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In most schools, the first thing that children are taught is how to stroke their sternum. This is not always a good thing, because coordinating arm and leg movement is difficult for many children. The head is not immersed and the gliding phase is not learned – together with the missing turning of the feet, the children learn a wrong style that is difficult to get out later. It is advisable to start with a crawl or back, and only switch to swimming with the breast when the water position has been learned together with the breathing technique.

But if you still want to teach the sternum stroke, we have a short summary in simple steps:

The summary can be found in Special 1 "Water habitation" or in the card set "Beginners & advanced ".

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why is it necessary for breaststroke swimming that the feet are turned outside before the swing takes place. What is the purpose?.

Hello dear Gisela,
Thank you for your question, which shows that we have to examine the point in more detail &# 128578;

Towards the swing to the outside: If the feet are not turned outwards and the soles of the feet are not turned in the direction of the swing, the force of the swing is minimal and the swimmer will not move forward. So we have to push our feet exactly where we want to go. This is when swimming in the back and out to get an even swing. We wouldn’t get it if we just put our feet on and push it straight back, the body would just jerk.

To show it in another example: if we want to hit a punching bag hanging in front of us, it’s easy. If it hangs next to us, we have to turn our body so that we can make a targeted impact. But if our torso has to remain rigid (like the hips when swimming breaststroke) we have to turn our arm in that direction. Now imagine that there are 2 punching bags, one on the right and the other on the left – targeted shots go only if you turn your arms with your fists in that direction.

Well, in order not to describe it as brutally, let’s take another example: If you are bowling, push the ball in front of you. Now imagine that the track was offset by 30 degrees (or you are standing not correct) – you would have to turn here to get the right swing. A bullet pushed sideways and rolls to the finish.

I made this clear to the children when I was swimming when I let them sit on the floor in the dry (with a board under the bottom). Then I placed a pull buoy on the right and left about 1 meter away (it can also be other objects that are not hard). If you Now push it, you should notice that the targeted push is only possible when the feet are turned off.

I hope I could help them. Greetings from the Aachen area
Veronika Aretz


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