Loft bed 140×200 – large lying area for the loft bed

The Loft bed 140x200cm has an essential larger lying area, than is usually the case with loft beds. In most variants, the loft beds have a width of 70 to 90 centimeters in relation to the lying surface.

Do you want your child or you more space when sleeping treat yourself, the loft bed in dimensions 140x200cm is much more suitable for this.

In this guide you can find out which models are available and in which areas they perform better than conventional products.

Three top recommendations

Advantages of the 140x200cm loft bed

Bunk beds are already set for children special sleeping experience Most children are probably happy when they are a little higher and for them, such a bed is already a little adventure.

What are the special ones now? Advantages of a loft bed with the dimensions 140x200cm ?


First of all, it is obvious that the child much more space in bed. Smaller mattresses are certainly sufficient and already offer enough space so that the child can sleep comfortably.

But there is hardly anything nicer than sleeping in at the weekend and relaxing in his big bed. Just let the five be straight is no problem with such a large loft bed.

The additional Space not only refers to the pure lying area. Also logically, there is a larger space under the bed, which can be used. For example, there can be a writing desk or seating to create a cozy seating area.

With smaller bunk beds, the design options are significantly more limited because the posts represent an obstacle.


Safety is very important for loft beds. After all, your child should spend the night there and not be at risk.

The problem with small loft beds could be that especially active children often sleep on the edge of the bed and could possibly wriggle through the safety boards. While this risk is minimal, it should be considered.

Larger beds offer more scope. Even if the child moves while sleeping, there is little risk of them falling out of the loft bed. With a width of 140cm there is enough space to the sides.

load-bearing capacity

The larger beds are often designed so that more than one child can be on them at the same time. To ensure this more solid posts used and the entire construction is designed for a higher load capacity.

Is with normal loft beds load limit often at 80 kilograms, this can also be done with the larger versions over 100 kilograms lie.

If friends like to spend the night in the children’s room, they can share the loft bed.

Suitable for adults

In addition to the more stable versions for children, there are also loft beds that have been specially designed for adults. A loft bed of 140x200cm is more than sufficient for a single adult. For couples, however, it would be very cozy and is rather not recommended.

Loft beds are not just something for children, and there are models that are also suitable for adults. So you can better use the space in the apartment yourself and for example Divide your work area under the bed.

What variants are there??

Bunk beds are generally in different versions available. This also applies to larger loft beds with a bed area of ​​140x200cm. Depending on the requirements, other variants can be advantageous for you.

Children’s loft bed 140 × 200

Most loft beds are aimed at children. The space in the children’s room is usually very limited and there is rarely a separate bedroom for children.

Therefore, the most common variant of the loft bed with the dimensions 140x200cm is aimed at children. The bed has the same properties as smaller loft beds. The space under the bed can, depending on the height and requirements, for example can be used as a cave or work area.

bunk beds

The space under the loft bed can be used individually. Of course it is possible, there one second bed accommodate. In most cases, bunk beds are only designed up to a width of 90 centimeters.

To create a little more space, bunk beds can have different heights. The lower bed can offer more space as a base with a lying area of ​​140x200cm, while the upper bed is designed smaller.

This is helpful for siblings who have a larger age difference and therefore have different requirements for the lying surface.

Or the smaller bed on top can be used as guest bed serve for overnight stays of friends. In this combination, a great comfort guaranteed and friends are always welcome and do not have to sleep on a sleeping pad.

For adults

The third variant largely corresponds to a common loft bed. The difference, however, is that the Construction much more stable is.

More solid posts allow greater resilience and the additional bars increase safety. This is associated with higher costs, which is why these beds should only be used by adults.

For children, the usual children’s loft beds are completely sufficient and less massive in construction.

3 recommendations

Based on the variants already presented, you now get 3 recommendations for loft beds in the dimensions 140x200cm.

Loft bed Christoph Buche

The first model presented is based primarily on the ordinary cots with the difference that this version with a lying area of ​​140x200cm is a little bigger. It convinces with one simple but modern design and can therefore be easily placed in most children’s rooms.

With this size, stability is one of the most important quality features. This is guaranteed by the clean construction. All individual parts are screwed together so that the bed stands securely. The posts with a thickness of 6x6cm provide additional for one stable position of the loft bed.

Getting into bed turns out to be uncomplicated. The Ladder is generously designed and to avoid any risk of injury they are rounded edges. In order to offer a better grip, there are small recesses that can be used as a handle.

As a starting material solid beech used. The beech has a low moisture content. This reduces the typical warping of the wood. Even after a long period of use, the bed will remain stable and readjustment is not necessary.

If you want to offer your child a loft bed that allows a little more space, this model is an ideal variant. With one Load capacity of 75 kilograms and a height of 140 centimeters under the floor, this bed can still be used far into the teenage years.

VitaliSpa Everest bunk bed

Loft beds can meet very different requirements. Usually, these are designed so that one person can sit on them and the space under the bed is used for other purposes. Bunk beds can also be set up in the version of a bunk bed. Here are two beds available.

With the “Everest” model they are Lying areas of different sizes designed. While on the upper level there is a lying area of 90x200cm is available, there are already generous ones on the lower level 140x200cm. You will find two full sleeping places.

How these are used depends of course on your requirements. It is conceivable that Siblings can sleep there or for friends at any time guest bed ready.

As material comes to 100% solid wood for use. This is not only stable, but hardly deforms. It is child-friendly and pollution-free. Nevertheless, the wood ensures that each bed is unique, because wood is an individual raw material.

The high stability is reflected in the high resilience. Safety is on the top bed up to 120 kilograms guaranteed and lies with the lower bed Load limit at 180 kilograms. This means that several people can sleep below.

If your child still suffers from sleep disorders and cannot sleep well on his own, you can go to bed with him. A bedtime story makes it much easier to fall asleep.

If friends are often visiting or if the children’s room is used by siblings, this loft bed gives you the advantage of a stable, large lying area that can be used by two people.

Loft bed for adults "Easy Premium Line"

Bunk beds are usually considered to be variants that are particularly interesting for children. They are happy that they can be a little higher and get a completely different perspective on the children’s room. Climbing the bed and building a small cave also make the loft bed a popular option for children.

However, this does not mean that only children benefit from these variants. A large loft bed also has some advantages for adults. First of all, of course place profit to call. The area below the loft bed can either be used as storage space or with a small seating area be set up comfortably.

You should be aware that you cannot stand upright below the loft bed, but usually have to bend slightly. The use is therefore somewhat limited.

The challenge for loft beds for adults is to ensure sufficient stability. This is achieved in this model with wooden posts with a size of 8x4cm. As material solid beech used. The pin connections of the individual elements ensure a better hold. Instead of being connected with wooden dowels, the elements are wedged and glued.

The massive beech tree becomes too 100% made of FSC certified wood won. This makes this bed particularly ecological and the wood is only taken from renewable stocks.

The load capacity is specified by the manufacturer as 80 kilograms. However, customers state that they can load the bed up to 150 kg without any safety concerns.

If the 140x200cm loft bed is to be used by an adult, this product is ideal thanks to its extremely stable construction.

Sleep comfortably with the large loft bed

Loft beds are an interesting sleeping option for both young and old. To for something more comfort and space when sleeping to worry about, these offer themselves 140x200cm loft beds thanks to the larger lying surface for this application.

They are specially designed so that the construction is approved for a higher weight and the size is completely sufficient even for adults.

With a little more space in bed, you can sleep much more comfortably. Therefore, with this loft bed, offer an optimal sleeping possibility for your child.


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