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Netflix original from Spain. Series about a murder of an elite school.


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Netflix original from Spain. Series about a murder of an elite school.

The Las Encinas is a Spanish elite school. There, the children come from rich homes and imagine a lot to belong as adults to the ruling elite of the country. Three teenagers from a state school are allowed to enter the hallowed halls, although their origins do not allow this. Samuel (Itzan Escamilla), Christian (Miguel Herrán) and Nadia (Mina El Hammani) have been awarded a scholarship because their state school has fallen over their heads. The wealthy developer responsible for this has two children on the Las Encinas: Marina (María Pedraza) and Guzmán (Miguel Bernardeau).

Marina is open to the new students, she does not devote so much to her privileges as others. Her brother Guzmán, on the other hand, does his utmost to make life as difficult as possible for the newcomer. This is how his girlfriend Lucrecia “Lu” (Danna Paola) acts: so far, she is the best in class. Nadia has the potential to challenge her for this place.

Nadia’s brother Omar (Omar Ayuso) is no longer at school. He works in the grocery store of his parents and checks out drugs. He is friends with Samuel, whose brother Nano (Jaime Lorente Lopez) and Christian. The latter introduces him to a new customer and Ander (Aarón Piper) develops a special relationship.

Christian invokes Carla Rosón (Ester Expósito). She is the girlfriend of Polo (Álvaro Rico). The couple has a very special surprise for him.

The series shows how the three newcomers, each in his own way, are trying to survive in this shark school and secure their livelihood. But the situation comes to a head and in the end there is even a murder. Even though the coming-of-age theme and the history of social inequalities are not new, Élite understands them in their own way. Each of the characters has its own interesting background, breaks and undergoes exciting changes. How her stories are sometimes romantically linked, is sensitive and sometimes told very realistic. The investigation of the murder leads through the episodes and remains consistently captivating.

The series has a FSK from 16 years, contains explicit sex scenes, shows drug use and violence.

Second Big Netflix Success for a Spanish Series

After “House of the money” Netflix could celebrate also with this Spanish series great successes and that certainly does not have to do only that overlaps of the casts in both productions overlap. María Pedraza, Miguel Herrán and Javier Lorente Lopez were hostages and hostage takers in “La casa de papel”.

Season 2 will be on Netflix from September 2019

Thanks to the good response has the extension to a second season of “Élite” did not take long. The shooting started in January 2019, the season will be released on September 6. A third season “Élite” has already been ordered. You can see the trailer for the new episodes here.

Élite in the stream

You want to watch Élite online? Here’s an overview of which video platforms Élite is currently legally available for streaming or downloading – from Netflix to Amazon Prime Video and Sky Ticket to iTunes.

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