Long distance flight: play against boredom

Long Distance Flight: Games against boredom

Between the everyday life and the holidays is the arrival by plane. But: a long-haul riverG causes stress and therefore needs to be well prepared. This includes as well Games against boredome.

Games against boredom: Think of the flight at home

On Long-haul flight can take up to ten hours or even longer. If you have toddlers, but know how long these hours can really be! Once boredom arises, the little ones become insufferable, start to whine or even scream. The right games against boredom are in demand!

Because even if many airlines think of every possible comfort to the Needs of children and toddlers must first take care of the parents. And on the fly these needs have especially with the fight against boredom to do!

This is true even if the flight delay and the family is stuck at the airport. While the parents are already informing in this time, whether one compensation for the waiting time is possible, starts with children the big quengelei.

When will the journey finally continue? When are we there? Is it still long? They know these questions by heart and hear them a hundredfold on a long-haul flight without any delays or delays. In fact, according to airhelp in 2019, there are a lot more reimbursements for flight delays.

Important It is therefore, when packing at home to remember that boredom will adjust. Who knows his child, but knows exactly what toys and employment opportunities must be packed so that the flight can be reasonably well survive.

When will the journey finally continue? When are we there? Is it still long? They know these questions by heart and hear them a hundredfold on a long-haul flight without any delays or delays. (# 01)

Games against boredom: use the media

All the tips and games against boredom may be helpful, but parents know it: Children love electronic equipment. Although board games, coloring books and Co. are important, the smartphone and tablet will play the main role aboard the plane. This is true at least for the slightly older children who have been able to concentrate on a movie or a game for some time.

Parents do not have to be here concerns have that the electronic toy could harm the children. Surely such a flight is one Extraordinary Measures, in which many means are allowed to the purpose. This does not mean that the children will spend the entire vacation in front of the electronic devices!

Important tip: No kid should play computer games or watch movies all the time, which quickly leads to over-stimulation. This, in turn, often ends in trepidation and roaring, exactly as it ought to be avoided. Therefore, games on the tablet or smartphone are allowed, but it must regular breaks be inserted.

Larger children can be here after the clock, with smaller children, the parents should have a look at the current state of the game or the film and in a suitable place and with prior notice to demand a break.

Already when packing the suitcase parents should remember that the most important toy necessarily belongs in hand luggage! (# 03)

Games against boredom: more tips for stressed parents

Already when packing the suitcase parents should remember that most important toy absolutely belong in hand luggage! There are a few things that should definitely be within reach on a long haul flight, and this includes the favorite toy as well as the favorite cuddly toy. Most children will want to sleep on the way and then the beloved stuffed animal is just the right help to calm down.

Important: Even when booking the flight parents should proceed with care. This means that you should book a flight with as few breaks as possible.

If you have to change more often, you will easily be under stress! All parents know the awful feeling of forgetting something and the simultaneous salvation, when all are well-kept in their place, the hand luggage was stowed and apparently everything is together. Who wants to prevent this stress as much as possible books Flights without change. These are designated as nonstop flights, while a direct flight may well involve stopovers.

Parents should also try to get in touch with their neighbor immediately after taking a seat, as long as they are sympathetic. That too can later stress prevent or at least reduce! Maybe the co-traveler wants to play some games even, so that the children can be distracted even better.

Besides, it is always good to know when one more pair of eyes is resting on the children and keeping an eye on them! Children are amazingly good at using the one moment when their parents are not looking closely, painting the seat, smearing plasticine, throwing toys, etc. Little Chaosband on tour? Help by fellow travelers is welcome and allowed!

Larger kids love the e-book reader or use tablet and smartphone to read the latest pamphlets. (# 02)

Proven games against boredom

Which games actually help against boredom? Parents should necessarily more options Consider before they make their way with bag and bag on the way to the airport. Children’s books are just as much a part of your luggage as coloring books and pencils, plasticine and perhaps a paddle ball are a good choice and suitable for all ages of children.

Books and e-books

Larger children love the e-book reader or use tablet and smartphone to read the latest pamphlets. Experienced bookworms are immobilized for a few hours! Little kids especially want to take pictures. Mum and dad are in demand here, who read to the little ones and look at pictures together with them.

Maybe the little ones want to invent a little story for individual pictures as well? Parents and children can let their imagination run wild and often have the best ideas. The result is own stories, which are often more interesting for the children than the originals.

Tip: Small Pixie books also fit into the actually overcrowded handbag and are among the most popular stories to get.

Definitely think of crayons! If parents give the little one the makeshift pen out of a purse, it usually has devastating consequences for the clothes of the little ones or for the seat. (# 03)

Paint books and colored pencils

Definitely think of crayons! If parents give the little one the makeshift pen out of a purse, it usually has disastrous consequences for the clothes of the little ones or for the seat. In addition, not all airlines have pens and blocks of paint in their pockets, so parents should consider them when packing.

Very funny tip: One person writes a sentence, then hides it. The next player must continue writing the sentence. So it goes in a row and in the end may read aloud. Partly it creates really absurd stories!

The Variant for small children is painting: A person paints something, then the page is kinked, so that the painting is no longer visible. Now, the next player paints something and it goes back in a row. Funny animals, bizarre objects and great inventions have already been created in this way!

Card Games

Most kids love card games and put them at the top of the list most popular games against boredom. For example, even children over the age of two can shine with the memory when the corresponding cards are placed on the tabletop. Mau Mau can also be played wonderfully on board and does not need much space. Larger children often love playing chess, which is especially possible with a game of magnetic figures.

Which games actually help against boredom? Parents should definitely consider several options before they go with bag and bag on the way to the airport. (# 04)

Puzzle games and puzzles

IQ trainers and puzzles help to shorten the time on board. As games against boredom, they are wonderfully suited to keep the little ones busy while doing something for the head. Parents know, what kind of games is particularly popular and should accordingly make a choice when packing at home.

Whether city, land, river or the formation of letter strings, the mental order of numbers or similar games: With a little imagination, even small children can be involved in the puzzle. Also very good: I see something that you do not see. After all, nobody can get away on board and so the passengers can be used as color examples.

Video: Flying with children | Children deal with these 4 simple tips | Toddler on the plane

to do sports

Of course you can not do any sports aboard the plane, and yet there is movement in the list of games against boredom. While many tips for adults involve exercise and sleeping, children often look for mental stimuli. The little ones have plenty of energy, which they now have to keep in check. Little relaxation exercises can also be carried out from the seat: circling feet, stretching out arms and waving their hands, circling their heads and pulling their shoulders up.

From this a small choreography can be created, which is certainly fun for everyone and the nice memories will belong to the journey. In addition, children should be allowed to get up occasionally. Anyone who compulsively tries to hold back the child’s kinetic energy must reckon that it breaks out in a completely inappropriate place. Mostly acoustic, much to the chagrin of the traveling companions and the nerves of stressed parents. Games against boredom should therefore necessarily include sports loosening exercises!

Important: Parents should always play with the children together. Certainly there may also be situations in which the little ones only want to play with the siblings. But the best games against boredom are still the ones from the complete family be played together. Especially small children show a much greater staying power than if they are to play alone with their big brother or sister.

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