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Legal protection: Let disputes calmly counter

It is often costly to enforce your own law by attorney. With a legal expenses insurance in the back argues it easier. In this article, you will read what this insurance is all about.

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To get things right: conclude legal protection insurance.

  • Be well protected in legal disputes
  • Compare price-performance ratio of the big providers
  • Find cheap insurance rates with top conditions

What is the legal expenses insurance?

With the legal expenses insurance, you have one less thing to worry about in legal disputes, namely the financial consequences. It protects you in the event of a legal dispute and assumes all legal and court costs – so you can concentrate fully on enforcing your interests. And how quickly you suddenly find yourself in the middle of it: Neighborhood disputes are one of the most common litigation triggers. Since you have just moved into the beautiful, new apartment, and then turns out to be the music teacher from the first floor as a fervent fan of Beethoven, the lunch breaks and rest only peripherally interested. So you only have to go to the lawyer, and with a legal protection insurance in the back much easier.

Who is insured by the legal protection

In addition to the policyholder, his spouse and children are usually insured as well. For the children this applies as long as they are underage or have reached the age of majority, but are still in education and are unmarried. Optionally, you can also co-insure life partners without legal fees. For singles, there are extra fares whose contribution is often cheaper.

Benefits of legal expenses insurance

Damage to legal protection arises from the costs of litigation. In the event of a legal dispute, the legal expenses insurance not only covers the fees for your lawyer, the court costs and any bailiffs’ costs, but also the fees charged by the experts. In addition, she will be responsible for the costs of witnesses and the costs of the other party if the court orders you to pay. In criminal matters, the legal expenses insurance also provides bail and takes care of the translation of documents in foreign cases.

When the legal protection does not apply

In the case of fines and fines, you can not hope that the legal expenses insurance will take effect for you, because it does not cover these costs. Likewise, there is no insurance coverage for intentionally committed acts for which you have to legally answer. In addition, divorce and building disputes are excluded, you need to take special supplementary insurance, which are often costly.

Cost of legal expenses insurance

The amount of the insurance contributions is based on a legal expenses insurance according to the scope of benefits, the agreed coverage amount and the selected deductible.

More favorable legal protection tariffs start with a contribution height of approximately 10 euro per month. The luxury variants with all-round protection are available for about 50 euros per month.

Excess reduces contributions to legal protection

With a deductible, you contribute part of the legal costs yourself. The amount of your own contribution will be fixed in writing in the contract before the insurance is taken out. A deductible is particularly recommended in the legal expenses insurance: Firstly, this reduces the monthly contributions, on the other hand, the excess helps to minimize the risk of loss of insurance. If you file more than two legal cases within one year, the insurance company can terminate the contract. As companies inform each other about such events, they would then have difficulty finding a new supplier to accept you as a customer. Due to the deductible, the insurance company is more willing to keep you as a customer.

Set insurance sum correctly

The sum insured or the sum insured varies in legal expenses insurance from tariff to tariff. To be optimally secured, the following applies: the higher the better – however, insurance premiums will rise as well. The Federation of Insured (BdV) recommends a minimum coverage of 250,000 euros, since the costs in litigation can go up quickly.

Attention: blocking periods for legal protection

A lawsuit is emerging, so quickly complete a legal expenses insurance, which covers the costs? This does not work that way. Unlike most other types of insurance, protection does not start directly with the insurance. Often the offerers put on their tariffs a blocking period, which usually amounts to three months from contract conclusion. Within this time, the insured can not file legal cases. The length of the retention period varies from insurance to insurance. Therefore, before concluding, make sure that the lock-up period for your insurance company is canceled.

Be right and get justice with the appropriate legal protection

In the insurance market, there are many different types of legal protection: traffic legal protection, private legal protection, labor protection and many more. Which insurance you need depends primarily on your life situation. Our insurance specialists analyze your needs and filter out a tailor-made offer from the countless tariffs. They help you to narrow down which insurance exactly suits you.

Whether property insurance, health insurance, pension or pension – with Dr. med. Small you will always find the right insurance. Our more than 550 local consultants will show you how to protect yourself and compare the various offers for you free of charge. Just contact us!

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