Liability insurance errors

Liability insurance errors

Our infographic clearly shows you the five biggest mistakes.

A small overview of what errors in relation to private liability insurance also always like to appear. We clarify that because we want you to enjoy the best protection against financial risks.

As soon as I have a private liability insurance

I can leave all financial risks for personal injury and property damage to my liability.

This is only true insofar as they are without intent have acted. If you have demolished a cigarette vending machine out of anger, you must pay for the property damage from your own pocket.

If I drop a cell phone

and cause damage, the injured party gets a new mobile phone from my liability insurance. The private liability insurance covers property damage only the current actual value an object, but not the complete replacement. So there is only a new cell phone if it was new at the time of the damage.

When I’m abroad, I can rely on my liability insurance.

You can only do that as long as it is temporary stays trade abroad and within the EU for a maximum of three years, outside the EU for a maximum of two years. Some liability insurance contracts are even shorter outside the EU, so you should always check how this is regulated in your contract! If you want to work and live in America for a long time, this is your main travel preparation. Especially in the US, claims for damages are substantial in case of personal injury and if your private liability insurance does not pay, because foreign damages are no longer covered, your financial existence is ruined.

When I approach someone with my car

and causing personal injury pays my private liability insurance. No, she will never do that, because the damage caused by a car is the sole responsibility Car liability responsible. Since the motor insurance liability insurance is a statutory insurance, without which you receive no official approval, this liability insurance error should have no serious consequences in itself.

Damage to borrowed things assumes my liability.

If you have borrowed the bike from an acquaintance and thus cause damage to property or personal injury, the liability insurance will pay for the damage caused, but it does not pay any compensation for the damage to the borrowed bike. They have to pay for this themselves.

Shopping cart rempler in the supermarket parking lot

good that I have a private liability insurance. In the meantime, you are in the supermarket parking lot about to load your car from the shopping cart and this rolls unexpectedly against another motor vehicle. Once you have your car open, must the Car liability insurance Afford. On the one hand, the damage is paid, on the other hand, you can quickly be upgraded to the damage-free class for a small scratch.

My private liability insurance is responsible for my pets

Mistake, this only applies to hamsters, smaller rodents and even cats. As soon as you buy a dog, you should always take out a dog’s liability. It can be found under the generic term animal husbandry liability and regulates damage that your dog has caused violently and accidentally. These can very quickly reach higher sums if a personal injury has been caused by your dog. For example, if he breaks loose, runs across the street and a motorist while trying to dodge against the wall of the house thunders. Then, the cost of medical treatment, rehabilitation and permanent damage, compensation for pain and suffering, as well as pension payments for loss of earnings can reach enormous sums.

A private liability comparison is not worthwhile

the offers are all anyway more or less the same. That too is one big mistake, the tariffs are significantly different, both in terms of height and performance. Since every life situation is different and requires other liability services, as well as special additional services such as children who are not able to carry children, Internet risks, drones liability insurance and much more, a private liability comparison makes sense in every case. Only this way can be for your individual life situation customized Offers at the best price Find.

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