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Where and how quickly you can find really good childcare?

And how can parents tell whether a nanny or private educator is reliable and trustworthy? After all, you entrust your loved ones and most valuable things to them.

The problem: Are you looking for loving and professional childcare or a professional nanny in Munich and the surrounding area and wondering where and how to find her best? Your personal search, your questions for recommendations from friends in Munich for good childcare or just for a competent nanny who knows them well and the one can trust was not successful. Placing ads in the newspaper? It takes time to report enough, your interviews with unfiltered candidates will take time – and that’s exactly what you lack. And you need good childcare, a nanny really urgent – now.

The solution: The fast, uncomplicated and perfect mediation of professionally pre-filtered childcare in Munich by the experienced pedagogues from Kids Concept.

With Kids Concept you are not looking,
You will find good childcare.

  • Online, here
    Simply place your search query here for the childcare of your choice in the well-designed online form and sit back.
  • Fast
    All requirements that you have regarding location, time, duration, qualifications, your nanny, your babysitter or your childminder are dealt with quickly, within 24 hours.
  • Pre-filtered to save time
    Whether nanny, private educator, hired granny or family manager: They all had to meet with us, the pedagogues of K >Matching
    From this extensive pool, we now determine the perfect childcare for your family. We only present you with childcare that matches your search query. A maximum of five.
  • You decide. Now.
    Now it is your turn. Now you can make your personal choice.

To get a feel for the high quality of our applicant pool: Here you will find our minimum requirements from Kids Concept for all applicants.

Childcare prices

You will receive a processing fee of € 70.00 (including VAT) from you for all agency services. The placement fee depends on the desired number of hours. Processing fees and agency fees are only due once. Hourly wages for childcare vary between EUR 10.00 and EUR 17.00.

You can now send us the On-line-Place an order or request a free consultation or call us on 089/321649966 – we will be happy to advise you.

Tobias Dreilich

You are also welcome to request a free consultation, I will then contact you.


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