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Spending time with the grandchildren is wonderful, but sometimes a challenge. Depending on your age and individual needs, there are many different ways and approaches for meeting these challenges. Here are some suggestions and tips that can help you spend a wonderful time with your grandchild. We have tips & Tricks, how you manage to accompany and strengthen your grandchildren as a playmate, role model and friend.

everyday tips

Fall foliage: what to do with it

When the temperatures drop and the winter jackets are unpacked again, autumn has arrived. The trees throw off their leaves and prepare for the winter. In the meadows and. Continue reading

eat & Drink

Children’s Pizza: cooking together with the grandchild

Pizza is a classic in German cuisine – and children love the dish. If grandma and grandpa say, there is pizza, then the little children’s eyes start to sparkle. The court. Continue reading

media Tips

The Christmas bakery: a musical for the whole family

“In the Christmas bakery” is probably one of the most famous and beautiful Christmas songs that have ever been produced. The earwig instantly puts big and small in a comforting. Continue reading

Books for grandparents

Here it is: The first German grandparents magazine!

It is fresh off the press and, more recently, at the kiosk, in petrol stations and in the supermarket: ‘Grandparents – The magazine about life with grandchildren’. I look at it on the 1st read on

music Tips

"Come ye Ye Children" – the classic among the Christmas carols

Kinderlein, kommet” is an ecclesiastical Christmas carol written by Catholic priest Christoph von Schmid in the 18th century. However, the song has become known. Continue reading

music & entertainment

Children’s song for Christmas: In the Christmas bakery

Since 1993, the song “In the Weihanchtsbäckerei” by Rolf Zuchowski is a true Christmas hit. Today, as before, children sing this song with a lot of fun and somehow stay. Continue reading


Stockbrot: recipe for stick bread dough around the campfire

End of work or weekend, plus a fire bowl and you’re ready to go: Stock bread at the campfire! For kids and adults a great action. Without much effort conjures up very quickly. Continue reading


Crafting with Grandparents: This book offers endless ideas

Tinkering with grandparents – this is always a pleasure for grandchildren. All grandmothers and grandfathers will find really great ideas for crafting together in “Das Granny und Opa Bastelbuch” by. Continue reading

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