Light school bags under 1000 grams

Light satchels are particularly suitable for petite and small children and are becoming increasingly popular. They impress with their low weight and do not have to hide in terms of ergonomics, comfort and safety. The construction of satchels weighing less than 1000 grams is only possible through the use of light and high-quality materials.

The lightest satchels (under 1,000 grams)

  • No DIN 58124
  • Volume: 20.5l
  • Weight: 800g

from 197.10 € *

  • No DIN 58124
  • Volume: 25.5l
  • Weight: 850g

from 159.99 € *

  • Corresponds to DIN 58124
  • Volume: 17l
  • Weight: 800g

from € 123.99 *

  • No DIN 58124
  • Volume: 23.5l
  • Weight: 950g

from 159.00 € *

  • No DIN 58124
  • Volume: 18.5l
  • Weight: 900g

from 159.95 € *

  • No DIN 58124
  • Volume: 21l
  • Weight: 900g

from 185.00 € *

  • No DIN 58124
  • Volume: 19l
  • Weight: 990g

from 98.98 € *

  • No DIN 58124
  • Volume: 18l
  • Weight: 900g

from € 179.99 *

When is a satchel called "light"??

A satchel is generally referred to as a lightweight if it weighs less than 1000 grams of its own weight. School bags that weigh up to 1500 grams are called normal. We call heavy satchels those that carry more than 1500 grams of their own weight.

What role does weight play when buying a satchel?

The topic of weight plays a very important role when buying school bags role and always brings up discussions. We therefore generally recommend that you read our advice article on the topic "How heavy a satchel can be".

The rule of thumb on the Internet is that a satchel should not weigh more than 10-12% of your body weight. However, this rule has been refuted several times. In a study by the Saarland University come the experts on that Result, that a satchel can even weigh up to 17-20% of the body weight without pre-programmed back and posture damage. But this does not mean that every child should carry this weight. Depending on the physical constitution, the satchel and thus the weight should be selected. Petite children should therefore wear light satchels, normal-sized children can also use a normal-weight satchel without danger.

Take the fitness test

With a few exercises, you can determine the development of your child’s muscles. Here are the instructions

A light satchel is recommended?

This question cannot be answered so broadly. In general, of course, the lower and lighter the weight of the satchel, the more you can take with you. For petite, small children, a light satchel under 1000 grams can definitely make sense. Children of normal height can also use another schoolbag from our schoolbag test without hesitation. Also keep in mind that a not too light satchel can even train the muscles.


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