Lip band removal for closing the teeth

Lip tape removal for your dental health

Lip tape removal is recommended for dental reasons if the lip band affects the health of the teeth. As a lip band, the mucosal fold is called, which lies on the inside of the lips and leads to the oral mucosa. It can reach to the edge of the gum. These muscle and connective tissue fibers exhibit strong traction, especially on the cheek, corner and anterior teeth. If the ribbon is too pronounced, damage to the teeth may occur, so lipstick removal should be performed. Often, this procedure is also recommended as a prophylactic measure to prevent diseases that can occur as a result. The procedure can therefore be carried out on both children and adults.

In children, for example, there may be a gap between the upper central incisors. In addition, there is the possibility for a strong traction that it affects the gums. As a result, this retreats and exposes the sensitive necks of the teeth. Thus, stimuli such as heat, cold or sweet foods can cause pain in the teeth. If the implantation of a dental prosthesis is imminent, it will be examined, among other things, whether the lip band could hinder the procedure. If this is the case, lip lip removal is also performed.

Lip Band Removal: surgically or with laser

For lip lip removal, there are three proven methods available to you at your dentist in Dortmund, which are individually adapted to the needs and requirements of the patient. For one thing, laser therapy is possible. Here, a soft-tissue laser is used, with which the lip band is gently removed under local anesthesia. As a rule, only minor bleeding occurs, pain is barely noticed. Suturing the wound is usually not required.

In the two conventional surgical procedures, the area to be treated is also locally anesthetized. The interventions differ mainly in the incision. First, the lip band is stretched and fixed, in the Z-plastic is then z-shaped according to the course of the band with the scalpel a cut set. If the VY plastic is used, is cut V-shaped. Subsequently, the fibers of connective tissue and muscles can be loosened and transposed or shifted against each other. At the end of the procedure, the mucosa is sutured again and a wound dressing is applied.

The risks and complications of lip tape removal are rare. There may be rebleeding and wound healing disorders and in a few cases an infection of the treated area. Necrosis is possible during laser treatment. Also a rebuilding of the ribbon can occur.

Pre- and aftercare for a lipstick removal

Before treating a lipstick removal, a thorough dental examination should be performed to establish an individualized treatment plan. In addition, thorough oral hygiene is important. Also, follow your dentist‘s instructions regarding brushing and nutrition after the procedure. For example, you should not eat too hot or spicy dishes. Sporting activity and going to the sauna are recommended one week after the treatment. Take the follow-up appointments and contact your dentist if you experience any side effects, such as pain or heavy rebleeding.

At Praxisklinik Nilius, Dr. Ing. Dr. Nilius as a dentist in Dortmund advising to the side. If this intervention is necessary for you, it will explain all questions about the procedure in an in-depth interview with the patient and clarify the course of treatment transparently.

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