Let’s craft together – diy paper ideas for children

Let’s craft together – DIY paper ideas for children

If you like to tinker, you will definitely like these ideas. Another plus: you can do all these projects together with children, so they will learn how nice it is to do something yourself. So here are some DIY ideas from paper for small and large children:

Squid doll

The right squid can be pretty daunting, but this big-eyed doll is just cute. Which child would not like to play with her?

How to do it:

Decorate the doll as the little ones want. ;)

Colorful animal friends made of color cardboard

If the kids find their old toys boring, make some new ones together! Blue horses and pigs are a bit strange, but they are interesting and can be done quickly. Take a couple of color boxes, print out this template and cut out the animals. Then you can copy the animals onto colorful cardboard and cut them out. Don’t forget your legs! Then make two slits in the animals and add the legs. You can always have these colorful toys with you, so the children will never be bored if you have to wait for something somewhere.

Fold the fir tree

Christmas is already over, but it’s winter. Would you like to decorate the house with small 3D fir trees? All you need is a green leaf and scissors.

Paper-heart penguin

Penguins are the cutest animals I can think of when talking about the north and winter. This little penguin is made of paper and is made up of hearts, except for its body and eyes. Isn’t he super cute??
You need a sheet of orange, a sheet of black and a sheet of white craft paper for this; two googly eyes; an adhesive and scissors. Cut an oval out of the black paper, a bigger heart out of the white paper and three smaller hearts from the orange paper. Glue the white heart on the black oval – that will be his tummy. Then glue two orange hearts on the bottom – these are the legs and finally the rest of the small heart and eyes on the white heart stick and the face of the penguin is ready. It is as simple as it is cute!

Snowman made of shredded paper

Reuse paper and make a snowman with the kids! Stick scraps of paper onto a nice cardboard box. Cut out eyes, nose and mouth and stick on, then decorate with pompoms. Voilá: the snowman is finished without snow!

thanks for Read and have fun copying!


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