Legal expenses insurance advocard

Legal expenses insurance advocard

Why is legal protection insurance useful??

What is a legal expenses insurance?

Whenever people meet, there can be disputes. This can result in disputes between neighbors, employers and employees or about two road users. If both parties feel right and do not want to give in to either side, the disagreement quickly comes to court.

Such a lawsuit in court often costs not only time and nerves, but also a lot of money. In addition to the attorney’s fees, many other expenses may be payable to the counterparty, such as money for witnesses (reimbursement of expenses), the cost of any appraisers, court fees, or the costs of mediation. Who has a legal expenses insurance, here is clearly in the advantage, because this ensures that the financial burden in case of litigation is significantly reduced.

Since a lawsuit – depending on the amount in dispute – can quickly cost several thousand euros, it is good if you are protected in all areas of your life. With a legal expenses insurance you protect yourself against the cost risk and do not have to waive your right.

Would you have thought so?

To enforce its law can quickly become expensive. And that happens more often than you often assume. Every four seconds, a lawsuit begins in Germany. In one year this means:

  • 270,000 rental disputes
  • 640,000 labor law processes
  • 2.3 million civil court proceedings
  • 5.8 million criminal and fine proceedings *

* Source: GDV, 2011

Despite these figures, only about half of all German households are currently protected by legal expenses insurance against high legal and legal costs. How is yours??

Legal expenses insurance: useful and helpful!

According to a Forsa survey commissioned by the German Insurance Association (GDV), only very few people know how expensive a lawsuit can become. Nearly 60 percent of the respondents said that they had already sought legal help. But only a few are really aware of the costs. True, one-third of the respondents dares to make a realistic assessment when it comes to the costs of legal disputes in general. When estimating the amount of fees or fees in specific legal cases, however, 77 percent are completely wrong with their estimates. The cost risk of legal disputes is much higher than three-quarters of respondents believe. Not even 1 percent estimates the legal fees higher than they actually are. A legal expenses insurance would have made sense here: only 6 percent of the respondents are right with their assessments.

Who needs a legal protection insurance?

An appropriately tailored legal protection is recommended for everyone, since anyone can be involved in a legal dispute, whether intentional or unintentional, indebted or indebted. Depending on the policy, legal protection includes services that serve to clarify both court and out-of-court legal disputes.

Which legal expenses insurance exists?

It is important to know that insurance cover mostly consists of individual components. Depending on your individual needs, you can choose between a comprehensive insurance or individual components such as private legal protection, traffic rights protection, professional rights protection and tenancy law protection. Based on these components, the insurance cover can be individually designed and adapted to your own needs.

Private law protection forms the basis of the legal protection contract. With a contract, you receive support when conflicts arise in the private sphere. Private law protection, for example, starts with purchase and service contracts. The tour operator has sold you a trip under false information? Then you will be supported by private law protection.

Not only in the private sector, but also in the world of work, there are often conflicts. If these conflicts can no longer be solved internally and you find no agreement, it is not uncommon to go to court. If, for example, you receive a warning from the boss and consider it unjustified, but you can not enforce your rights through personal discussions, labor law protection will come into effect.

In the case of disputes among road users, traffic rights protection is the right legal protection insurance. Road users include not only motorists, but also pedestrians and cyclists. Traffic protection can therefore be important for everyone. In the case of an accident, it is true that the motor vehicle insurance normally covers the settlement of the damage. Often, however, the question of debt is in dispute and the enforcement of claims for damages or claims for damages without legal help is hardly possible. Even in disputes with car dealers or car repair shops, the traffic protection insurance strengthens your back.

As a tenant you benefit from a tenant legal protection. In case of incorrect service charges, your tenant protection can be used, for example. As a landlord, you are well advised with a landlord legal protection. This will assist you in disputes with your tenants. Which insurance cover you need depends on your personal life situation. A private law protection is a good basis. The other modules can be selected according to your needs.

This should be considered when taking out a legal expenses insurance

Before you take out a legal expenses insurance, you should read carefully the conditions of insurance and clarify any questions. The most important conditions include content, beginning and end of legal protection. Relevant are also the possibilities for termination and the question of who is covered by insurance. As a rule, spouses and household children are included in the contract. For unmarried, but living in a household couples, the partner can be registered in the insurance contract.

It is also important to know that legal protection does not apply to disputes that have started before the contract is concluded. This means that the legal protection can not be claimed immediately after conclusion of the contract. This blocking period usually covers three months. If you have decided on one or more tariffs, check how long the retention period for the individual modules will be. Even a deductible can be useful to reduce the contribution amount. In addition, select the coverage amount sufficiently high. Experts recommend a coverage of at least 300,000 euros.

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