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Learning to read – that’s what all children want!

But reading is more than just knowing the letters and their sounds.
Your child needs to know how to deal with these sounds, how to combine them into words,
that can understand it.

This is exactly the core of the app “Learn to read easier”.
The children learn interactively to connect sounds by speaking slowly and slowly.
You are actually learning to read! And within a very short time.
The difficult reading process becomes a motivating game.

The playful use of letters and sounds is great fun, not just for beginners.
There is a lot to discover in the wonderfully humorous graphics.

The app complies with the guidelines for 1st grade primary school.
It bundles the experience of many years of successful primary school work.
Your child goes through all phases of the learning process – from easy to difficult.

To be learned:
– the most important 24 capital letters and their sounds
– the optical shape of the letters
– analysis of the sound
– the right movement Write the letters
– the assignment of sound image – letter / sound
– Interactive, extended speaking:
1. First reading with initial pictures
2. Assignment of initial image – letter, with subsequent reading of the words
3. Select words
For all reading attempts, reading comprehension is checked on solution pages.

The app offers:
– a detailed parent area with the possibility to limit the learning time
and unlock or reset chapters.
– Explanations of the methodology of learning to read.
– a child-friendly tutorial in which the various exercises and games are explained in detail.
– an interactive startup table that is available at all times.
– Feedback on whether tasks right were solved:
The learning progress is through direct feedback as well as through progress points
and medals made visible.
– the ability to save scores for five different children.
It is therefore also suitable for use in primary school lessons.

Who is the app for??
– For everyone, including native speakers, who want to learn to read
– Preschool children who are already interested in reading
– Children of the 1st school year to support or accelerate the reading learning process
– Children of higher grades who are still unsure about their letters or who have difficulty reading

This app was made special for children designed, that’s why there is
– no in-app purchases
– no access to personal data
– no advertising

We look forward to your feedback on how to improve the app.


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