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E-learning is playing an increasingly important role in language learning. Since smartphones have become widespread, e-learning has developed from a niche for technology enthusiasts to a rapidly growing mass market. New apps are launched every month to make learning languages ​​easy, exciting and entertaining. In contrast to a language course, you can use your mobile app to be flexible in terms of time and learn wherever you want.

This makes apps much easier to take with you on the trip than heavy learning books. They are also significantly cheaper than language courses, and many are even free. Here are three good examples of apps to learn Russian on your smartphone.

Nemo Russian is a conversation trainer for beginners. He focuses on the most important vocabulary and practical idioms in typical travel, business and everyday situations such as restaurant visits, shopping or compliments. These are read aloud by a native speaker and can be read in "Sprachstudio" be repeated.

The program is not structured according to lessons, but can be entirely based on individual conditions and interests are matched. Repetitions and small tests help to store what you have learned in your long-term memory. The app downloads the audio files to the smartphone and is then ready for use offline.

(Available for iOS and Android)

This app also works therefore, To give beginners a solid foundation in the Russian language. Here, however, the whole thing has a playful component: The developers promise that this app can be used to learn as easily and carefree as only children do.

Instead of tiring repetitions and tests, you rely on it associative connections of words and sentences and a lot of vivid images. In the full version, the program includes 50 lessons of increasing difficulty, 3,200 words and phrases, each spoken by a male and a female voice, and over 2,600 pictures. If you want to take a look at the learning principle, you can get a free one "taster" of 3 lessons.

(Available for iOS and Android)

This little app is a special pearl for (budding) lovers of the Russian language. She gathers the most famous traditional tongue twister of the Russian language. The Russian idioms are not only ideally suited as language exercises, they also allow you to look deeply into the Russian soul and immerse yourself in the sound of language. The art is the tongue twister (in Russian "Quick speaker" not only quickly, but above all clearly.

The free app is a nice pastime for advanced speakers who want to improve their accent, and a wonderful break in the company of friends.


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