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Representatives from the fields of education and business came to the Welser Science Center Welios on November 22nd to examine a brand new pilot project. CATFISH. The "Informatikinsel" is all about informational thinking and creative problem solving. "We are proud to be able to give IT a place in our house," said Michael Holl, managing director of Welios. Learning in a playful way Interest in.

  • 12/3/19

The summer opening times of the municipal childcare facilities in Linz are well received. This enables parents to plan their vacation regardless of the summer vacation. LINZ. The city of Linz is exemplary in childcare. Not only in the educational quality, but also in the opening times. Because the urban day-care centers and kindergartens are family-friendly: They are open every day from Monday to Friday between 6.30 a.m. and 5 p.m., even in selected companies.

  • 30/7/19

Now it’s time again: some let the kites fly; others dance witches.

others sail around the lakes. It has become quiet on the banks of the numerous lakes! And mountain lovers scramble towards the clouds to stand on the tops of the mountains. The colorful autumn is so versatile! The sunny days in "Indian summer" are counted where the sun creates the long shadows. When the autumn sun shines in all our lovely valleys and is vainly reflected in the azure lakes. Creates colorful leaves in.

  • 25/9/18

Crafts, works, research

Unusual creative work, cool experiments in the nose corner and of course numerous games and stories! Constantly changing programs! Further information at www.fahrtraum.at or 0621759232 from Alina Fröhlich! Please register in advance! When: 04.01.2018 2:30 p.m. to 4 January 2018, 3:30 p.m. Where: fahr (T) raum, Passauer Str. 30, 5163 .

  • 10/12/17

Pumperlgsundes holiday adventure in Pinggau

Nutrition, creative movement and conscious thinking and acting were the program at the summer camp in Pinggau. Numerous children between the ages of five and 13 years experienced a grand summer camp in Pinggau. Focus on healthy eating, creative movement and conscious thinking and acting. "It is important to me to give more and more, to recognize and promote children’s talents and abilities and to contribute to a sustainable lifestyle for the children", explained camp leader Daniel Rudolf. new.

  • 7:09:17

Friday program on the Dult

On Friday, September 15th, there will be a large lunch table at the Oktoberfest in Braunau & from 2 p.m. an afternoon in the municipality of Braunau for the seniors from Braunau and Simbach in the ZeilerZelt – the Zeiler family of landlords spoils guests with typical Oktoberfest delicacies and family-friendly prices. "Christian‘s Musikexpress" provides musical entertainment at a pleasant volume for a cozy chat over beer and snack. More traditional around 2:30 p.m..

  • 4:09:17

Lebensbaum Association: Leisure program for people with disabilities

PINZGAU (cn). Stefan Kampusch from Saalfelden is chairman of the association, in which a total of seven highly trained people work on a voluntary basis. The 29-year-old Saalfeldner works in the village of St. Anton in Bruck in his profession as a qualified social worker for disabled people. And he knows that it is just as important for people with impairments as for everyone else to be able to say goodbye to everyday life and the familiar surroundings and, surrounded by "new" Faces, too.

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