Lost and locate mobile phone? How does this work?

Mobile lost

Lost & Locate Mobile: Our app can help you find the exact location of a smartphone in 3 easy steps.

Whether you’ve lost a Samsung Galaxy, an Android phone or an iPhone, all you need is the right number or e-mail to reveal the device’s current coordinates.

You can use our app as a first step in recovering a lost smartphone, but also to ensure the safety of your children or to check the efficiency of your employees.

3 simple steps


Enter the phone number, Android e-mail, or iOS e-mail that is connected to the smartphone.

data collection

Give our application a moment to gather the necessary data from our partners.

All done!

Examine the data on Google Maps.

The main difference between our tracking system and other similar applications is that we do not need the phone’s location feature to be active.

We completely bypass the device’s GPS and instead focus on its GSM signals.

These signals are much more reliable and continue to bounce off adjacent towers while a SIM card is still in the phone. Provided this is the case, we can use the triangulation to determine their exact coordinates.

Lost phone what to do? How to charge your phone
can find

Each one of us has been given a pheromone boost when they wanted to make a phone call, and the smartphone was suddenly gone. The horror is deep when you realize that the phone is no longer where it should be. Imagine another person watching your data from your Android phone! Is not that scary?

Mobile away? In most cases, these fears are certainly a little over the top. Because most likely you have forgotten your smartphone in the car, in the office or in the bathroom. On the other hand, things may not behave so well. We have developed an app for you, with which you can easily find your smartphone. No matter where it is located. Read on to find out what you can do to find a lost Galaxy Samsung phone.

The old method for tracking a cell phone

In most cases, location apps use the smartphone’s GPS to determine the location of a lost smartphone. In practice, the GPS is already preinstalled on most smartphones at the factory. Some Android smartphone manufacturers, such as Samsung Galaxy, offer their own tracking software for Android devices. However, this must be installed and activated in advance in order to be able to use it in an emergency. Google and Apple also offer their own tracking apps for Android and iOS, such as “Find my mobile”, in the Google Account. Google provides a kind of universal solution for locating Android phones with Android Device Manager. You can find dozens of alternative tracking apps on the web, all working the same way and locating a smartphone.

There are many ways to find a device on the Internet if you’ve lost a cell phone. Most of the apps you find on Google are not as good as they should be. It is assumed that the location detection of the lost device is active, which can be activated in the Android Device Manager. Unfortunately, with other apps, this seems to be quite complicated if you want to track your phone.

Lost mobile phone? The new methods for tracking

So what should be done if the location detection is not active or even deliberately disabled? Luckily, there are alternatives like our specially designed app for lost or stolen devices. This app uses a method that is currently used only by mobile operators. It determines the location of the device concerned by the so-called “triangulation” of the GSM signal transmission between the smartphone and the surrounding radio towers!

The big advantage of this method is the independence of positioning by GPS. As long as your smartphone is not completely switched off, this method can reliably determine the location of the smartphone. And this situation is almost always there!

You will find your smartphone again, whether you forgot it in the office or in the restaurant. We show you the exact location on the map – whether with active location detection or without!

Mobile lost places with GSM instead of GPS

Where is the mobile phone? The strength of our app is that no GPS is used to locate the mobile phone. We use the GSM signal because it is constantly transmitted from any smartphone with a SIM card. It does not matter in which operator network the whole thing takes place. The problem with GPS is that it is very easy to disable. The GSM signal transmission, however, runs continuously and even at low reception strength.

It is no coincidence that law enforcement agencies rely on GSM-based positioning to detect mobile phones related to crime. The GSM signal transmission is pretty much the last feature that someone wants to turn off in a cell phone to stay reasonably usable.

Mobile away? How WiFi connections help

The aspect of WiFi connections is often neglected, if not completely overlooked, in the localization of mobile phones. Whenever a smartphone connects to the Internet via a local network, it leaves “data cookies” on the device. Our tracking app allows you to search cookies to find information about the location of the smartphone. Where is the mobile phone? You can always do it.

Protection of personal data

Whenever the Internet is mentioned, the concerns about the protection of personal data are not far from it. Leaked private data has already caused many disasters. We store all questionable cookies and personal files on highly secure servers. This provides a high level of security for the data on the localized device and for you personally, even if the phone is lost.

Where is the mobile phone? Values ​​and mission

The location of GPS phones is based on three basic principles: safety, sincerity and experience.

The app meets meticulously all the usual safety standards. The high-security servers used offer the greatest possible protection against attacks; there is no transfer of data to third parties.

Sincerity is just as important. Our app makes no false promises, as with other 08/15 apps, because we make nails with heads!

Because experience is simply irreplaceable. Our app is based on a protocol that was not yet implemented in another app at the time of release. So far, smartphone users could only benefit from this location method in exceptional cases by applying to the mobile operator. Our app is the product of experienced software engineers who are experts in the field of mobile positioning.

Further application areas for mobile radio location

Our app offers in addition to the smartphone tracking function some useful additional functions when the phone is gone. Keep track of your loved ones’ smartphones to stay up to date. For example, you can make sure that your children are where they need to be, which can give you a lot of security. In fact, this was the original purpose of tracking apps like this one. Even good friends can have more direct contact with each other.

Last but not least, the app is also interesting for company owners and their employees. Make sure everything runs smoothly and delivers your drivers on time. Of course, you should always inform your employees that they are being followed by you at work!

It is possible to completely switch off the GPS location of the smartphone without affecting the tracking function. This is an advantage as it can save a lot of battery life. Of course, you can force your staff to turn on location detection, but we do not think that is necessary.

The development of mobile tracking

Only a few years ago it was only a matter of experienced hackers and intelligence agents to find a lost phone. When the first tracking apps came on the market, it was impossible to find the phones. These apps were inaccurate. In addition, tracking services were very expensive.

Fortunately, this has changed fundamentally in the meantime: Nowadays, everyone can find a stolen smartphone in no time! With this powerful tool in your hand, you should also take a few precautions.

Where is the mobile phone? The law enforcement

Lost phone, what to do? After a theft, your first step should be to become a friend and helper so that further steps can be taken.

Unnecessary risks when the phone is gone

Just because you have successfully tracked the smartphone should not encourage you to find the thief yourself! If you’ve just left your Samsung in the restaurant, that’s different. If in doubt, contact the local staff. But when it comes to theft, risky situations can quickly arise. The thief could have sold the stolen smartphone long ago or there is a whole gang behind it! Using our tracking app is pretty easy. The app does not bother you with technical issues.

How to use our app

Lost phone what to do? Using our GPS tracking app is pretty easy. The app does not bother you with technical details and opaque configuration menus. Expert knowledge in this area is absolutely not required. In essence, the company uses a private satellite behind the app to track just about every mobile phone in the world. For you this happens fully automatically.

Basically, the satellite is available to anyone who has the technical means and know-how. Fortunately, you now have our app, so you do not have to worry about the entire space technology behind it!

You must enter the phone number of the mobile phone on our website, including the country code, to use our tracking app. You can also choose from the dropdown menu. The app goes through two phases during the tracking process. The whole process may take a few minutes until the position finally appears on the screen.

Cell phone lost locate it properly!

Maybe your smartphone is in a familiar, private location with little public traffic. It could be between the sofa cushions at home or in the conference room of your company. Now all you have to do is find your smartphone. Some apps also allow you to ring the phone remotely. This can often be very useful.

It could also be in a different location. Be it your favorite restaurant, your university library or the gym where you are a member. The hope remains that a finder will hand your phone directly to the employees. You should not let it go. Not every finder is a good Samaritan!

One drawback is when the smartphone is in a location that is unknown to you. In this case you should ask the commissioners for help, because the smartphone certainly did not arrive there by itself. Because no matter who brought it there, this person does not seem to have the intention to return it to its rightful owner!

But tracking down your lost smartphone will not cost you a penny thanks to technological advances. You do not have to worry about this sentence: lost phone what to do? Because now you know what you can do about it.

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