Lighting in the children’s room: decorate the room properly

Every child who is framed for a toddler or schoolchild must be filled with light. Children’s room is a versatile and multifunctional room. And a lot depends on its coverage. It is possible, correct the baby’s mood and neuropsychological condition with the help of lighting. And the child’s overall physical well-being depends directly on these indicators.

Lighting in the children’s room: photos and design examples

When planning the lighting in the nursery you need one "golden mean" Find. The light should not be too weak because the child’s view is unnecessarily obstructed. But too bright light tires small eyes.

In the children’s room should not be sharp, too bright lighting, dark corners – only gentle light transitions are allowed

Children’s room lighting, a photo of examples you can see in this article has a number of functions. And above all, this is one size Source of natural light.

It is desirable for the child to allocate the most well-lit room in the house. This can be if there is a large window or balcony frame. Sunlight is the natural and cheapest source of enlightenment, without which the child is moody and absent-minded.

Rules for placing light sources in the nursery:

  1. Artificial light sources that are set up at regular intervals in the children’s room, without sharp light transitions;
  2. The main light source should be a ceiling lamp with diffuse light and preferably a lamp closed from below;
  3. Do not opt ​​for the children’s glass or crystal ceiling – they create many highlights and also strain the eyes;
  4. The number of lamps should be calculated according to the area when the room is large, dividing it into zones.

A very important point is the inaccessibility of the lighting for small, curious children.

Headlights in the interior: uniform lighting in the children’s room

Uniform lighting in a room is difficult to achieve, especially if the area is quite large. An ordinary chandelier cannot handle this task, so spotlights will come to the rescue. They help to divide the room into zones in which you can adjust the light supply with the help of separate switches.

Spot lights are the best solution for creating uniform lighting in a child’s room

Indoor headlights – a system of small lighting devices, which are mounted on the ceiling and help to solve many problems with additional lighting.

Headlights are available in various shapes, sizes, colors and accessories. They are used with different types of lamps. For example with a light bulb. Due to the size, however, not all lamps are suitable. With halogen, the minus of which is its excessive heating, are almost incompatible. The same problem with LED and energy saving – they are economical, but quite expensive.

5 reasons to choose children’s lighting:

  • These devices help solve the problem of low ceilings;
  • Increase the space visually.
  • Not only can you include each zone separately, you can also control the level of their lighting;
  • With them you can easily experiment with the design – manufacturers produce a large number of children’s models;
  • Such lamps use much less electricity.

Spot lights are not used as the main source of lighting, they usually serve as an additional highlight element.

Original decorative element: spots for children

Spots are small lamps with directed light. They help to reinforce the impact of the designer’s ideas and highlight the necessary element inside. Most often, this design includes multiple lightbulbs attached to the bracket.

Spots can create a bright spot that helps highlight the desired object in the interior

Children’s spots are mounted on the walls and on the ceiling. And for today they are an indispensable element in children’s rooms.

With the help of spots, you can highlight and highlight every part of the room, e.g. B. a bookshelf or picture, a children’s collection or a handmade object. They use halogen lamps that direct the object towards more white and soft radiation so that shades of color are best transmitted.

Advantages and disadvantages of using spots:

  • Extremely cheap;
  • Long lifetime;
  • Sensitive to voltage drops;
  • The lamp heats up strongly during operation.

Spots adorn the interior of the children’s room and underline the individuality of your child.

Backlight in children’s room: photo design options

In the past, parents did not pay much attention to some elements of additional lighting in the children’s room. Quite enough was a bulky chandelier on the ceiling and a table lamp. To this day, lighting in the nursery is an essential part of any, even modest, repair.

for your children serve on the walls, in the floor and even on the stairs.
  • It is very harmful to watch TV in the dark or on a computer screen, so a soft backlight helps to solve this problem.
  • As you can see, with the help of lighting, you can make an ordinary children’s room much more attractive by adding a fairy tale and a riddle. What exactly are the additional lighting elements that you can understand by looking at the photos used in this article.

    Rational light in the children’s room (video)

    When choosing lighting for a children’s room, you should not forget the safety of your children. When installing the lighting, take into account the age of the child, his activity, his interests. Think about all the necessary safety measures so that the children’s room is fantastic but does not hide hidden dangers.



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