Learning for life in a sports club: making children strong

Many children spend their free time in the sports club. They have fun and experience adventures, find new friends and learn new things.

The sports club offers them a special opportunity to develop their personal strengths. What children learn here, they learn for their lives. Addiction prevention can be a part of the work of trainers" flow into.

We would like to give you some suggestions.

to be a role model
Trainers don’t just teach techniques. They are also important role models. You are a training coach, confidant and adviser in one person. Therefore, they can also help to strengthen the self-confidence and self-esteem of children and adolescents, so that they later on their own No to addictive substances such as. B. can say tobacco and alcohol.

Growing with challenges
In training and competitions, children repeatedly test their possibilities and limits. They grow with the challenges and build self-confidence. But disappointments are also part of sport. If children learn from their trainer not to give up after setbacks and to reflect on their own strengths, they will benefit for their whole life.


  • If you trust yourself
  • If you value yourself
  • If she with conflicts bypass can
  • If they can compromise
  • When they learn to listen
  • When they develop their own skills and talents
  • If you can act independently and responsibly

Develop team spirit
No matter whether in team or individual sport – there is always a team. Cohesion, team spirit and fairness are very important here. In the sports club, children can thus learn from their trainers that everyone has to pull together to achieve something.

Solving conflicts fairly
There are also conflicts in the team. Trainers can help children face up to conflicts and solve them together and fairly. If you feel respected, dare to speak openly what you think – without fear of being attacked, but also without harming others.

Remove pressure
Everyone wishes good performance in the sports club. And victory. But some children feel pressured and are afraid to fail. Then the trainer needs to take the pressure off. Performance is not everything. Sport is also about enjoying movement, enjoying being with others and mutual respect.

Take children seriously
In the sports club there is more than training and competition. Many clubs offer children the opportunity to become active themselves. Let them organize a party or take care of the youth room, help shape the website or take on tasks in training. All of this gives the children the feeling of being taken seriously. And so they learn to take responsibility.


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