Loving birthday wishes for children

Loving birthday wishes for children

Birthday wishes for children

When the little ones have a birthday among us, this is truly something very special: in addition to a delicious birthday cake, there are colorful balloons, funny streamers, lots of great games and lots of fun. However, what should not be missing despite everything loving birthday wishes for children to their great day of honor, which is always an exciting event for the little ones …

But how is one supposed to Birthday congratulations for children look exactly? How do you best congratulate a little child on his birthday? In any case, birthday wishes for children should be easy to understand, loving and heartfelt; short and concise is sufficient in any case. It is best to write the birthday lines on a child-friendly birthday card, which is designed with a loving motif.

We at www.geburtagswuensche-24.com did a little research and put together a small collection of beautiful and suitable birthday words for children to congratulate and congratulate. Just take a look around and find all sorts of expressive lines for the birthday of the little ones among us …

Instead of a cake, I’ll give you nice words. But don’t worry, birthday child, the gift will follow very quickly.

I know about a little mouse, today there’s a birthday feast for you. So I wish you the very best, for your colorful children’s party.

We congratulate with cakes, games and gifts because we all think of you on your birthday.

We congratulate with cakes, games and gifts because we all think of you on your birthday.

For your birthday there are balloons, chocolate and gifts for you because I like to think of you.

We wish you sunshine for your birthday. Every day of your childhood should be something special.

Dear …, today you’re a birthday boy,
I hope that everyone is very kind to you.
It ends with waiting
today’s the kids party in your garden!!
Many children come to visit you
and feast on ice cream and cake with you.
Everyone wants to make you happy
and you pop soda corks.
Enjoy the day, it’s over too quickly
I hope you enjoy it!!

Happy Birthday, XXXX, little man
What you can do at 2 years old!!

Exquisitely cover the breakfast table,
Wake up mom and dad in the morning,

Have fun in kindergarten,
Painting with finger paints,

Make up colorful, like a smartie
but today your party is rising

Well, the little man is growing up,
he grows out of mom’s lap

Your birthday is celebrated, motley
and I hope you always stay happy and healthy.

Hello birthday child – sweet sunshine,
2 years ago today you suddenly entered our life.

We loved to welcome you
and are still completely dazed by you today.

In the meantime you have become a real rascal
There will soon be a medal for chattering and mischief

For today we wish you many dear guests and lots of cakes
We look forward to a great day with you and would be happy to visit you.

A twin rarely comes alone,
it should be like this again today.
You have reason to celebrate and not just once.
Birthday two is up today.
The guests appeared in large numbers
and crowd in the hallway.
There are two flowers and gifts.
Eating and drinking are easily enough for everyone.
We celebrate our birthday twice
in one day.
The party couldn’t be nicer.
A twin rarely comes alone.

What did i hear? Well, that’s really true?
My little one. will actually be six years!
This is really great news,
that’s why I have a huge surprise for you, of course.
Have a lot of fun today, with friends big and small
and remain our sweet sunshine even at six!

As of today you are four,
that’s why we celebrate with you!
Beat the pot and run the eggs,
Eat sausages to catch your breath.
There are all sorts of gifts,
We wish you lots of fun.

Today is your big day,
that every child likes so much.
We wish you luck from the heart
and carefree laughter.
You should have the new year of life
always a lot of fun.

It’s always nice to have a birthday,
I want to be 16 again.
You are, that is clear to everyone,
today the absolute star.
Music, dance and gifts,
and everything I think about.
I wish you that for your party,
the other guests do the rest.

Decorate yourself with external things,
that is truly not an art.
You should look at your inside,
these values ​​are in favor.
Outer tand may give you shine –
the inner values ​​in life count.
Best wishes for your new year

Hello dear birthday boy, hello sunshine!
Today x years ago you entered our life.
We are happy to welcome you
and are still completely taken over by you.
A day without you would be sad and dreary –
because you are very special!
Happy Birthday!

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