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Legal right to childcare

Since August 1, 2013, the legal entitlement to early childhood support in a day care center or in day care for children has been valid from the first year of life. The claim was enshrined in law in the Eighth Social Code – SGB VIII (Child and Youth Welfare Act), §24.

In Germany, the legal entitlement to a kindergarten place has been valid for every child from the age of three until they start school. The federal states have issued their own implementing provisions in their implementing laws on the Child and Youth Welfare Act.

Legal basis

Child Promotion Act (KiföG)

Law for the promotion of children under the age of three in day care centers and in child day care. The Child Promotion Act (KiföG) is a central component in the expansion of day care for children. It entered into force on December 16, 2008. The law includes the following important regulations: for the expansion phase until July 13, 2013, legal obligations for the provision [. ]

Document from: Federal Ministry for Family, Seniors, Women and youth

Fifth report on the evaluation of the Child Promotion Act

The federal government, states and municipalities agreed on the so-called ?? crib summit ?? in April 2007 that from August 1, 2013, at least every third child under the age of three should have a childcare place in a day care center or in day care. The agreements of the crib summit in the Child Promotion Act (KiföG) of 2008 were implemented. The one in the KiföG [. ]

Document from: Federal Ministry for Family, Seniors, Women and Youth

Country overview

Country monitor for early childhood education systems: legal entitlement, no contributions, childcare requirements

The country monitor of the Bertelsmann Stiftung offers an overview of the following indicators for each year – differentiated according to federal states: legal entitlement to a childcare place, freedom to pay for childcare, development of childcare places U3, childcare quota and childcare request as well as the desired amount of childcare.


Journal of the German Lawyers’ Association (djbZ): Expansion of childcare for under three-year-olds

The focus of the magazine djbZ, the magazine of the German Lawyers’ Association (djb), (2016, issue 4) is on the legal right to a childcare place. The following articles are included: Anne Schettler: suing daycare places ?? an experience report; Christiane Meiner-Teubner: Unfulfilled care requests despite legal claim? An empirical analysis; Vera Möller: The legal claim to [. ]

Jurisprudence of the administrative courts to enforce the legal right to a childcare place for under 3 year olds. Expertise on behalf of the German Youth Institute.

When parents’ legal entitlement to a childcare place for children up to three years old came into force in August 2013, a wave of lawsuits was expected, especially in large cities. The. Expertise commissioned by the German Youth Institute provides an overview of the parents’ actual legal behavior and the jurisprudence of the administrative courts, with particular attention to their interpretation of the [. ]

Legal opinion: legal claim U3. Prerequisites and scope of legal entitlement to funding in day care centers and in day care for children under three years

The German institute for youth welfare and family law (DIJuF) has 70 theses on the scope and the border of legal claim U3 created. In particular, these are intended to provide orientation for interested citizens, local authorities and countries, which requirements must exist for the existence and fulfillment of the legal claim. The creation was [. ]

The legal right to early childhood support in day care centers and day care for children: content and consequences of non-fulfillment

From August 1, 2013, children from the age of 1 to the age of 3 are entitled to early childhood support in day care centers and child day care (Section 24 (2) SGB VIII, version from Aug. 2013). This article in the online handbook for kindergarten pedagogy deals with the following topics: entitlement to funding, the right to choose and choose, scope of entitlement, options for [. ]

Now of all times. On the introduction of the legal right to a kindergarten place in the crisis of the welfare state

Why did a legal claim to a kindergarten place, a new social right, come about in the Federal Republic despite budget deficits, despite the reduction of social benefits in many areas? The text analyzes the political process that led to the adoption of this ultimately undisputed law. Why nobody wants to pay for its implementation is examined in the second part; [. ]


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