Everything in view – with your statistics and recommendations

Get started and improve scores!

Learn Attack in numbers


Class work / tests with solutions

Duden Learnattack – learn online with the # 1 learning platform for students!

Duden Learnattack is the German-speaking learning portal for all students – from 5th grade to high school. With us you will find the learning aids you need to improve your grades or just to learn more efficiently.

Learn online with over 40,000 Duden-reviewed content

Duden Learnattack is the digital one Learning companion that helps you to learn efficiently and with fun. Our learning portal offers you learning aids for all questions and difficulties in the school – with us you can improve your grades in no time: in math, German, English, physics, Latin and the many other subjects that Duden Learnattack offers.

Duden Learnattack – the learning and tutoring portal

If you do not understand some tasks at school right away, we’ll give you tutoring online with explanatory videos and helpful step-by-step instructions – even on complicated topics. And if you still need a quick tip, you can easily ask WhatsApp your questions to our tutors and tutors. Real learning companion. Because if you do not succeed, we have none!

To improve your grades, we offer you thousands of practice assignments so you can learn the different lesson topics quickly and easily online. The big advantage: You see immediately if you have answered something right or wrong. All without elaborate printing and matching of sample solutions.

Duden Learnattack – the perfect learning aid for all students

So you can convince yourself of our learning platform, you can test us for free and without obligation: just register and access all content for 48 hours! It is not easier.

We guarantee you that your registration is completely free and remains! We just want to convince you of us. And that works best if you make yourself a picture of us!

And do not forget: Duden Learnattack is not just any learning platform. If you do not know what the name Duden stands for, then ask your parents!

The benefits of learning online – with Duden Learnattack

You want Flexibility, fast learning, better grades – and more free time? Then our learning portal is just right for you!

Our didactically prepared learning pathways make you understand faster, learn more easily and always see immediately what you still have to practice. We navigate you through all the complicated tasks and questions and answer your questions before you even have to ask them!
Plus, you’re more flexible in your time, because you can access any content anywhere, anytime. Learning on the train? No problem. Learning on the way home from school? No problem. Learning on a long drive? No problem.

So you always know what’s left to do to be perfectly prepared for the next class, you can see your progress at any time in your profile. Of course, we will also show you what you should learn next and where we still see room for improvement for you. Simple, clear and clear.

Digital Learning with Duden Learnattack means learning easier

Our explanatory and instructional videos will help you to understand complex topics. Basically, you have a teacher just for you, who will explain everything to you once more! How awesome is that, please? But it gets even better: with our step-by-step instructions, we’ll show you how to easily solve tasks – and you’ll get the hang of it right away! Learning easier (online) is not possible!

It’s also easy to learn languages ​​online. Grammar rules are clearly explained and the videos teach you how to correctly pronounce vocabulary. So learning English is fun again.

With the help of our classic learning materials, such as classwork, you can also rehearse for the real thing. Because in addition to our numerous online exercises you have many class work with sample solutions as worksheets for downloading and printing available.

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