Leisure time on complaints – seepark Sellin on the baltic island Rügen

Leisure time on complaints - seepark Sellin on the baltic island Rügen

Leisure time on Rügen

Sport and fun on the Baltic Sea island

With plenty of sun, Baltic Sea waves and white beaches attracts Germany’s largest island. On Rügen holiday dreams come true. The healthy air at the sea attracts people seeking relaxation year after year and many of them become regulars because they succumb to Rügen’s magic. The leisure time on complaints can be very versatile. No one just needs to lie around on the beach – sailing, riding, surfing, golfing, hiking and sledding are just a few of the sporting opportunities that offer the active vacationer.

It is just as exciting to discover your own creativity in painting and pottery courses. On holiday with children, the dinosaur park will certainly be visited and the fun pools invite regardless of the weather for swimming pleasure. In the free time on complaints Rügen likes to swing on the bike. Exploring the island by bike is easy and Rügen is geared for cyclists. Even on the boat, if you want to go over to the little sister island Hiddensee, the cyclists are welcome. Likewise, you take the bike to discover on your own breathtaking views and enjoy the scenic beauty of Rügen in quiet places.

Your family holiday on Rügen

Leisure time on Rügen: mobile with the electric bike

Anyone who finds it tiring to always pedal, should try an electric bike in their free time on Rügen. All over the island there are rental and charging stations. Very convenient to reach the desired sights and is also independent in the scheduling. As you like, the excursions can be made. And who does not want to break away from the romantic sunset, just stay a little longer. If the holiday accommodation has the same bike rental, of course you are well looked after. For example, this all-round service is available at the Seepark Sellin plant. In addition, the nearby Lake Sellin is a popular destination for cyclists in their spare time on Rügen. Rügen’s bike paths are well developed, the beaches are gorgeous, and every Baltic Sea resort created more attractions, so that the tourists can use many interesting offers in their free time on Rügen.

What the family heart desires

When vacationing with children you are in good hands in a holiday apartment and then the family-friendly complaints can be conquered. First, the offspring would like to swim in the Baltic Sea and dig in the Baltic Sea sand. But even adults can hardly resist and become builders. Artful sand castles with shell decoration are often the beautiful result. But on cooler days maybe a nice beach walk and then you want to do something else. No problem: Miniature golf and the fun pool at Seepark Sellin will delight children. As a vacationer in the apartment complex Seepark Sellin you pay reduced admission.

Toboggan run, roller coaster and giant slide

But even the island toboggan run in Bergen is worth a visit to the leisure time on Rügen – open year-round and offers a rapid ride over a distance of over 700 meters. The track record is currently at just under 50 kilometers per hour and may like to be repositioned. Free parking is available directly in front of the toboggan run. Roller coasters and giant slides are always very popular with children, so families should make their way to the “Rügenpark” in Gingst. In addition to many fun and rides there is the island of Rügen as a miniature landscape to admire. You can also take a walk with an international flair: Notre Dame, the Colosseum in Rome and other international sights have been recreated. The park is spacious, saving prices are given to families every Saturday.

Paddling and nature in the leisure time on complaints

Water sports enthusiasts have good cards on Rügen. It does not matter if you belong to the surfers, sailors or divers – in the leisure time on Rügen the water beckons. But not only the sea can be used, as well as the Bodden is suitable for water sports. Anyone who thinks that it is quite contemplative in the bay with small waves is wrong. But on site you can rent a seaworthy boat. It is wonderful to explore the national park Boddenlandschaft by canoe and kayak. Likewise, guided tours to Hiddensee are offered. In the middle of the small island “Ummanz” there is a Kanustation. In the leisure time on Rügen nature lovers enjoy wind and waves and also the species-rich flora and fauna of the island. Here you can be in harmony with nature, participate in a herbal walk and if you want to try the Robinson feeling, you can visit another small island. It is uninhabited and not so well known: the island of Vilm. Only 30 visitors are allowed to enter it per day – a ranger guides the guests through the island world for three hours. Rügen is good for many surprises. If you are a bit informed, you will experience a very varied holiday.

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