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Liability insurance and its benefits

The main criterion in the evaluation of their private Liability insurance are the services. The basic benefits of liability insurance are the same for all providers, but details are the differences, especially in the additional services that can quickly have different coverage levels and very different range of services.

Basic services of liability insurance are the following:

What does the examination of the liability question mean?

Your liability insurance checks whether the claim for damages of the injured party is valid at all. First, there is not automatically a statutory claim for damages if someone is harmed. For example, children under the age of seven are not able to take part in a crime and you therefore do not have to pay damages to the victims from a legal point of view. On the other hand, it can of course be that they are not at all responsible for the damage incurred. Maybe it was your neighbor’s cat and not her kitty, who pushed the flowerpot into the neighbor’s greenhouse. All of these frameworks checks their liability insurance to clarify whether Services of private liability insurance legally necessary at all.

Defense against unjustified damages claims

If now her Liability insurance recognizes that no legal basis can be found for the opposing claim for damages, it will ward off this claim. If it comes to a lawsuit against you, their liability insurance will cause the process on your behalf lead you. This will do their liability insurance at their own expense. These costs are not counted in the coverage of their liability insurance but additionally paid.

The defense against unjustified claims is also known as passive legal protection function in the Performance of liability insurance. If your insurance successfully fends off an unjustified claim, you also have no extraordinary termination right of the liability insurance because the procedure is not an insured event.

Service for justified claims for damages

If, on the other hand, it is determined that you are liable for damages, your private liability insurance covers the costs of the damage. This liability insurance will also Indemnification called. The damages must be paid within two weeks to the injured party, but only up to the amount of the agreed coverage. If the damage costs are higher than the agreed coverage, you have to pay these costs yourself

Performance limits in their private liability insurance

Although their liability insurance obligation to perform, there are some aspects and limiting elements that limit this obligation. These are the following:

• The selected coverage amount. This sum insured also applies to all co-insured persons, if they are liable for compensation.

• If you have agreed on a deductible, you will be liable for any loss event up to the amount specified. However, your liability insurance is obligated to defend against unjustified claims for damages even if the amount of these claims would not exceed the deductible.

• If pension payments have to be made from an insured event and the capital value of the pension exceeds the sum insured, the pension to be paid will be reimbursed only in proportion to the insured sum to the capital value of the pension.

Liability insurance for a temporary stay abroad

Usually you enjoy with your private liability insurance as well Protection abroad, worldwide for a period of up to three years. As a result, you are well protected as a pedestrian, cyclist, tenant and in sports against possible claims for damages abroad. This is especially important if you are temporarily in the for a long time United States want to stop there, there Damages actions suddenly reach unexpectedly high dimensions. Imagine you inadvertently injure a pro baseball player who can no longer practice his sport.

The mentioned services are the Basic services in the basic rate of liability. At this base rate, you can secure additional benefits according to your individual wishes.

Possible additional services of the liability insurance:

key loss

If foreign keys lost in their care (keys to the rental apartment, keys to the company …) and then the locks or entire locks have to be replaced, this additional service will cover the costs.

If you want to help friends relocate free of charge and cover potentially broken housing with personal liability insurance.

If in the rented apartment overflows the bathtub and causes damage to the masonry, their liability insurance jumps in.

bad debt cover

If you are harmed yourself and the polluter can not be responsible because he is financially unable to do so and also has no liability insurance, their liability insurance for the damage caused to them.

offense incapable children

If you do not want damages that your children have caused and that are not subject to any statutory indemnity to ruin your neighborhood relationship forever, your liability insurance can help you with the compensation.

Internet protection

A new topic in liability insurance services that comes up with completely new pitfalls. Especially when children surf the Internet from their IP address space online and there is a risk that they will download files protected by unauthorized means or unintentionally distribute a computer virus via e-mail, this additional liability protection becomes more and more important.

Activity as a childminder (not commercial)

If you have set up a round of mutual help together with other young mothers, which alternately takes over the care of the children in order to give the individual mothers space for private errands, this activity also includes the duty to supervise the children entrusted to them. In this case, this should be Performance of liability insurance be included in their liability insurance in any case.

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