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Are you looking for suitable birthday songs that will make your party a complete success? Always make sure that the songs are adapted to the respective age of the birthday child and the guests, because it makes little sense to play the charts up and down if the guests are still of kindergarten age. Below you will find helpful tips on how your birthday party can work perfectly with the right songs.

Birthday songs for the party of kindergarten children

If you select the birthday songs for your kindergarten child’s party, all guests will have a lot of fun and will clearly enjoy spending time with your child. Your little ones probably already know a few birthday songs from kindergarten that they sang with their friends. Talk to the educators about it and ask them which birthday songs are currently popular with the children. Birthday songs that the little ones love to sing are, for example, "How nice that you were born" or, of course, the evergreen "Happy Birthday". Most of the time, the children know all the verses by heart, because they have sung them together many times in kindergarten. Other birthday songs for toddlers are "The birthday song," It’s your day "or" Congratulations ". At the best is, you coordinate the selection of the birthday songs with your offspring.

Find the right birthday songs for teenagers

Of course, teenagers have slightly different demands because they have outgrown toddlers and are attracted to different music. As a rule, they already identify with musical stars worldwide. There are many well-known singers who have already dealt with birthday songs in the context of their songs. Do your kids love Katy Perry? Perfect, because the hit "Birthday" comes from her. But Selena Gomez also released a song called "Birthday". Rihanna wrote the song “Birthday Cake”. The Kings of Leon, in turn, like Katy Perry and Selena Gomez, prefer to keep it simple with “Birthday”. With older children, it doesn’t always have to be a song that is about the birthday, because depending on your taste, the selection of the birthday music can just be songs that your children particularly like. It is also important here that you coordinate with your offspring and agree with them which birthday songs will be played at the party. This ensures a nice and successful day.

Find suitable birthday songs for a birthday party with adults

Do you want to have a birthday party where there are mainly adults? Then, of course, it is important to make a selection that will satisfy all guests. If you know the taste of your guests, it is not difficult to find the right songs with which the birthday guests feel comfortable at the party. On the other hand, if you are unsure about the musical taste of the invited guests, you should not be afraid and ask them as part of your planning which songs are particularly important to them. As soon as the opinions of all guests are available, you can put together a selection from which you can really satisfy every guest. A combination of slow and fast songs has proven itself on many festivals. At a party with adult guests, it is also completely sufficient to play a birthday song that duly honors the birthday child. There are also songs that encourage guests to dance. There are often songs that feature a group dance that most guests already know. These then present him together and invite the guests who do not know him to join in and learn him. So a lot of fun is inevitable. In addition, guests who do not yet know each other too well get to know each other faster and better in this way. However, also respect guests who do not want to dance along. They may be enough if they can just listen to the music.

Beautiful birthday songs for the birthday party of seniors

Older people still like to celebrate their birthday. Would you like to organize a party for your parents, grandparents or other seniors who are dear to your heart? In advance, ask them about their favorite songs that they would be looking forward to at your party. For example, if they were young in the 50s or 60s, all songs from that era come into question. The Beatles also intoned the song "Happy Birthday" at their successful time. However, there are many other beautiful songs from these years that can give seniors great joy on their birthday. If the birthday child and his guests are even older, there are many beautiful evergreens from older times that will put them in a wonderful time. So guests can indulge in old memories and spend a wonderful birthday. The 30s and 40s also produced many good songs that are perfect for sweetening a birthday party. Frequently Seniors are also happy about songs by well-known composers from centuries past. Of course, this includes Beethoven, Mozart or Wagner. Anything you like is allowed.

Songs for the 18th birthday

In order for the 18th birthday to be a complete success, every detail at a birthday party should be considered. It is therefore important to choose the right songs for the celebration so that it is a complete success. This guide explains in detail which ones suit your 18th birthday and how the right birthday songs can be selected.

Motto or not?

First of all, it is important whether the 18th birthday is a theme party or not. If the former is true, then the music should match the theme of the party. For example, if the motto is a certain decade, then the songs should also come from that decade. If the 18th birthday is celebrated here normally, then a playlist can be created from songs from the current charts or a combination of songs of a certain genre that the person likes to hear, such as pop, rock or rap. Video channels are a good option. These have a variety of matching songs.

Perform songs yourself

Then there is also the possibility that you pick up the guitar or another instrument yourself and serenade the guest of honor on your 18th birthday. Here, too, the choice of songs can relate to the current charts. In addition, it is also possible to write birthday songs yourself. In addition to the well-known birthday songs, it is also possible to write a few lines yourself and recite them. Even if the 18th birthday is an important and special occasion, the songs do not have to be perfect, because it is the thought that counts.

Songs for the 30th. birthday

The 30th birthday should be celebrated properly, as this is a special occasion. Even if the 30th is not always a happy day for many people because it only reminds them of getting older, this day is a good occasion to create a good mood. For this reason, the songs at the birthday party should not be missing.

Play or sing yourself?

There is the possibility to pick up finished songs, to play them at the birthday party on the 30th or to sing songs yourself. You can also write these yourself. If you want to grab finished songs, there is a large selection on video portals. At the 30th birthday, both special birthday songs and popular songs, for example from the charts or a certain music style, fit. Of course, this should correspond to the taste of the person. The same applies if you sing yourself. If you are musical, you can sing a few songs to the guest of honor on the guitar or piano at the celebration.

Big or small celebration?

The size of the celebration is also important when choosing the songs. If it is a small intimate birthday party among the family and closest friends, then it is ideal if one or two songs are performed on the guitar, for example. Otherwise the music should not play a central role at this celebration. It looks different at a big birthday party. If many guests are present, the best way is to play songs loudly over loudspeakers to ensure the right mood.

40th birthday songs

On the occasion of a 40th birthday there is a big celebration or just a more intimate celebration – music must not be missing. It is not always easy to decide which songs fit. There is also the possibility to sing some songs yourself at the celebration. What to choose and how to find the right songs is explained in the next sections.

Find the right songs

When choosing songs for your 40th birthday, you have a large selection of suitable pieces of music available. You can use the current single charts or classics from a certain genre that the guest of honor likes to hear. There are many portals on the Internet that provide songs that can also be played wonderfully at the birthday party in the form of a playlist. In addition, it is of course also possible to use the classic birthday songs, such as "Happy Birthday".

Play or sing yourself?

Furthermore, it has to be decided whether the songs on the 40th birthday are simply played or performed by someone, for example on the guitar or the piano. In addition, it is also possible to simply perform a cappella if there are classic birthday songs. The 40th birthday, in particular, offers various options, since it is not necessarily celebrated by very young or very old people.

Songs for 50th birthday

Half a century, of course the birthday party shouldn’t take place without songs. Take the microphone in your hand and sing a song even for the 50th birthday child. For example, this could be the world famous song by Elvis Presley "Happy Birthday Baby". The popular King of Rock’n’Roll on stage – maybe the singer is still dressing up, that would be the show!

The song "Happy Birthday to you" by Stevie Wonder also dates from the time when the 50 year old or the 50 year old were still teenagers! The classic is sure to be a lot of fun and can also refresh the party as a large video on screen. Or a friend of the birthday child gets involved and sings the song.

Of course, DJ Bobo also created a birthday song: "Happy Birthday". There is no need to explain this Swiss song, everyone knows it and like many artists he has made his own birthday song. If you want to sing it as karaoke, you will surely get great applause at the 50th birthday party.

The ABBA song "Super Trouper" is also suitable as a mood maker at the birthday party of the 50th anniversary. Certainly the text can also be converted to a birthday song, there are no limits for the creative. In any case, everyone in this age group knows the melody. The text change creates a super individual birthday serenity.

With the age-old classic "marble, stone and iron breaks" you can of course play at the 50s party. With the The phrase "Don’t cry because you are 50" can enrich the evening in a fun way.

60th birthday songs

The 60th birthday is a special event where the right songs are always welcome. Whether celebrating in the restaurant or the family celebration at home: songs that are suitable for 60th birthday are popular. For example, a group of friends could convert the well-known song "Marble, stone and iron breaks" and a little fun to reformulate the words "rheumatism, sugar and gout …", The laugh at the 60s party already starts! When all sorts of diseases and diseases of old age are included, the mood increases.

The band "Wise Guys" also created a funny birthday serenade. The text begins with “We have learned,
that a few years ago you found the time cheap and gave birth to you without further ado. ”That should increase the birthday mood of the guests at the party tremendously. The song is sung in the original "A-Capella".

The song "The ravages of time" is also warm and shows that no one can stop the constant rotating clock. For the 60th birthday of the jubilee, the ideal song that despite the age one is loved just as much and that the appreciation does not wane.

For the 60th birthday of course, the classic by Udo Jürgens "At 66 years, that’s where life begins" cannot be missing. Of course the text will be changed to 60 years and the birthday child will be very happy when this song is performed.

The song "Marble, stone and iron breaks …" can also be modified differently for the 60-year-old child: "Don’t cry if you throw older", the text line with a small dance insert can become the right stage show.

70th birthday songs

The 70-year-old birthday child is always happy to make a contribution to the planned birthday party with many guests. A song is the welcome contribution to every celebration. A very legendary birthday song here is Stevie Wonder’s “Happy Birthday”. This song is just always popular and Stevie Wonder, the famous blind singer, interpreted this song like no other.

This age group at 70 also likes German songs. Helene Fischer should be mentioned here with her “breathless”. The creative friends of the jubilee are happy to convert Helene Fischer’s hit "Breathless" into "Breathless Through the Birthday". This song can be used with a few conversions to the ideal birthday song for the anniversary and the performance of the performers is sure to be a hit at the celebration!

The waltz is always in with the 70-year-olds and if they are still sprightly, then with a wonderful waltz on the piano you can also swing your leg. The accordion also loves to hear this generation. The song "Because it’s your birthday today" would be a hit that sounds very good on the accordion.

The beautiful song "It’s your birthday today" is always popular with this age group. It is calm and a catchy melody that goes straight to the heart of the anniversary. The right song for a successful 70th birthday.

Of course, the "Happy Birthday" on the piano is also wonderful for these birthday children. The song can be healed in German or English and the pianist, perhaps an acquaintance, then interprets the song in different ways.


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