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A good weight loss plan involves more than just changing your diet. So that the plan to lose pounds is crowned with long-term success, sport is also part of losing weight. Well-chosen, sport is fun, strengthens the body, burns calories and thus ensures a negative energy balance. This means that when losing weight through exercise ideally consumed more calories, than to be included. An acceptance plan, on the other hand, which is based exclusively on a change in diet, is significantly more associated with renunciation and hunger. That is exactly what makes the feared Jojo effect likely. But which sports are suitable for weight loss? And what do people with overweight and obesity have to consider when losing weight through exercise?

Sport for overweight and obese: the good choice

Still, obese people are sometimes wrongly advised not to exercise and weight first exclusively by changing your diet to reduce. However, this is not only a very lengthy one, but often also one quite frustrating process. It takes a long time for the body to respond to a changed diet. Especially when the metabolism is not additionally boosted by sport. In addition, a negative energy balance can often only be achieved without sport if less is eaten. Because of the enlarged and overstretched stomach of overweight people, this usually means one thing above all: hunger. And exactly this hunger and the Avoid many delicacies ultimately ensure that the likelihood of holding on to losing weight decreases significantly. So it makes more sense, of integrate weight loss through sport and exercise into the weight loss process. Of course, taking into account the joints that are overworked due to obesity and obesity.

Especially for heavily overweight people and people with obesity, it is initially not easy to find the right sport, because the joints already have to carry more due to the high weight and are heavily preloaded. This can manifest itself, for example, in secondary diseases such as arthrosis or rheumatism. In order not to expose the joints to additional stress, it is especially important for people with obesity when losing weight through exercise joint-friendly sports select. Also, sports should be done for overweight people fun do and initially that heart-Do not overuse the circulatory system.

Sports that are easy on the joints are aimed at, to strengthen the muscles and the supporting apparatus and thus relieve the joints and spine, which are particularly stressed by overweight and obesity. In addition, as part of losing weight through exercise, the muscle building and thus also increases energy consumption.

Joint-sparing sports include, for example

Ideally, the training plan combines several sports with each other and thus ensures variety when losing weight: on the one hand, to put different strain on the muscles, on the other hand, to avoid boredom.

Alternatively, or if the overweight has already dropped a bit, you can also go for variants of other sports that are easier on the joints. For example flex a good alternative to jogging for overweight and obese people. Since one foot always remains firmly on the ground here, so there is no floating and jumping phase, the joints are also protected when walking.

Last but not least is that Movement in everyday life very important. This should be increased in addition to sport so that there is no lack of exercise. That means: take the stairs regularly, walk to the supermarket and take a walk in the fresh air several times a week.

Tips for losing weight through exercise

Not every overweight person is a sports man. If something is wrong in the diet or there are other diseases that favor obesity, it may be that sport is becoming increasingly difficult. For other people affected sport has a negative aftertaste – With times of school sports, for example, in which children particularly affected by overweight and obesity were exposed to the hardships of classmates. It is now all the more important to lose weight through exercise fun to put. How this fun sport to lose weight looks like varies from person to person.

There is sport for obese people and people with obesity. Important is only that it is fun in the long term and meaningfully integrated into a training plan.

So that losing weight through sport promises success, it helps many overweight people to get to know like-minded people Sports groups to meet. In this way you lose the extra pounds in the community and can motivate each other. The control aspect, which is the subject of regular meetings, should not be underestimated common Obesity sport arises. The excuse “not today” is becoming more difficult.

Loners, on the other hand, feel more comfortable when they are train alone. Here, however, the risk increases that the training is canceled more often. To ensure that this does not happen, the training situation should be varied and pleasant, the right sport should be chosen for overweight people and the sport environment should be pleasant. That means, for example, that the expensive purchased exercise bike is no longer in the basement. With a view of the TV or the window, cycling is much better than in the dark, barren cellar room. A sports plan can also help you lose weight through exercise. Pleasant music that puts you in a good mood also makes for more fun in sports. However, the music should not be too fast, if possible, so that you do not overconsciously overexert yourself. Especially in the case of overweight and obesity, the joints should first be spared.

The general rule: Light but constant effort leads to the goal when losing weight through sport. It is a myth that sports must run out of steam in order for it to work and to help burn fat. With regular, sustained exertion, much more fat deposits are attacked. In addition, the better feeling with light exertion ensures that you stay on the ball and that weight loss through sport is promising in the long term.

Exercise alone is not enough – proper nutrition also plays an important role in obesity and overweight!


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