Legal expenses insurance in overview

Legal expenses insurance

In today’s society, small disagreements quickly turn into a fierce discussion or ultimately to one litigation out. No matter if you work in the profession unfair dismissal stand opposite, in traffic as a car driver be involved in a lawsuit or even a small dispute over the garden fence in a judicial neighborhood dispute empties. Even the most peaceful people are so suddenly in court and beside the necessary Fee for the lawyer, can at Disputes with the employer Very quickly high sums of quarrels are in the room. According to the German Insurance Association GDV, more than 60% of all German citizens had to challenge a legal dispute.

We recommend the conclusion of a legal expenses insurance

On the one hand to avoid financial losses, on the other hand also to protect the possibility to enforce justified claims in a judicial dispute.

The following services offer you a good legal protection insurance

It covers the costs for:

• The activity of a lawyer

• Official costs of a legal proceeding

• Charge of witnesses to the lawsuit

• The payment of experts and appraisers

• Expenses of arbitration (mediation) in extra-judicial proceedings

• Costs of the opposing party if they lose the lawsuit

• In case of disputes abroad the travel expenses for the lawyer as well as translation costs

• Loan costs in case of a bail bond

In addition, they can with your legal expenses insurance one free initial consultation ask the lawyer to assess their prospects in a potential lawsuit. You can then too freely choose the lawyer, who should represent you if you decide to bring legal proceedings. The legal expenses insurance will always check whether there is a prospect of profit in the process and only if this is the case, enter into the performance.

You can choose from the following types of benefits when concluding the legal protection insurance

In our Legal protection insurance comparison You can limit your legal protection coverage request by means of a click box. We explain what each of the performance segments is about:

Personal legal protection

All legal disputes that may affect you as a private individual are hedged in this segment.

Litigation in contract law

If, for example, you have concluded an online sales contract and receive defective goods, which the seller does not recognize, your private legal protection will seize the legal dispute.

Litigation with authorities

If you get involved in legal disputes with the employment office, which does not want to recognize unemployment benefits, or even with the tax office, which in your opinion has set excessively high back payments in your tax assessment, you can make your private legal protection a duty. Likewise, you can be reported in road traffic for a misdemeanor and take action against the inadmissible fine from your point of view.

Claims for damages from liability

Not always your claims for damages and compensation for pain are recognized uncontradicted. If you then have to enforce your claim for damages in court, the private law protection helps.

Passive legal protection function in private liability insurance

In your personal liability, the examination of the entitlement to compensation claims already provides a passive legal protection function. If you want to enforce your claims for damages as a victim against this function, you need the private legal protection.

Online legal protection

New in private law protection are the so-called Internet legal services. For example, if their personal rights are violated and a disappointed partner uploads unauthorized compromising photos from the past on Facebook. You can then per Internet rights protection enforce the deletion of these reputation-damaging content.

Legal protection at

Disputes with the employer are increasing in today’s world of work more and more. With the professional right protection or also Labor rights protection you can calmly face these conflicts. Otherwise, the employer always sits on the longer lever and can with the delay of the trial in an unfair dismissal just sit the problem, until you have to cut the lack of income sails. Similarly, if you have not received a qualified certificate of employment, but urgently need it for a new application.

Often, the protection of professional rights is also necessary if the professional association does not want to recognize an accident at work as such and you are dependent on the payments of the accident daily allowance.


In their private law protection are legal disputes that you as Driver or holder of vehicles for public roads, not secured. Likewise not disputes, which you must deny as a buyer of a used vehicle, if vehicle defects appear after conclusion of contract. The following useful case studies regulate her Motorist:

  • The unanswered question of guilt in an accident
  • The reversal of the contract for the purchase of an accident vehicle purchased as an accident
  • Notice of fines and driving license withdrawal

Residential legal protection

With the Wohnrechtsschutz you can both as a tenant (Tenants rights protection) or as Owner of a self-used apartment to secure. As a tenant in disputes with the landlord about rent increases or cancellations, as well as complaints about the amount of utilities. Of course, this can also cover membership in the local tenant association.

As the owner of an apartment, you are usually in one owner Community, which often does not always agree. In legal disputes, the protection of housing rights helps, as well as in disputed decisions on property tax or the cost-related participation of a road rehabilitation on their doorstep.

Landlord rights protection

There is not always a fair relationship between landlord and tenant. It quickly comes to disputes over outstanding rental payments to eviction claims. There is also permanent discussion about the Utility costs and after the departure of the renter on the repayment of the deposit. With the landlord protection, they are protected as a landlord against high costs of these disputes in court or with the tenant association.

criminal Law protection

Become a judge intentional crimes The general legal expenses insurance does not apply to you. Criminal law protects the costs of legal disputes until a deliberate act has been determined in court. Then there is no legal protection here. An intentional act, for example, is always a theft, stalking or insult, Actions that are deliberately carried out. If the judgment on an intentionally committed offense is final, you must pay back all the costs foreseen by the Criminal Law.

The most common case for criminal justice is the negligent assault, For example, if you accidentally damage another person’s bike or skiing.

In the legal expenses insurance, you can freely choose your coverage amount

As with the private liability insurance, is also in the legal expenses insurance the Sum insured freely selectable. And your legal expenses insurance also covers all costs only up to the contractually agreed coverage amount. We therefore recommend one Coverage of about € 200,000 with a worldwide coverage. On average, the costs are after a lost lawsuit, which are composed of court costs, opposing attorney’s fees and their own legal fees at about 10,000 €. Disputes before the Labor Court can be considerably more expensive.

If you want to keep your tariff cheaper, you can choose your Legal expenses insurance with deductible to lock. This signals to the legal protection insurance that it is only in really serious cases with a high value in dispute taken into account and therefore the tariffs can be calculated cheaper.

With the Family law protection Spouses or life partners can conclude a joint legal protection insurance at a favorable tariff

No legal expenses insurance helps with these legal disputes

house building

If you developers go bankrupt or deliver defective goods, you must fight a possible lawsuit without the help of their legal expenses insurance

Divorce and maintenance

In family law disputes, the use of a legal expenses insurance is not possible.

Insufficient prospect of profit in litigation

Your legal expenses insurance will always examine the facts that led to litigation and evaluate their chances of success in the process. If they go to zero, your legal expenses insurance will not go into the performance and advise against a possible lawsuit

If your legal expenses insurance the Coverage refused, can you contact the Ombudsman for insurance customers turn. This had to do many VW customers who sought cover in their legal expenses insurance because of the diesel scandal in order to obtain compensation. Many legal expenses insurance companies could not and did not give this cover letter and did not finance a lawsuit against VW.

According to the latest judgment of the Higher Regional Court of Dusseldorf dated 21.09.2017 (I-U 87/17), the legal expenses insurer may seek an insured who seeks performance, because he as a defendant of the exhaust scandal wants to sue for reversal of the contract of sale, do not refuse the cover letter. The reference to insufficient, sufficient chance of success in litigation does not apply here!

Disputes that existed before the conclusion of the legal expenses insurance are also excluded from the performance.

So you can evaluate the need for a legal protection insurance for your private life situation

Consider in which areas of life litigation might come your way. Please keep in mind that when it comes to employment protection waiting period of three months applies. So if you are seriously worried about your employment, the spontaneous conclusion of a legal expenses insurance does not help. If you have gotten a new boss and the company is on austerity measures, the quick conclusion of a legal expenses insurance can be strategically useful and very helpful in the medium term.

If you travel frequently with your car, be it on holiday trips or because you have to commute to work every day, then the topic of traffic rights protection certainly makes sense. We recommend both tenants and landlords possible disputes with the help of a legal expenses insurance. However, if you only live in a self-occupied apartment with a harmonious owner community, you can rather forego a legal expenses insurance.

Even the best legal expenses insurance does not protect you from the mental expenses a legal dispute. They then move suddenly in a completely unfamiliar environment, with the support of their lawyer, but certainly under strong nervous tension and the uncertainty of how this dispute ends. Our recommendation is with possible financially strong Streitgegnern always only with a legal expenses insurance in the back to compete.

If you do not have the Streithansel at all, a legal expenses insurance is still useful, because you never know who suddenly sued you!

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