Lyrics – ingas garten

The animals

Everyone loves rabbits

Stubby tails, long ears and a beautiful gray fur.
So everyone is born, happily bouncing around the world.

Look like little rabbits, but mostly only in large flocks,
they can race like the big ones, that’s what rabbits are for.

Hoppel, hoppel, hoppel, hoppel, … – Rabbit!
Fidget, fidget, fidget, fidget, … – in the stomach!
Everyone loves rabbits,
that’s why human children fidget too.

But if we have some clover in a meadow
have found, we stand still
and eagerly, quietly and secretly piling up everything.

Life in the forest and on the meadows,
but far too clever for the hunter.
Let’s sleep, out of caution,
in a widely ramified building.

We dig deep into the ground,
We never get out of here.
But someone comes to get us,
let’s go out of an emergency exit.

Burrow, burrow, burrow, burrow, … – Rabbit!
Fidget, fidget, fidget, fidget, … – in the stomach!
Everyone loves rabbits,
that’s why human children dig too.

But when we see something in a meadow,
that scares us, we stand still
and sit out secretly, quietly and quietly.

Hoppel, hoppel, hoppel, hoppel, … – Rabbit!
Everyone loves rabbits!
Everyone loves rabbits!

At home with mouse

Secretly, quietly and quietly,
in a silent way,
we have always lived side by side with you humans.

Wherever you live there is always food:
Ham, cheese, bread and butter.
Be sure, yes, thank you for that!

Make little mouse feet: Trippeltrappel, trippeltrappel, trippeltrappel – behind the door!
Send you a greeting, say: Trippeltrappel, trippeltrappel, trippeltrappel – Thank you!
Let’s be with you. Trippeltrappel, trippeltrappel, trippeltrappel – are so happy to be with you!
Just do us a favor – lock up the cat!

In your fields and orchards
you can enjoy life.
Also in your herb gardens, wonderful – oh yes.

Vegetables, fruits and cereals drive us out of boredom.
There’s always something to eat here, it’s like nuts –
also the delicious seafood from your super fishing cutters!

Mice are closely related to you humans,
It has almost always been like this and it will always be that way.
We found a real friend in humans,
we appreciate that and will be eternally grateful.
Culture tracker of your civilization,
because if we smell the food, we will come.

Tripping and pounding, mouths licked.
The table is set for us like a dream.
Almost only take the leftovers, the best remains for you.
So everything is perfect for mice and humans.
We pound and snatch the prey swiftly,
grab our cheeks quickly because we’re mice,
if the kitties with their nasty paws
Don’t make the festival go bad, also quickly go away.

The deer hurts

This story that I want to tell you sounds rather strange,
but she’s not laughable.
So listen carefully, I’ll give you good advice:
Always clean your teeth!

You can hear their teeth grinding in deer and deer,
no good tooth can withstand this for a very long time.
Little crunch, better cleaning, so you can use them longer,
because a badly cared for tooth will fall out.

The deer hurts – oh hurt, oh hurt! I don’t think that’s ok!
The deer hurts – oh hurt, oh hurt! No matter how I turn and rotate,
because without brushing your teeth you get a very similar problem.
Animals cannot go to the dentist.

The teeth of the old deer usually hurt,
what would the animal give only for new teeth.
Because at all there is this tooth abrasion problem
the reason that our deer don’t live very long.

Therefore, as with deer, avoid grinding your teeth constantly,
no good tooth can withstand this for a very long time.
Little crunch, better cleaning, so you can use them longer,
because a badly cared for tooth will fall out.

The deer hurts … (2x)

And when you finally discover a small hole in the tooth
if you go to the dentist, he’ll make it go away.
And instead of being afraid of it, think about it next time,
that poor deer can no longer chew.

The deer hurts …

Up and down and in circles – we brush our teeth every day.
Up and down and in circles – although nobody really likes it.
Up and down and in circles – at least twice a day.
Up and down!

Up and down …

Then it doesn’t hurt!

Emil Eichhorn

Nuts, Nuts, Nuts, Nuts Nuts, Nuts, Nuts,
i like nuts, nuts, nuts, nuts, nuts i like!

Emil is my name and I live in the trees,
Penguins can only dream of a life like this.
I can climb like no monkey in this world
and I live in the woods because I like it so much.

Nuts, nuts, nuts .

Emil is my name – maybe you guess what I am,
because I always have in mind the collection of delicious nuts.
I know I’m not the tallest and not the smallest,
but many animals would like to be so nimble and fluffy.

Nuts, nuts, nuts .

I have to collect nuts because winter will be hard,
that’s why a few nuts are still buried in summer.
I also pack beechnuts and acorns with me,
this will be a huge treat for me in winter.

Those that I can no longer find become when I dream,
with a bit of luck, beautiful trees next year.
I’ll climb on them and I’ll jump from branch to branch,
if I don’t collect nuts now, the chance is missed!

Nuts, nuts, nuts .

I’ll come home with my cheeks full of nuts,
then my dear wife welcomes me with a hundred thousand kisses.
And she says "My dear Emil, oh, I love you so much!
Come be so nice and bring me a lot more nuts! "

Nuff, nuff, nuff .

I have to collect nuts because winter will be hard .

Nuts, nuts, nuts .

Flappy, the bat

I’m Flappy, the little bat,
yes, I know I look pretty dark.
With my black tailcoat I’m hanging upside down from the tree,
so I can me the whole Looking at the world upside down.
I have a right tooth and a left tooth,
usually they only bother me when drinking.
Because I don’t like blood, yes, I only drink milk, I’m a cute little bat!

I’m Flappy, the little bat,
when it gets dark I fly out into the night.
Whiz around between bushes and trees,
when all little human babies are dreaming.
I love the dark, the moon and all the stars,
that sparkle so beautifully in the endlessly far distance.
Flutter ’back and forth, up and down, even so fast, I am a flutter whirlwind!

Mom says we drink blood and sometimes eat a fly,
but I can’t do that because I love all beings.

The badger, the mouse, the stork, the fox, the birds and the bees,
and I especially love the fluffy rabbits.

And I like all the little animals and insects ’,
would be a shame if they were my prey.

I’m Flappy, the little bat,
fly with sonar, I already have it installed.
So I can see without glasses,
how it works is very easy to understand.
Use my sweet pointed ears to navigate,
so no impact fly accident can happen to me.
And so I call out into the night: I’m Flappy, the little bat!

And I ask: Are you coming out to play??
I’m Flappy, the little bat!
And I never run out of breath.
I’m Flappy, the little bat!
But when the night is over, I fly home.
I’m Flappy, the little bat!
I am not Kevin, Justin, Torben and not Santa Claus either.
I’m Flappy, the little bat.

Potpourri frog pond

Once there was a tree frog on the meadow – croak!
And this was just as green as this – quack!
Four feet with such suction cups on it – quack!
So that he can climb well – quack!

Once upon a time there was a fat fat toad – quack!
She always liked to play the flute – quack!
Her back was covered with warts – quack!
She played her flute early to late – quack!

Quack, quack, quack – dear, long day, day, day!
Always, always only: croak, croak, croak!
As every frog likes it!

The moor frog has a very special gift – quack!
He wears blue color for the wedding – quack!
The moor frog depends on good clothing – quack!
It’s nice when you can turn blue – quack!

Once there was a jumping frog in a clearing – quack!
It was wonderful for poetry – quack!
The feet and thighs were broad – quack!
So he not only liked to jump but also far – quack!

Once upon a time there was a cute yellow-bellied toad – quack!
Most of all she liked lettuce with tunk quack!
Peppers, but only in yellow, and they liked corn too – quack!
Did they look exactly like their tummy – quack!

Once there was a sea frog laughing loudly – croak!
They say they do things like that – quack!
All frogs croaked loudly with all their might – croak!
Only the little sea frog, he just laughed out loud – croak!

A water frog splashing around in the lake – quack!
Then his legs suddenly hurt – quack!
His body was a really small, delicate – quack!
He had muscle soreness from swimming – quack!

The stork came in one day – quack!
The frog squeak was quickly over.
And the stork only shrugged once,
every frog has already ducked away.


Come and follow my light, see my night glow.
I destroy fear of the dark, so that beautiful dreams bloom for you.

See the glow, its shimmer, how it illuminates your way.
And so we always sparkle so that you like the night.

You see little dancing lanterns in the dark.
We are the firefly family,
light up in summer time.

At night, it is said, all beings are gray and have no color.
But not us, you can see it, we glow into the night.

Blue and green iridescent colors dance under the moonlight.
We give you your dreams, our gifts, little imp.

You see little dancing lanterns in the dark.
We are the firefly family,
light up in summer time.

Bumblebee, the bumblebee

The other animals say I’m chubby – chubby
But I don’t care and still I fly – I fly
I don’t fit my body in flowers – flowers in
I just bite a tiny hole – hole in it

The bees tell us we are not very elegant
and are not known all over the country like Maja.
And yet we are also a little bit ahead of the bees,
because bumblebees swarm out even in bad weather.

The bee likes it warm, only flies in sunshine – sunshine
And if it is too cold for her, she stops work – stops work
It shows again what the great bumblebee can do – the bumblebee can
Because bumblebees have the thicker jackets on – jackets on

Bees are the first choice when pollinating,
but without bumblebees it would be a pain for bees too.
That we have bumblebees, and so every bee child knows,
are the specialists for cold weather.

The bumblebee is a real workhorse – a workhorse
And yet it is too much work here for bumblebees – too much work here
The bees are so hardworking and so many more – so many more
So we really need the help from the bees – please

You humans should know what the bee is doing for you!
And we bumblebees are also good for your garden harvest!
Because without our work you look pretty sad
– humans can only be with bumblebees and bees!

No fruit and no vegetables would grow without us,
because for pollination you need our art of pollination.
Together you are stronger and so we are committed
– humans can only be with bees and bumblebees!

That’s why we should always be good friends!

You can only live with bees and us bumblebees!

Is it true, Mr. Adebar?

If you human see me how I sit on that top, roof
and you say about me i’m bringing babies at night,
then I feel honored and I have to say it’s really nice!

I know not every animal that shares the world with you,
is given so much honor from a human perspective.
It would be nicer if the animal generally had a higher value!

The fox has always stolen the goose,
the wolf openly chases grandma in the forest,
and you better avoid the bat deep in the night.

Do you also believe every gossip that people tell themselves?,
because he prefers to choose fairy tales rather than truths,
and you humans get your babies yourself!

Black cat at night always brought you mischief,
from the left or the right – have never laughed like this!
But the fluffy animal usually can’t help it.

If the donkey does not do what man wants from it
is he stupid or stubborn – come on, be quiet!
Better invest time in the bond he has with you.

You can smooch a frog, but nothing comes out of it,
except slimy lips and it looks stupid.
But there’s never a date with a prince.

Do you really believe in dragons and the dwarfs to sieve?,
that there is sunshine through an empty plate?
Isn’t the time for all the fairy tales finally over??

And the witches on brooms are called Harry Potter today,
can still do magic, only they fly faster,
and the rest in between is only imagination.

Imagination is nice, that’s what I meant,
when it combines peace and joy for everyone.
But a threat, for whoever, really shouldn’t be!

Captain swan

Even if I’m ready forever at sea,
she remains my love for life.
My safe haven at home,
I always want to be with her.

The waves of life, they carry me away,
through rough seas and to every place.
Her white robe pulls me home,
I always want to be with her.

I’m Captain Swan – Ahoy!
And she knows how happy I am,
if after a long trip, often for days,
I can stay with her.

I’m Captain Swan – Ade!
Wherever the sea blows me,
I stay with you, my dear,
true forever, your captain swan!

Your face appears to me in the cloud play,
her smile accompanies me to every destination.
It blows up my sails with luck,
if always her heart calls me back.

Her lovely neck with a delicate head,
their wings as noble as stolen from angels.
My safe haven at home,
I always want to be with her.

I’m Captain Swan …

The waves of life, they carry me away,
through rough seas and to every place.
It blows up my sails with luck,
if always her heart calls me back.

I’m Captain Swan – Ahoy!
And she knows how happy I am,
if after a long trip, often for days,
I can stay with her.

I’m captain, captain swan!
If you want you can go with them,
then you are always with me and I with you,
I’m your captain, captain swan!

Kellerassel cleanup Polka

I and my friends sit under every stone,
munch, eat, stuff all the rubbish in us.

We have been unchanged in the world for thousands of years,
actually there are millions, but I don’t know anyone who counts so far.
Are not cute, but peaceful and of great value to you.
Why are we still being denied your attention?

We clean up! – You have to be like a woodlouse.
We clear out! – This is how the children’s room gets in.
The dirt has to get out! – And if possible not back in.

With all the cleanup mess, it takes a hard-working woodlouse,
come clean up! – Because cleaning up never stops!

Clean up, clean up, clean up again and again!
Tidy up, tidy up, always tidy this up!

Rotten wood and old leaves: delicious, deliciously fine!
Everything here must be sparkling clean and beautifully in order.

This is how the soil gets its nutrients back,
that we have wood lice is very lucky for you!

We are the best cleaning column that is here on earth.
It’s funny that nobody loves us for that.
Are not cute, but peaceful and of great value to you.
Why are we still denied your gratitude??

We have been for thousands of years …

With all the tidying up mess is a hardworking woodlouse,
never give up! – Then the cleaning up may stop!

Crow Band Blues

This is our tree and we keep it occupied.
This is our crow’s nest alone.
All of our buddies are there – Krah, Krah, Krah!

Only those who have black feathers can be with us here.
With a nice crow’s beak and two black crow’s legs.
We are so wonderfully unmistakable – Krah, Krah, Krah!

Because all other birds are far too colorful for us crows
and we are making that loudly known.
And as a crow I tell you what I mean: Ey you bird – pull a leash!

We rented the wisdom and we are clever.
And we are always ready for any prank.
Crows are just wonderful – Krah, Krah, Krah!

We are not afraid of cars on the highway.
We use them to crack nuts when they drive over them.
And sometimes there’s something tasty, flat-out there – Krah, Krah, Krah!

Because all other birds we know are super smart.
We know that people can be helpful.
And every crow learns from her mother: Where people – there is food!

Krah, Krah, Krah – Krah, Krah, Krah!
We crows are the coolest birds.
We crows, we are simply unbeatable.
We say: Krah, Krah, Krah – Krah, Krah, Krah!

We never hang out alone, together we are strong.
Even if the buzzard comes to our tree in the park,
then he flies back to where he was – Krah, Krah, Krah!

Pigeons hunt here in the park, that’s great fun.
And even if they fight back, yes, we will make them wet.
We are the bosses of the air, is that finally clear? – Krah, Krah, Krah!

Because all other birds are no competition.
For crows, life is an infinitely beautiful spring.
You weird birds, I’ll tell you what I mean: we crows make you legs!

Krah, Krah, Krah – Krah, Krah, Krah!
We crows are the coolest birds.
We crows, we are simply unbeatable.
We say: Krah, Krah, Krah – Krah, Krah, Krah!

I can also say it politely to you: Hey, I’m asking you – make a parakeet!
Whether woodpecker and sparrow, blackbird, thrush, finch and star – Krah, Krah, Krah!
Come on take off, nobody will miss you here – you can never compare yourself to us!

Leander Salamander

Leander – Leander
I am also called the fire salamander.
Better not touch me and please never touch me,
because it can burn like fire on the delicate skin of children.

I am not angry and I am not mean either,
I just much prefer to be alone with myself.
That’s why I live in the woods where there are no people,
am someone who loves moisture and loneliness so much.

My skin is black and yellow and that should be a sign to you.
I don’t want to play with you, please leave me alone.

I only go out when it is raining or when the fog is moving,
that’s why I’m rarely seen.
During the day I go to sleep under my favorite stone,
then enjoy the good time to be alone with me.

My skin is black and yellow and that should be a sign to you.
I’m guaranteed not a petting animal, please let it be petted.

I come out of the water and then I pull ashore,
that’s why I’m also known as an amphibian in the animal kingdom.
I live a long life if you don’t take it early,
because an unshakable spark of life glows in me.

Even if I lose a foot in a fight,
then it simply grows back to me, then I have four again.

dragonflies journeyman

Passionate dragonflies whisper softly love songs.
Blazing, loving call for joyful love fliers.
Lovely ladies listen to loving poetry.
Leave boring life behind, prefer lifelong love!

Don’t be afraid of us dragonflies,
feel free to join us,
even if we have a sting,
but only for burying eggs.

Don’t be afraid of us dragonflies,
flying, happy fellows.
Love is in our name.
Dragonflies – for millions of years.

Flawless love sounds provide mild lightness
joyful messengers of love, hymns of praise, signs of life.
Loud advertising of love alleviates lovesickness nothing.
Let complain, rather detached loveliness.

Have no fear …

Love makes dragonflies smile, softly lisp love songs.
Casual aerial acrobats, loving aviators of love.
Kindnesses make love live longer.
Dragonflies whisper softly to dragonflies’ love songs.

Have no fear …

Turn off your cell phone

Turn off your cell phone and open your eyes
and see the world is so beautiful!
Don’t always hang on, because technology can
never look so nice!

No, you don’t need it when you’re outside,
to watch constantly.
That you have it with you is enough of a burden,
come on, see it will work without a cell phone.

Talk to trees or sometimes to animals,
if you’ve never done it, you can give it a try.
Or just go out spontaneously in the rain,
then you’ll notice our beautiful environment in a completely different way.

Turn off your cell phone .

You won’t miss a thing when you’re offline,
nature and you alone.
Come enjoy the rest, listen to the birds,
you don’t always have to be available.

Technology can help us, unfortunately it can also disturb us,
that’s why you shouldn’t always swear by love technology.
Experience comes from life and it is hardly possible with a cell phone,
the virtual world is just a wonderful dream.

Turn off your cell phone .

This has only been the case for a few years now,
as if it were normal.
But some think that it steers too much
and so it quickly becomes torture.

Even outside you can see people with computers in hand.
Are you really known with your friends??
We’ll all be lonely if it continues like this,
because everyone only sees their neighbor in their technique.


And then I jump into the puddle, do it: splash, splash!
My wet feet on the floor: Patsch, patsch!
With the pamp on my hands I do: Flatsch, flatsch!
Play the dear, long day so much in the mud, mud!

It must be the same, damp and happy as a lurch.
I look like pig, but mom has to go through there.
So afterwards you go to the bathroom, she washes the pampe.
I haven’t had such a nice mud pamp fun for a long time!
Haven’t had a nice muddy pamp day for a long time!

Mom says: "Put on the old clothes!"
And she looks at me so omniscient again.
"I’m not getting dirty," I then tell her,
and then meet my friends at the garden door.

It rained yesterday – puddles everywhere!
There’s something nicer to do than play with the ball.
You also have to be first on the occasion,
I hear myself say and jump into the mud!

And then I jump into the puddle …

Flitsch, flatsch, pitsch, plsch – the goo is running out of my nose, out of my ears.
Grin very broadly and I fall into the next puddle, make funny clay figures.
This is the best adhesive structure for mud pump angels:
One part water and three parts earth. If I get dirty from ugh, ugh no trace.
Everything is just nature! I don’t have to eat the slush, slush.
And if it gets too cold for me, I quickly run quickly back into the warm home
and stay cozy at home. If I don’t get sick, I can get out tomorrow.

Dad says: "Today is super beautiful sunshine.
Invite your friends to our garden. "
We grill, play, catch and we have fun on the grass.
In the sunshine, something like that is even more fun!

The thermometer is working over 30 degrees,
it’s going to be tough in our garden without a swimming pool.
"Cooling down is important!" Says Dad, after all.
And make a muddy puddle with the garden hose.

And then I jump into the puddle …

Human mole

You don’t see me – but you know that it was me.
You don’t like me – but I don’t care.

Man sees fresh earth piled up on a mountain
and calls it vandalism – I call it my daily work!
Man thinks that he hangs on his beautiful meadow,
but the problem is that he thinks superficially!

You don’t want me – see digging in your garden.
But you can’t get me – because for that you would have to go deep.

You try every antidote inventively,
But violence doesn’t solve a problem either, so you won’t get me out of here.
It seems to me that you are even ready for the extreme,
in the fight with me for your superficiality.

A mole has to do what a mole likes to do.
And besides, my work is good for the soil.
Man, don’t come on like that. I did not do anything to you!

You only have to endure it bravely.
I’m sorry, a mole has to dig!

I don’t see anything – but that doesn’t bother me either.
You don’t like me – and shouts: "What does my garden look like?"

I am useful and natural, your meadow is strange.
You make yourself wide on this earth, aggressive and uninhibited.
You humans really think you are here all by yourself.
But our earth is not yours alone!

A mole has to do …

No asking, begging, whining or asking will help.
I’m sorry, a mole has to dig!

So we are moles, what can I say?
I’m sorry, a mole has to dig!

I’m sorry, a mole has to dig!

Owl’s night song

Moonlight – how beautiful it breaks through the trees.
Don’t be afraid and don’t be afraid, I watch over you.

Darkness – no more bright light far and wide.
Do not fear loneliness, I have time for you.

Fatigue – spreads in all limbs.
If she announces bedtime, dear child, the time has come.

Deep night-day work has long been done.
Night patrol has woken up, guarding you with all your might.

Star shine – so shine for the elf dance.
A round dance full of elegance, compassion and tolerance.

Darkness – the bat with its bite.
Just don’t be afraid, trust me, owl call protect you.

Morning light – how beautiful it breaks through the trees.
Now my shift is over, a new day awaits you!

Not bad Mister Specht!

Hello Mr. Woodpecker, that’s bad,
what does the tree say – does it care??
Why are you tapping holes in there?
you don’t want to be a tree with you!
Yes, you think that’s correct, Mr. Specht?!

Excuse me, now listen to me:
I want to live here and I need a house.
I’m only doing it here in this tree,
just expand my living space
and build the nursery in no time!

Well, ok, I see, I see,
but it doesn’t hurt your head?
They hit this tribe non-stop,
how you can’t get a headache,
is what I don’t understand ’oh hurt!

It’s not a problem, it’s a system,
can see my strong neck muscles.
In addition, my brain is stuck in my head,
so I hardly feel any vibration under my head.
Can you understand the whole thing now – and go?!

I see it, that sounds nice,
but hammering must last forever?
Because you don’t stop when the room is ready,
hammering, knocking, chiseling, with a smile on your face,
must this noise be so – so mean?!

Don’t you understand, you little imp?,
because I can’t find my food without drilling!
The thick larvae under the bark are fine,
are supposed to be my lunch,
my favorite favorite – don’t you understand?!

All right, Mr. Specht, that doesn’t sound bad,
They are probably doing their job rightly!
Protect from the bark beetle soon,
our popular forest.
I just say: Not bad, not bad – Herr Specht!

Rocky, the earthworm

I’m not a pretty thing, like a butterfly,
but that doesn’t really matter to me in the ground!
I don’t need feathers, my ways are not far,
because only when it’s raining can I get out of the earth.

Because I’m Rocky, the earthworm, digging around in the earth,
loosen the soil to keep it fertile.
I am a blessing for agriculture that makes people feel full and happy.
The question of whether you like worms is unfortunately always answered in the negative.

I don’t need eyesight, you don’t see anything in the dark,
dear dear god’s got something to do with it!
I don’t have ears either, they’re just a hindrance,
he made me the very best tunnel digger.

Think before you tell others
and torment them with your idea of ​​beauty.
Everyone looks the way she and he does.
We are all right, and that’s really good!

I don’t have hair, so wonderful,
like fox and badger and all bears in the world.
I’m not walking around freely and I don’t need feet anymore.
I crawl through the floor where I like it better anyway!

I like it damp and moldy, I don’t need to look good.
I am almost perfect for this living space.
But bad tongues say I can’t stand it
and would have just hid myself deep in the ground because of that.

Think before you tell others .


And I flutter through the area and I sing sing sing sing
as a colorful butterfly!
I don’t have anything else in mind mind sense sense – just fly somewhere!

The time as a caterpillar is over bye bye bye
now i can fly and am free, free free free!
That’s how I come to you bye bye bye – fly through the area and sing!

Look at all these colors, beautiful blue, I’m so happy about this color show,
iridescent yellow and also a little bit of purple there, oh, what colors are wonderful here in life.
A little green, it can also be a little brownish, what would life be without this bright color?
And this red, oh, how I fell in love with you, how lucky that it is all the beautiful colors
there on earth. Purple, again and again, the beautiful lilac, I never sing my songs here again as a caterpillar,
I enjoy my life as a beautiful butterfly, fly through the air and I sing!

And I flutter through the area .

I love the summer, all the lush green, looks like the summer will never pass.
Turquoise is not nasty to me, because I enjoy watching this frenzy of colors.
There’s no question of whether I like them, the colors I wear, day after day.
Give me more olive, definitely, really deep brown is wonderful to look at.
Brilliant white and like black in contrast, without the two you really missed something.
Azure, you beautiful blue, I want you pure and without gray.

And I flutter through the area .

Violet is really too nice not to notice it on the way.
Cheers to those who invented the splendor of colors.
And then pink, mention yourself in prose, your magic really so true,
makes me indescribably happy, yes!
I also really love delicious ocher, it just simply knocks me off my stool.
But the sum of all the colors here outdoors makes me almost scream with joy and delight.
That’s why I prefer to sing my little song here – man!
That also goes down well with dear neighbors – then!

And I flutter through the area .

snails waltz

Everyone can run and hurry quickly,
rush and hunt as fast as the wind.
But let me tell you, much more will be done,
if you consider: the strength lies in the calm.

Look, look, look, yes, because I know exactly,
all of life is a game
and I’m slowly getting to the finish.

Hurry with a while, for what all the hurry?
You have never missed anything in life.
Time is just a stretchy word,
once you become aware of it, it is gone.

Look, look, look, yes, because I know exactly,
all of life is a game
and I’m slowly getting to the finish.

Stress is so human, I don’t have that,
Arriving relaxed is more important.
The path remains the same and stress costs strength.
The route is also done with comfort.

Look, look, look, yes, because I know exactly,
all of life is a game
and I’m slowly getting to the finish.

spinning disco

Everyone is afraid of me,
but I’m just a tiny little animal.
Sit on the ceiling and hardly move,
listen and dream my big dream.

Because I would love to go dancing,
dancing would be wonderful.
But unfortunately I have never seen a spider disco anywhere!

I would circle my hip and wiggle my butt.
I would move my many little legs – anyway.
Take a closer look, I am the way I am.
Anyone who just wants to dance is guaranteed to have no evil in mind.

If you see me in your apartment again
I would like you to understand me.
Sit in the corner and listen to the music,
because music is only available to people.

I would circle …

Stephan Stachelball

Schmatz schmatz sniffing slurping slurping,
if I walk through the hedge, it can happen,
that you can hear me from a distance, because I’m not quiet,
that is significant for me and other hedgehogs!

Smack smack sniff sniff – I’m a hedgehog, not a mouse!
Schmatz schmatz Bang on a case – I’m Stephan Stachelball!

Schmatz schmatz sniffing slurping slurping,
if someone wants to eat me, they can only lose,
I have a lot of stings and I carry them around with me,
roll me to the barbed ball and then he looks pretty stupid!

Smack smack sniff sniff – I’m a hedgehog, not a mouse .

There are many differences between humans and animals,
you have rules and manners – I’ll save them!
Burping, pounding, smacking, slobbering – you can’t do all that,
but if nobody sees you doing it, you do it like me!

Schmatz schmatz sniffing slurping slurping,
find snails in your garden that interest me,
because snails are my favorite dish and there are many of them,
delicious slug snail slime – exactly how I love it!

Smack smack sniff sniff – I’m a hedgehog, not a mouse .

Schmatz schmatz sniffing slurping slurping,
but that should never happen to you when you eat,
because mom doesn’t like it when you hear your smack,
because it only disturbs other people when eating!

Smack smack sniff sniff – I’m a hedgehog, not a mouse .

There are many differences between .

Schmatz schmatz sniffing slurping slurping,
but that’s not for hedgehogs, so I’ll ignore it,
so I smile around loudly when I find something tasty,
The hedgehog can only smack – every child knows that!

Smack smack sniff sniff – I’m a hedgehog, not a mouse .


I am a little millipede boy and I like
roam the woods with daddy all day.
And every year he then asks me again,
what he can give mom for his wedding anniversary this year.

You know exactly what millipede mothers like to have,
if you can’t figure it out yourself I can tell you again.
Just remember your last anniversary,
what did mom say to you??

My dear, thank you so much
for all the nice new millipede shoes in my closet.
I’m looking forward to seeing you,
when we walk around the houses tonight on two thousand feet.
All alone me and you,
and my brand new thousand millipede shoe ’.
Beautiful and sparkling clean – my dear, thank you so much!

When I was walking alone with mom once
and she saw the favorite shoes in the village in the shop window,
I knew then that Papa was right
with new millipede shoes for the anniversary.

My dear sweetheart …

Then Christmas came closer to the calendar,
my mom sneaked up to me pretty helpless.
What can I give my dad? – I gave her my advice:
What did papa tell you last year??

My dear, thank you so much
for all the nice warm millipede socks here in the closet.
I’m looking forward to putting them on,
when icy cold winds pull through the forests and meadows.
During winter hiking only with you
and my super warm millipede socks under me.
So I’m guaranteed not to get sick – my dear, thank you so much!

Raccoon or hand bear?

Hello, my name is the raccoon
and I’m happy to see you.
I lived in America for a long time,
but it was time to go on the trip!

So I came here and found it pronounced
worth living in your republic.
It’s so peaceful, beautiful and delicious food
I find it here every moment!

And then they say I always wash my food
– this interpretation is incredible!
I’m just very smart with my hands,
in captivity I don’t have much to do anyway,
I admit, I’ll do it already.

They call me raccoon
– that’s really ridiculous!
Hand bear doesn’t sound bad
– then I would have my name rightly!

Yes, it’s true, I also really like the water,
that’s in my living space.
But cleaning, rinsing, scrubbing or washing
is really unimportant to the free raccoon.

It looks like that, I really have to say that,
because I can catch crabs with my hands.
But always to soften my food,
I don’t even start in freedom.

And then they say I always wash my food .

They call me raccoon .

We rabbits

When the morning dew moves through the meadows
we return to our residential area,
where you can usually only see us dozing during the day,
because we are drawn to the fields at night.

Rabbit’s worst enemy: carelessness,
that’s why we move in the dark.
Only the stupid does not flee at the right time,
when the hunter comes, only speed counts.

We rabbits can run, run, race,
hit the hook with long legs,
and so we hurry away, away.

We wear fur without a collar,
every hunter wants that.
And so he starts chasing us,
but we run away from him, away, away, away, away.

We always live free, we don’t build a house.
And we never take off our beautiful fur.
In good neighborhood to partridge, deer and mouse
we stretch out our tired limbs in fields.

Escape as long as you can escape, you won’t be a coward.
Only those who overestimate themselves run into ruin.
"The wiser gives in!" Said my father.
"Pride is a false friend, beware of him, my son."

With beautiful long ears,
this is how rabbits are always born.
Chosen to live in freedom,
and already we hurry from it, from it, from it, from it.

We are the ants

We are the ants – we don’t live alone
are the ants – on many nimble legs

we march through the woods, over stick and over stone
there is nothing better for us than being ants.

We are the ants – we are tipping through the vegetables
are the ants – never get tired feet

in the workers ’column we’re lined up
we work together and we sing our song.

We are the ants – we crawl through the meadow
are the ants – and only this guarantees them

are the hard-working of all, yes, every child knows that,
even bees are nowhere near as fast.

We are the ants – we are innumerable
are the ants – we are pursuing our goals

are super strong and busy and so nobody can get us small,
for us "one for all" and "all for one".

We are the ants – we are peaceful and busy
are the ants – we don’t suspect anyone quickly

but when an evil villain does us evil,
then we can bite and that’s not good for us.


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