Liability insurance from parent to master insured

Liability insurance parents – How long is this possible

Children are generally covered by their parents’ liability insurance up to the age of 18. During the time in the Bundeswehr or in the civil service, children are also insured free of charge. Co-insurance ends when training begins. The same applies to married insured persons.

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Top parental insurance in the ranking

  • Black Forest Direct Exclusive Fair Play and Exclusive Fair Play Plus
  • wgv-sky blue family
  • Landowner Direct Plus
  • East Angler Exclusive Fair Play
  • Docura family / partner
  • Astra Quality
  • Media comfort

Liability insurance for parents – for students and in training

Students do not have to take out their own private liability insurance until the age of 25. However, anyone who lives in their own household at the age of 18 already has to take care of their own insurance when moving out. In the case of vocational training or also during school time, there is unlimited insurance protection through the parents. In this case, too, there is an exception for children of legal age who are married or live in their own household. A combined liability can save a lot of money for trainees in the event of damage. VHV Versicherung also provides very good offers.

No co-insurance after moving out and during training – from Bachelor to Master in vocational training

In contrast to health insurance, there is no entitlement to co-insurance in private liability after moving out of the parental home. Membership in statutory or private health insurance exists until the age of 25. An extension always arises if the child has completed military or civilian service. This extends the entitlement according to the time worked. You can also find the latest news at

Liability insurance parents master

Students are also insured during their studies, if..

..You still live in the parents’ household. Co-insurance ends, however, at the latest when you turn 25. Even after moving out, students or trainees are insured through their parents. This applies to both private and statutory health insurance. Insurance is compulsory at German universities. Proof of insurance cover must be provided. Those who are not insured during their studies are at risk of deregistration.

The best family tariffs according to Franke & Bornberg in the test – the current top 10

  • 1 Upper Austrian insurance super protection 76.16 euros 1.5
  • 2 Swiss Life Prima Plus with default cover Plus 86.22 euros 1.5
  • 3 Adcuri Premium Protection EUR 88.24 1.6
  • 4 Liability fund Darmstadt Simply better 92.82 euros 1.6
  • 5 Hannoversche / VHV Exclusive Guarantee 94.02 euros 1.6
  • 6 InterRisk Concept XXL EUR 89.25 1.6
  • 7 Domcura comfort protection EUR 68.72 1.7
  • 8 degenia premium 77 euros 1.8
  • 9 Mutual insurance Oldenburg TOP-VIT 99.41 euros 1.8
  • 10 Gothaer private liability top 103.24 euros 1.8

Civil Code
“Book 4 – Family Law (§§ 1297 – 1921)
Section 2 – Relationship (§§ 1589 – 1772)
Title 5 – Parental Care (Sections 1626 – 1698b)
§ 1664
Limited liability of parents
(1) When exercising parental care towards the child, the parents are only responsible for the care that they use in their own affairs.
(2) If both parents are responsible for damage, they are jointly and severally liable. "

Who is liable for the damage without liability insurance

Anyone who causes damage is fully liable with their private assets. This is how the legislator provides. Students or trainees who have not taken out insurance are liable themselves. Many young people still do not have private liability. Protection does not cost a lot of money. Anyone who agrees a deductible with the insurance company pays around EUR 2 per month or EUR 24 per year for liability. Furthermore, you should also think about accident insurance or household insurance.

The best GKV providers for families in the DFSI ranking

health insurance opening contribution rate Result performance Result
actimonda health insurance nationwide 15.60% 9.96 10.86
AOK – The health insurance fund for Lower Saxony regional 15.40% 11.12 12.70
AOK Baden-Württemberg regional 15.60% 16.60 15.84
AOK Bavaria regional 15.70% 11.40 11.46
AOK Bremen / Bremerhaven regional 15.40% 5.05 8.15
AOK Hessen regional 15.60% 13.05 13.18
AOK Northeast regional 15.50% 10.98 12,11
AOK NORTH WEST regional 15.50% 13,00 13.62
AOK PLUS regional 15.20% 17,60 18.53
AOK Rhineland / Hamburg regional 16.00% 15.23 12.88
AOK Rhineland-Palatinate / Saarland regional 15.60% 16.00 15.39
AOK Saxony-Anhalt regional 14.90% 18.60 19.33
atlas BKK ahlmann regional 15.80% 8.73 8.97
Audi BKK nationwide 15.30% 11.46 13.44
BAHN-BKK nationwide 16.00% 13,60 11.65
Barmer nationwide 15.70% 12.83 12.53
BERGIAN HEALTH INSURANCE regional 15.99% 9.40 8.55
Company health insurance fund Mobil Oil nationwide 15.70% 13.16 12.78
Company health insurance fund WMF nationwide (without GS) 15.70% 7.76 8.73
BIG directly healthy nationwide (without GS) 15.60% 10.43 11.21
BKK Achenbach bush huts regional 15.70% 11,30 11.38
BKK Akzo Nobel Bavaria regional 15.10% 11.75 14.19
BKK Diakonie regional 15.70% 7.33 8.40
BKK DürkoppAdler regional 15.60% 12.68 12.90
BKK EUREGIO regional 15.18% 15.40 16.93
BKK exclusive regional 15.59% 13,60 13.64
BKK Faber-Castell & partner regional 15.25% 11,60 13.78
BKK firmus nationwide 15.20% 11.03 13,60
BKK Freudenberg regional 15.50% 8.80 10.47
BKK GILDEMEISTER SILK STICKER nationwide 15.80% 14.47 13.27
BKK Hercules regional 15.70% 7.73 8.70

The parents’ favorites with the young names

  • Jan
    Christian / Kristian
    Thomas / Tomas
    Klaus / Claus
    Stefan / Stephan

Separated and moved out – The age limit in personal liability

If the parents have separated, then the personal liability insurance of the parent to whom the child has moved applies. This also applies to other insurance companies. In addition to liability, this is, for example, the private or statutory health insurance of the parents. During the course itself, students have to provide statutory or private insurance cover. Similar rules regarding the contract apply to children. If there is any damage to the insured, then the insurers are always liable with a sum insured.


  • Private households 41.0 million.
    Single person households 41.1%
    Families with minor children 8.2 million.
    Married couples 69.5%
    Single parents 19.8%
    Communities 10.7%
    Pairs 20.6 million.
    Married couples 85.4%
    Illegitimate life 14.1%
    Same-sex living arrangements 0.5%

Parents prefer to give these girls’ names

  • Ann
    Katharina / Katarina / Catharina
    Christina / Kristina
    Monika / Monica
    Karin / Carin
    Christine / Kristine
Compare personal liability insurance

Here, too, we offer you the opportunity to compare the best liability insurance policies with one another. The best insurance companies from the current test 2016 and 2017 are compared. Get a contract today with needs-based cover amounts and customized benefits. Compare the liability insurance here.

Liability insurance parents up to master

A child is co-insured with the parents for the period in which they also live in the parents’ household. Children should then take out their own liability insurance so that they are not liable for their personal assets in the event of damage. You can also access the current test here.

We also offer information on all aspects of professional liability insurance. So also for the following professional groups:

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