Long-haul flight to New Zealand: what you need for toys, world-wondrous

Long distance flight to New Zealand: What you need for toys

* Post updated on: November 27, 2015

After the booking and the very special tip we continue today with an essential for traveling parents: employment while flying. Since you can barely look over the pilot’s shoulder nowadays and the process of flying itself gets boring after 30 minutes at the latest, a clever toy selection is in order.

What do I pack in my suitcase??

Every child from the age of two can carry a (small) backpack and take it on board as hand luggage. Come in:

  • a bottle (pack empty and fill up with water after check-in!)
  • a few candies / chewing gum for takeoff and landing
  • Emergency cereal bar (or other favorite nibble) against hunger attacks
  • the favorite stuffed animal
  • a few (small!) toys

Each major airline distributes additional toys, pens, etc. to all children before the start. If the stewardesses do not shower the children with gifts by themselves, just ask! The stuff is sometimes not bad, for example we were impressed by the selection and the good ideas at Lufthansa.

Basics for toy selection

Basic rule 1 for the toy: It should be small, but not too small. Items that can constantly fall or be thrown around, nobody wants to get out of the seat after the second time. The same applies to sticky (plasticine, stickers), smears (wax painter, stamp) and spillable. A good idea for smaller children can be to tie interesting and important things (pacifiers!) To a string that is hung on the front seat back.

Basic rule 2: Toys should be interesting. So a book with really many pictures or flaps (see our reading list), a tricky puzzle game such as such a logic puzzle with different themes or different characters for role-playing. Also, new toys are exciting – so it’s a good idea to take some wrapped surprises with you. And yes, the most interesting is a toy when mom or dad play. That’s why …

Basic rule 3: The best employment is the parents. Games like “Cuckoo!” For the little ones, “I see something you do not see” for preschool children or “I pack my suitcase”, etc. For schoolchildren can pass a lot of time, but need parental help. Even a tour through the plane takes time, while parents can certainly learn something.

Basic rule 4: keep calm. Because at least since the invention of the Inseat Screens almost always all around watch all the television. Then children are guaranteed not to distract with naughty toys – they also want to watch television, no matter what, the main thing is animation! Model parents are better informed beforehand on the pages of the airline concerned about the film program; and talk to each other about how family rules should be treated about media consumption in the exceptional situation of flying.

Anyone who can practice indulgence here may save a lot of stress (on the other hand, they are acting out of completely over-excited TV freaks who can not and will not stop, maybe just a while ago …)

Last but not least: bedtime is also in the plane. Often the whole cabin is darkened so that everyone can actually “sleep” – a very convincing argument for children. Pillows and blankets are available at the seat and many children are fortunate enough to sleep in the wildest positions; of course, on the floor!

Your long-haul compatible toy and employment hits are also of interest to us … just here!

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