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More and more schools are now offering Spanish courses. But to continue training their children’s Spanish, many parents register their children in summer camps in Spain. Here various leisure activities for the children are offered which are organized by the camp staff. More information about the summer camps in Spain and how to book them can be found on our Enforex website.

If you register your children for a summer camp in Spain, there are various programs here. All of these contain a Spanish program that is tailored to the level of your child and they are supervised by native Spanish speakers. The Spanish programs usually take place in the morning, with the afternoons and evenings being kept free for various leisure activities in the camp. The holiday camps in Spain are intended for children and young people who want to improve their language skills in the Spanish language. Here the Spanish classes are usually carried out in a playful manner, which means that different games are played, singing or watching Spanish films. These learning methods are intended to ensure that children and young people enjoy learning the new language. Because they learn faster and more effectively.

The children and adolescents are offered different options every day, usually in the afternoon or in the evening. Here are just a few examples of leisure activities in the camp:

  • Competitions and treasure hunts
  • Evening shows: music, theater, talents, costumes …
  • Traditional summer camp games
  • Theme nights: Cowboys and Indians, 1960s, Middle Ages
  • Camp Disco
  • evening games & theme nights

These activities of the Spanish summer camps are organized and run by the employees of the summer camps. The summer camps in Spain also offer many sporting activities and the children and young people can also take part in various cultural workshops where they can learn more about the Spanish culture and language. There are different groups in the summer camps, with around 10 to 12 children always having a supervisor. In the afternoon, various leisure activities are offered here, whereby the children can choose which leisure activities they would like to take part in. In the evenings there are usually programs that apply to all groups, meaning that all groups in the holiday location take part in one event. Various programs take place here every evening and are used by all children and young people. In addition to the leisure activities, excursions to various Spanish cities or the region are organized from time to time, in which the children and young people can participate.

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