Living with family tips for the family apartment

Living with family

In this section we have put together some information about living with family as well as some tips for the family apartment.

Our specials about living with the family

Tips for the family apartment

A cozy place to stay, a home in which you feel comfortable – that’s what all families want. A dining area should not be missing in any family apartment
Photo: © Superingo But unfortunately it is not so easy to find a suitable apartment or a suitable house. Regionally, there are big differences in the housing market and those who want to build themselves, must fight first of all through the throes of the various home builders.
But first there is always the question: where do you want to live? In the country or in the city? Or maybe as an alternative in a smaller suburb – quiet and yet close enough to the infrastructure? Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. For a life in the country speak certainly the greater freedom of movement of the children and the quiet environment. In the city, the paths are shorter: kindergarten, school, shopping – all this is just a stone’s throw away and easy to reach. However, one lives in the city usually cramped and it is generally louder than in the country.

Further tips on living

How to find a suitable family apartment?

In search of a suitable apartment, one should not disregard the immediate neighbors. A kitchen is ideal for families
Photo: © pics721 If you have children, you know that they are usually anything but quiet. Children want to play, romp and romp around and all of that goes along with a certain volume. What is the use of a residential complex, for example, which lies in the middle of the green, but where almost only seniors live? Here no family will feel well and the children’s noise will certainly cause trouble for the neighbors soon. Ideal for families are therefore residential houses, in which other parents live with children. Sure, here it is not so quiet and you may already stumble in the hallway about dolls cars and slide cars. But no one will be upset about the noise of their own kids.

Ground floor apartments are ideal for families. For one, there is no one who lives under one and could interfere with the running of the little ones. On the other hand, purchases, toys & You do not have to be carried up the stairs first. And anyone who still has a baby or is planning to get pregnant again, will certainly appreciate it if he does not have to carry the heavy infant carrier through the house day in, day out. Speaking of house: a buggy pitch is of course a great advantage, because the fewest apartments have enough space in the hallway.

The apartment itself should be practically tailored. For many families, the kitchen is the focal point of the apartment. A so-called eat-in kitchen – so kitchen and living room in one – offers even more space and coziness. Here, too, can stop the car racing track or get the dollhouse a permanent place. Most children like to play near their parents and use their nursery almost exclusively for sleeping. Only when the kids get older, they appreciate the possibility of retreat in their own four walls. Nevertheless, a nursery is of course important. Whether each child should have its own, the ghosts differ. Here, the rental costs certainly play a role, because especially in urban dwellings, these can devour a large part of the salary. If two children share a room, there are various possibilities for the spatial separation of different areas.

Who does not know that? Especially early in the morning, the bathroom is in high demand. Mama puts on make up, dad needs to shave quickly and the offspring must urgently go to the bathroom. Probably the one who has an extra guest bathroom in his apartment! Home builders plan this space quite naturally and escape later "traffic jams" in this area.
A word on the floor coverings. Although carpets and Auslegeware act comfortable and provide a pleasant living atmosphere. But especially with children, it’s easy to miss something wrong or to accidentally land crayons and colors on the floor. If the decision is made for a leaflet, it should be stain-proofed. Otherwise, parquet or laminate are the better choice: here is quickly wiped once and everything is clean again.

You see, there is much to consider when looking for or setting up a home for the family. But it is worth nothing to rush here and tackle the matter in peace. Having a nice home is important and should be a place to stay and relax even after a long (working) day.
Text: K. L. / Stand: 11.11.2019

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