Leisure tips for children: holidays full of play, fun and excitement

Leisure tips for children: fun, games and excitement during the holidays

The children look forward to the holidays and a few wonderful days with their family. So that there is no boredom, we have put together some tips for spending your free time.

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This year they had no time, no money or simply no desire for a vacation with the whole family, but prefer to spend time together at home? Then we have a few leisure tips for you, for which you don’t have to travel far at best and still make everyone laugh.

Finally summer: leisure tips for the warmer season

For example, take advantage of the first rays of sunshine and spring-like temperatures of the school holidays to get one Excursion into the countryside to do. A bike ride is, for example, a great leisure tip for children, because here they can explore the surroundings and the whole family can work out in the fresh air.

Most children find walking or walking more boring. That’s why our scoyo insider tip for all those who don’t like walking: just organize one exciting treasure hunt or scavenger hunt! Integrate small tasks that need to be solved. So the search for the hidden treasure is not only fun, it is simultaneous educational valuable. The adventurous day ends with a campfire with stick bread and sausages. However, to make this an unforgettable experience, you should have a safe campfire.

Do your little ones want to go high? Then there is one Visit to a climbing park just the thing and a real challenge for the whole family.

Leisure tips for children in rainy weather

Don’t let rain and storm spoil your mood, because Even in bad weather there are a number of suitable excursion destinations that are ideal for spending leisure time with children – be it the adventure pool or a visit to the cinema. Indoor playgrounds are also very popular with children. The best thing to do is to go on a trip with a family of friends. So the children can romp to their heart’s content and the adults can chat.

You can also avoid the dirty weather in your own four walls. How about, for example classic game afternoon or a karaoke competition? Even a dinner prepared together brings joy and is guaranteed to taste good for the whole family.

In memory of your past vacation or family celebrations, you can also create a photo album with your children.

Leisure activities with children – learning effect included

A museum trip is boring? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Museums are a great leisure tip for families. Because more and more museums are specifically geared to the wishes of children. Children’s and youth museums are a fascinating place where science is linked to play and where children (and adults) can experiment and do research themselves.

There is also a list of leisure tips for children Trip to the zoo or zoo. True to the motto "Experience biology live" you can explore the flora and fauna here with your children. By the way: if you visit the zoo a bit save money then bring yours Eat from home With! This is allowed in most animal parks.

Our last leisure tip with children: Explore your own place of residence with your child during the school holidays. Visit landmarks or museums and learn more about the history of your home. You will be surprised at what there is to discover!

No matter what you do with your children on vacation: We wish you a nice time together!

Do you have any other tips for spending leisure time with children for our readers? Then please leave us a comment!

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