Losing weight after pregnancy and birth

Losing weight after pregnancy and birth

Too thick? Losing weight after pregnancy and childbirth

The dream after birth: Leave your maternity clothes in the closet quickly!

The baby is here – but you are far away from "Pre-baby weight"? Losing weight after pregnancy and childbirth is unfortunately not that easy. Many things come together: First, you do not just have a few grams more on the scales. Women also put themselves under too much pressure, for example, have no time for sports, quiet meals or a healthy sleep. Of course, life gets a bit more stressful – and then many quickly grab chocolate. And the end of breastfeeding also slows you down. Because the body uses extra calories so that the baby is supplied with breast milk. Approximately 380 to 600 calories are burned more per day when breastfeeding.

How to lose weight? Which "diet" is for me that "right one"?

So a diet has to come from? But which? And how do I lose my extra pounds? With many diets, unfortunately, it is like a yo-yo: First, you lose a lot – but then again. Most even more than before. The proportion of people who ultimately fail with a diet is about 98 percent. Out of 100 people who start a diet full of confidence and perhaps have some minor successes at the beginning, 98 people weigh just as much or even more than before after one year. And diets are often based on a one-sided diet, be it certain fruits, be it soups or similar diets that get boring pretty soon after one week. Therefore, many have one after a while "cravings"; In the regular meals, one usually sticks to the dietary rules – but late in the evening, there is a craving for chocolate, savory biscuits and the like.

New Diet Concept Slim XR. It depends on the QIS!

A new diet concept promises relief and comes without rigid prohibitions or restrictions on certain foods. Because that only leads to you getting special desire for the forbidden things. And even a painstaking calorie counting is from yesterday. Slim-XR calls it and has as its main idea the diet change to a points system, combined with a sports program and a dietary supplement. The goal is the help of a change in lifestyle.

With the help of "Points system", Called QIS, healthy and important foods can be put together more easily. For this purpose, the food that one likes and already likes to eat is combined daily at will, until the personal score of the QIS is reached. This provides the opportunity for a lasting and healthy weight loss. There’s also easy control over how much you can eat from a food. Since every person is different, the Qi value is different for everyone.

Another component of the diet concept is a special sports program – because exercise never hurts. The slim-XR diet is supplemented and rounded off with a dietary supplement containing L-carnitine, calcium and vitamins, which has been specially developed and harmonized for this comprehensive weight loss concept. It is taken once a day before each main meal with water. The supplement capsules are manufactured according to German food law in Germany and manufactured according to the high quality standard “GMP”. It is a over-the-counter nutritional supplement that is not suitable for curing diseases.

KNOW? L-carnitine

L-carnitine transports fats into the body‘s cells, helping to burn fat. For the energy supply especially muscle cells need L-carnitine.

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Nice "under people"?

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