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On Loft bed with slide is the highlight and the eye-catcher in every nursery. The following loft beds are very popular with mom, dad and little child:

Popular loft beds with a slide

Price: € 208.90

1 used & new available from € 208.90

Price: € 428.90

1 used & new available from € 428.90

Price: € 169.95

1 used & new available from € 169.95

Price: € 169.95

1 used & new available from € 169.95

Price: € 208.90

1 used & new available from € 208.90

Price: € 178.90

1 used & new available from € 178.90

Price: € 478.90

1 used & new available from € 478.90

Price: € 239.95

1 used & new available from € 239.95

Price: € 219.95

1 used & new available from € 219.95

You can find out what makes loft beds so popular and what you need to consider when buying them below. Our loft bed checklist also helps to have an overview of the most important points when buying.

From what age is a loft bed with slide suitable??

This is a very frequently asked question, which unfortunately cannot be answered quite clearly. After all, every child is different. However, there is a rough guideline and age recommendation.

Experts first guess from a child age of 6 years to the loft bed. Especially because there is usually not only sleeping, but also romping around extensively. Smaller children (e.g. 3 to 4 year olds) simply cannot assess themselves and their surroundings well enough and simply underestimate the risk of falling. A fall from a loft bed has bad consequences in most cases, since children often fall on the proportionally larger head.

But even 6-year-olds have no license to fall. So great caution is always required. The risk of falling is certainly the biggest disadvantage of a loft bed.

What you should pay attention to in the loft bed with slide

Bunk beds are super practical. On the one hand, you are save space and the other one Spielparadies with countless adventures. Here you can find out what you should consider when buying and in everyday life with a loft bed.

In our checklist you also get all points clearly, compressed and displayed for chopping off.

  • Security / anchoring
    In any case, the loft bed should be securely attached to the wall. Shake the bed vigorously. It must not move and shake, then it is fine.
  • Upper parapet
    The top parapet is very important. When buying, make sure that it is sufficiently high. Better higher than too low. Does the parapet protrude e.g. only a few centimeters above the top edge of the mattress is rather not advisable to buy.
  • Width of the entry / exit
    The entrance to the bed (ladder) and the exit (slide) should be sufficiently wide. Ideally between 30 and 40 cm.
  • Ladder and slide are firmly connected
    The ladder to climb up and the slide must be firmly anchored to the bed and must not wobble.
  • Rounded edges
    All important bed edges and corners must be rounded. Screws etc. are designed so that they pose no risk of injury.
  • Space in the room
    The space available in the room is often underestimated. The slide in particular should not be underestimated in terms of space, as it is very expansive. But also to the height one should think of the loft bed. After all, your little mouse wants to have enough space to sleep and run around.
  • practicality
    How practical the bed is? Some Models are e.g. constructed so that they e.g. offer enough space for a bedside lamp etc. in the form of integrated shelves. A lower bed drawer would also be an advantage
  • quality
    Finally, you should ensure that the quality is good enough and that the price / performance ratio is right. It is usually better to invest a few euros more in the loft bed, as you usually enjoy it longer. Customer reviews of online shops can often be helpful when assessing quality and workmanship.


A loft bed with a slide is for many children the dream bed par excellence. In addition to a heavenly sleep can also be wonderful play and romp. If it has two sleeping levels, it can also be great practical and space-saving his.

However, you should still give your child the loft bed not too early purchase, because the fall and injury driving is just too high for toddlers. Experts recommend using a raised bed from a child age of 6 years.


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