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Loft beds include beds that have a bed surface that is more than one meter above the floor and are therefore very space-saving. In this way, a room gains additional storage space. Loft beds are therefore often chosen for smaller rooms to save space. Nowadays, bunk beds are available in a wide variety of types.

What are the advantages of a loft bed??

The greatest advantage of loft beds is surely that they "give" additional space to a room, because the lying surface is so high up that the floor underneath can be used for other furniture – this leaves more space overall in the room. An example is to use the space for a workplace with a PC and a desk or to create a reading corner with a sofa and several shelves – just as you want.

Another point that speaks for loft beds is that it is basically warmer the closer you are to the ceiling. As is well known, warm air rises – so it is always more comfortable in a loft bed than in a model that is close to the floor. In this way, energy costs can even be saved since the heating does not have to be turned up as high as before.

Loft beds test 2019 – the most popular 3 models on!

Loft beds are particularly popular at the moment, as they get the most out of small apartments and make full use of the limited space. They are available today for little money. Furthermore, these can be customized with accessories and various decorations own Adjust style and make it an eye-catcher in the room.

Loft beds are very trendy and can give a small apartment the final touch. Loft beds or bunk beds are already cheap (from around € 250.00). With accessories and decorative elements, they can be adjusted so that they become a real eye-catcher.

Children can use a loft bed for various reasons. On the one hand, these beds are of course particularly exciting for kids because they offer a retreat where they can hide. They, in particular, often test the game with closeness and distance to their parents at a young age, which can be solved ideally with loft beds. The area underneath, on the other hand, can be converted into a kind of cuddly cave as an additional space for toys or, with attached curtains.

What types of loft beds are there??

Various types of loft beds are available on the market today. However, they all have one thing in common: They offer a sleeping place at height, which is something unusual and exciting, especially for kids. But they are also popular with young people, especially if the room is not quite as big. Loft beds are available in a wide variety of materials, designs and colors and depending on your taste, everyone will find their ideal bed. Loft beds can save a lot of space and be very changeable at the same time.

The first question to ask yourself before buying a loft bed is undoubtedly “How many beds do I need?”.

The loft bed with a sleeping place

The classic loft bed for kids and teenagers is around 160 cm high and has a sleeping place. The fastest way to reach the lying surface is via a stable staircase or ladder. Underneath there is an empty area that can be used for other purposes and is very space-saving. The lower area can be used in a variety of ways, be it as a learning place, play area or as a TV corner.

We looked at the most popular loft beds and gathered customer opinions.

The bunk bed with 2 beds

Another variant of the loft bed is the bunk bed, also a space miracle in which two beds are on top of each other. Parents with two children in particular often choose this variant, as this leaves more space in the children’s room for learning and playing, because only the space of a single bed is used.

Here, too, we took a closer look at the most popular bunk beds and compiled customer opinions.

What you should know about the safety of loft beds

Safety plays a very important role in loft beds. Loft beds, above all, must be stable and resilient. A corresponding test standard must be observed when purchasing: The EN 747 standard classifies bunk and loft beds as safe.

It is particularly important for smaller children that the bed frame has a parapet that protects it from falling down. This is especially dangerous while sleeping. It shouldn’t be flatter than 26 cm – the higher, the safer. Attention: To calculate The height of the mattress when purchasing. Even with a mattress, the bed frame should still have at least 20 cm high parapet.

Most of all, a ladder on loft beds offers security if it is not wobbling or loosely attached, but is firmly attached to the bed frame. This way it cannot tip over while climbing. in the best In case it is even equipped with a handrail. The ladder opening should also be at least 35 cm wide enough to make entry as comfortable as possible.

Bunk beds that can be attached to the wall are a particularly good choice because these models have the least wobble and offer a lot of stability. If you buy a bed for the little ones, it should be of high quality and have no screws or sharp corners where the child could get injured. Such models are also relatively cheaply available in stores.

For more information, see Security.


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