Learn physics with duden learnattack, learnattack

Learn physics with duden learnattack, learnattack

Learn physics with Duden Learnattack

Physics explains the world to you. Why is the apple falling down? Why is it dangerous to drive around the corner too fast? What is a short circuit? All interesting things that you can learn in physics. But that includes a lot of facts and formulas that you have to reckon with. Learnattack explains physics and explains how to calculate with the formulas.

Physics – Learning Paths

Lorentz force

Spectrum of light

temperature scales

Learning physics online – this is how it works

On Learnattack you can learn physics online. Physical formulas are linked to everyday situations and for each formula there is a sample task that explains exactly how to use them. With 5 steps you can solve almost all physics tasks. Each task goes through the steps so you can apply it to your homework.

The benefits of online learning in physics

Learning physics online offers you many benefits that normal practice does not have. In our videos, processes are presented dynamically and are packed in small simple learning units. So you know what, when and why happened and you can watch it as often as you want. For each formula and example task, there are exercises that teach you physics on-line learn. Interactive exercises are only available in online learning.

Physics tutorial online: Materials for self-learning

If you understand the formulas with the help of the Physics Online tutoring, you can immediately review and apply them in interactive exercises. In interim test coherent topics are interlinked and created knowledge networks.

Your school has no internet or the computers are not working well? Not bad either. You can also edit the class work offline. You can just print them out and you’ll get the atmosphere of a real class at school.

Physics tutoring online has the advantage that you can watch your experiments without time pressure until you understand them. Through animations you will get to know huge planets and very small atoms.

Everyday examples you can try out yourself and understand physics with simple means. Additional topics and detailed explanations are just a click away, which makes you want more.

Learn physics with our 24-hour help

If you get stuck or get stuck in one step at a time, you can email your question to [email protected] We help you on weekdays within 24 hours and answer your question.

Learn physics online – at home and on the go

You have to do at home a complicated task to Ohm’s law? You encounter a rainbow on the way and you want to know how it is created? No problem, Learnattack makes it possible to learn physics online, so you can learn anywhere, anytime. At home on the PC with a focused learning session or on the go, we’ll teach you physics everywhere. The S-Bahn fails? Repeat everything about Newton or capacitors online until the next one comes and the next lesson is no problem.

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