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It is the 70th and a round birthday, which is a very special birthday for most people. For many, this day is a kind of milestone, both for men and for women, as they can look back on a long and successful life. In this context, the birthday card should also be designed appropriately. A nice possibility is to write poems here.

Poems for family members

If a family member celebrates his 70th birthday, the first thing that matters is whether it is a big celebration with many guests or a more intimate celebration just among the family. The poems can then either be a little funnier or contain a lot of personal details. It also depends on whether the poems are only intended for the birthday card or whether they are to be presented at the birthday party. In general, a few words and sentences or poems should be recorded for family members themselves instead of using pre-made poems. Previous successes, both professionally and privately, as well as smaller details about the person are doing particularly well here.

Poems for friends

Friends’ birthday poems can also contain a personal touch. It is important that the poems fit the person as a whole and also the festival. If you can’t rhyme yourself, you can also pick up some standard phrases and put them together creatively to create poems.

Poems for colleagues

In the case of work colleagues, if poems are used, they should be very simple and, if possible, not too personal. A two-liner in a birthday card is often enough.

The most beautiful poems for 70th birthday:

70 years, what bliss,
and I wish you a feast,
a lot of love and a lot of sun,
all the best and the best,
on paper you are an old man,
Your youth remains with us,
you laugh and shine with joy of life,
that’s why we’re celebrating your 70th today!

It is certainly not easy,
when you turn 70,
because of the many number,
your head is already buzzing,
50 or 60, that could still be grasped,
but the 70 is not taken lightly,
forget gray hair now,
you feel young, of course,
and even if the hip stings,
enjoy love and life and food!

You will still experience so much,
You are vigorous in old age,
and sometimes it’s idle,
you are still happy about your life,
hence all the best,
and for another 70 years,
at the end it remains to be said:
blow out your seventy candles!

Today I want to make you happy,
not with pills or crutches,
but with a poem,
by saying I love you.

You are like every old man,
teeth out, hair white,
the back is crooked, the hip is poking,
and to the bad another lumbago,
but comfort yourself in these times,
now you don’t have to bite sour apples anymore.

When the years fly by,
are you still young in your heart?,
and life will offer you,
everything if you ask for it.

I take my hat off to your age,
70 years young and still nimble as a butterfly.
you have certainly experienced something,
and today we celebrate your life with you.

Many people turn 70,
for some it is not so obvious,
when the hair is still full, the heart is still young,
and you are already for any nonsense,
you take care of house and yard,
with joy of life – yes, that makes you happy!

A bouquet of colorful flowers
With 1000 red roses
I wish you the seventieth
And wants to clink glasses with you

Good luck and health
come in addition
Not so much life stress anymore,
But much more peace.

All the best for seventy years
I wish you and above all
Leave with some bottles of champagne today
The corks really pop!

Today is your day of honor
Seventy has been reached
Have in all the many years
Many a heart softens.

You were and are a close-hearted person
Nobody can say no
You should never face suffering again,
But just cry for joy.

Always stay the way you are
The way everyone likes you
Have a nice day now
With all your gifts.

Unfortunately I don’t have much money
Can’t give you anything big
Because as much as you would earn
Can’t imagine.

But why car, villa and boat?
Have everything that matters,
Great grandchildren, children and a wife,
You chose that perfectly.

So I only have this line
Telling you everything you could ask for,
A big dear family
And you are a great man!

Have known us for so many years,
Have gone through ups and downs,
there were bad times,
have caught us again and again.

Seventy years is something
That is impressive
So we don’t want to wallow in the past,
But up the cups.

Joy and serenity
And always something to laugh about
With that I want today and here
Make you happy

Despite your seventy years
lively and visually young
Despite some rickety bones
Still a lot of momentum.

Glasses and dentures
Make your life easier
This is how it should be for you with these lines
Give something to laugh.

Today the sun should shine
Because it’s a day of happiness
That’s why I’m giving you your seventieth
Something back today.

Flowers, money and gifts in kind
Can’t say either,
How important you are only to me
There are no questions.

Girlfriend, mother and grandma
Always there for everyone here,
stand by everyone with advice and action,
I thank you for that.

Seventy years, I wish you the best,
But youthful as before,
let’s sing happy birthday to you
all in one choir.

Age has a lot of good things too
And what can I tell you?
Serenity, pension and calm
Have more questions?

With cake and coffee
you make yourself a drain
While others are out of work
Coming to their limits.

Happy seventieth
Today you should dance
And you can feel it,
Like the young plants.

You should also sing
And pop the corks
This great celebration day
Nobody wants to miss today.

Cheers to you
And all your loved ones
You are a real dear man
Really to fall in love with.

Stars should rain for you
And a thousand flowers afterwards
Because as young as today
We never get together anymore.

For the seventieth only the best
Continue to be so kind and faithful
You’re a really great friend,
what I’m happy about.


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