Legal expenses insurance comparison: favorable rates in test 2019

Legal expenses insurance comparison: benefits and costs in the test

Legal protection areas at a glance:

Supplementary hedges:

Legal protection areas at a glance:

Supplementary hedges

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A lawsuit can be very expensive. Especially if he is not clarified for years and finally ends up in court. Attorney and court costs then quickly amount to several thousand euros. A good legal protection insurance protects you against these costs – regardless of whether you win or lose the lawsuit. But the tariffs often offer more than just the cost.

The Basics: What is a legal expenses insurance?

The legal expenses insurance is not a statutory compulsory insurance, but one private supplementary insurance, which you voluntarily conclude – or not. It covers claims that are related to legal disputes.

Tip: Self-employed entrepreneurs and freelancers can protect themselves with a commercial legal expenses insurance against the costs, which result from judicial procedures. Private legal protection does not apply in the commercial sector.

It is no secret that the cost of lawyers and legal proceedings is quite high. Already a few hours of consultation with a specialist lawyer can go properly into the money. But you probably have no choice if you legal difficulties to get. After all, you want to be represented as best as possible.

It’s all about the legal areas

Basically, you can cover various legal areas with a legal expenses insurance. Insurers offer several building blocks that you can choose according to your needs combine with each other can. Of course, the more areas you secure, the higher the monthly contribution for the legal expenses insurance.

The most important building blocks of legal expenses insurance:

Personal legal protection: This basic element is mandatory if you want to take out legal expenses insurance. Private law is part of every legal protection tariff.

Labor rights protection: At work it can come quickly to legal dispute. With the employment protection you are insured in this area.

Motorist: Even in traffic can lead to situations that have a legal sequel. With a suitable traffic protection you are on the safe side.

Residential and tenancy protection: In the field of housing, it can always come back to legal problems, z. B. with the landlord or the owner community. A good protection of housing rights insures both tenants and persons who live in your property.

Landlord rights protection: Even as a landlord, you can quickly get into situations that need to be resolved legally. With the right landlord legal protection no problem.

Select legal expenses insurance as needed

Is a legal protection insurance useful or not? When considering this, always keep in mind the areas where the most legal issues could arise. For example, who does not want to defend himself in case of unfair dismissal – without being in debt? Even disputes about the rent or security deposit can come faster than you would like. At the latest then most tenants want a suitable legal protection. A landlord legal protection, however, only needs who actually leases housing. So you should ask yourself, in which areas you might be in trouble, and then decide which building blocks you need.

The most common insurance cases by area of ​​law

A Statistics of Roland Rechtsschutzversicherung provides further insight into which areas of law are important. According to the compilation, contract disputes and labor law matters are very common. But also rental and traffic law cases as well as claims for damages have to be processed by insurers frequently.

Compare tariffs in terms of benefits

Before you take out a legal expenses insurance, you should absolutely compare the services of the insurer. Because, as with other insurance products, tariffs are sometimes very different. In addition to the costs and the legal areas, you should pay particular attention to the specific services that can be used in the event of an insurance claim. a comfortable overview about benefits and conditions of various insurers offers our legal protection insurance comparison:

How to use our legal protection comparison: Important services at a glance


Select how high the coverage should be. In our calculator you can see up to what amount the insurer assumes legal costs. Pay attention to the separate coverage for international affairs.


Choose if and how much you want to pay yourself in case of emergency. The higher the deductible, the lower the insurance contribution.

Free lawyer hotline

Many insurers offer a legal lawyer’s hotline. Often this is performance included in the tariff for free.

Free lawyer option

Some insurers only pay legal fees if you choose a partner lawyer for the company. With free choice of lawyer you have in this regard no restrictions.

Cost of court

In legal disputes above all court costs to book. Therefore, make sure that these Costs taken over become.


A lawsuit does not have to end in court. When mediations are taken over, they can be Relieve cases cost-effectively, without you having to go to court. That benefits you and the insurer.

Uninsured areas of law

You can protect a lot of areas with legal expenses insurance, but that’s the way to get there no all-round protection for all conceivable situations. This is because certain areas of law are often excluded from the outset. For example, most providers do not cover such matters. In the areas of family law or capital investments. Copyright and building law disputes are rarely insured.

No retroactive insurance cover

However, if you would like to know one of these areas, some insurers offer special tariffs that include this extra protection – but mostly For an extra charge. In addition to the legal areas, there are also a number of circumstances that are excluded by the insurance contract.

The following services are usually not covered by the legal expenses insurance:

Legal difficulties that existed before the insurance started

Disputes that arise within the waiting time

Fines or fines imposed

In principle, an insurer only provides for legal cases that have not yet passed the contract. Because insurance protects you from the risk, in the future to get into a lawsuit. There are exceptions to this principle, but that is the rule. Closely related to this is the waiting time, which most providers use. So you get legal protection mostly only after three to six months. In individual cases, for example in family law, waiting periods of more than one year may be incurred.

In addition, fines and penalties are usually not covered by the insurer. This does not apply to the legal costs (for example, for lawyer and court) that you have incurred to sue for a fine. Of course, the insurer covers these costs.

Important: For intentionally committed acts Legal expenses insurers do not pay the costs. However, the decisive factor here is the judgment of the court: If this determines that you acted willfully, your insurer will not pay. If the procedure is discontinued, however, the insurer will cover the costs.

No waiting for change of the provider

If you want to cancel your previous legal expenses insurance and switch to another provider, you need not worry about the waiting time. If your new contract is completely consistent with the previous one, the new one will jump Legal expenses insurance without waiting time on. That applies at least to all areas of law that were already part of your old contract and which you can now cover. For newly added areas of law, on the other hand, there is a waiting period.

Legal expenses insurance: benefits vs. benefits costs

Ultimately, when looking for the right legal protection insurance, you should pay particular attention to your individual needs and requirements. If you compare many legal expenses insurance directly compared, you quickly realize that a particularly favorable tariff often does not cover all desired areas. Good services have their price. Instead, you should first think about which building blocks make sense for your personal situation. Also, be aware of factors such as coverage and out-of-court procedures. A high-performance tariff protects you not only financially, but also a bit before the exertions of a long legal dispute.

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