Life happens to you if you choose to see situations as blessings

Life happens to you if you choose to see situations as blessings

Life happens for you

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Let’s just face the facts. We’ve all lived our lives long enough to realize that life is not just happiness and happiness.

There are also times that bring us to our limits. At such moments, you might think that things are not really going the way you want them to.

Maybe we will sabotage ourselves again in such moments, because we are afraid to leave our comfort zone. Our comfort zone keeps us safe, but there we are not making any progress.

Only by contrast, we can clearly define what we really want

In such moments there are two possibilities. Either, you resist the unpleasant situation, you complain about what bothers you. Mostly anyone who wants to listen to it or not and still has to hear it.

But that’s not all: you tell yourself the story and what went wrong again and again. Why the world or a person was unfair to you is played in an endless loop in your inner monologue. You depend on your happiness if you can observe a measurable improvement that you have defined yourself. If this change does not occur in the time you specify, you may feel miserable, ill-tempered, and depressed.

No matter how closely you get into history negatively, in this variant, you end up becoming the victim of a situation or another human being. No wonder you feel bad then. Because you are responsible for the fact that this situation is there and the solution of the situation to anything or anyone in the outside. You take the situation and the result personally. How are you supposed to feel good about that? In this view, something happens to you, but life does not happen to you.

Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of what you make out of it

Here comes this or: You stop thinking that life just happens to you and start finding a meta-level. Life happens to you with this perspective.

Just ask yourself, “If life happens to me, what does that situation tell me?” What can you learn from this situation? How can you still look at this moment? Is there even something good that results from this situation?

None of us starts worrying about life when things are going smoothly. Then everything is nice, comfortable and there is no reason to think outside the box. There is no reason to leave his comfort zone.

But if we only stay in our comfort zone, then there is no development, only standstill and the feeling of not progressing. In the comfort zone you are safe, but also restricted. Living means moving, striving for more, expanding and growing.

Only when we fall do we start questioning ourselves

Only when we fall do we start questioning ourselves. This is where the things that really matter, if we can let it happen, happen. There we find the answers we need.

Maybe we can not find the things we want, but we’ll always find the ones we need at that particular moment. Life happens for you. This fact also means that you are responsible for your life.

You have the freedom to decide what you want. It is up to you to decide how you want to see situations. Do not take results personally, but just see them for what they are: results. Life happens for you. Really true.

You are so much more than current results. If you change your strategy, you will get different results.

Also, you are so much more than results that you like. Everything can be a learning task or even a blessing, depending on how you look at the situation.

“Life is simple: everything does not just happen, everything happens for you. Everything happens at the right time … you do not have to like it … but it makes it easier when you do it. “

Maybe everything you experience is part of something bigger. Something infinitely smarter and farsighted than we are currently in a human body. Imagine that everything is exactly as it should be. The good experiences, the bad moments and everything we experience in between. And maybe everything is there for you to grow, as a person, as a personality and spiritually.

You are not what happens to you. Also, you are not, the results you see. You are loved safely and unconditionally. No matter what is currently manifesting in your life. This is just a snapshot and it does not say anything about your inherent value. Get rid of the idea that you have to put everything in a category of good, bad, great, bad, etc. You have the freedom.

Life happens for you. Practice this conviction. The next time something happens that you do not like right away, find a quiet moment and say, “I’m willing to see the good in this situation. I am ready to see my learning task. I do not take this situation personally. “

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