Magic nift: children’s pants – japanese cut


May 6, 2014

Children’s pants – Japanese cut

Finally I managed to sew a pair of trousers according to the tried and tested cut from one of my Japanese pattern book, Happy Homemade Vol. II. Now, of course, bigger. The child chose the fabrics himself and now he doesn’t want to wear anything else. As fast as this cut is sewn, I should actually be able to sew three or four copies. But then there are the dolls, the knitting projects, everyday life.

I managed to sew another Japanese girl’s pants – so quick I wonder why it has taken me so Long. The girl loves them and wont wear anything else.

If it weren’t for this unspeakable skinny jeans trend and you didn’t have to pay Scandinavian designer prices for comfortable, climbing-friendly girls’ pants, I wouldn’t sew pants at all. So I insert one now and then when there is no other way. When I realize how quickly one is finished, I wonder why I’m so shy and put it on the back burner.

Without the funny unpractical skinny jeans trend for little girl’s I wouldn’t be sewing pants at all. I still don’t really feel at home in front of sewing pattern and sewing machines. I prefer a simple needle in my hand – oh well, or two for knitting ;-)

I actually still think that sewing with the machine is not my thing and I can’t do it at all. With a needle in my hand, I’m fine, but I quickly feel overwhelmed by ‘real’ patterns and ‘rattering’. Do you know that All the better when it is so easy to handle and the result is so loved: ‘How good, that You can sew such nice pants, mummy!’Well, the compliment could easily lead me to more pants :-)

But the compliment ‘How lucky I am my mum makes such beautiful pants’ might make me do it again.

Our weekend in Berlin was wonderful despite another sick child and quite violent changes in temperature and weather. We have many amazing Met people (again), ate Korean and Vietnamese and relaxed a lot. We also found a cat fabric for the pockets of the next pair of trousers, but some more of that. Did you have a nice first weekend in May?

We’ve spent a lovely long weekend with family and friends in Berlin – despite some funny weather changes and a sick child. Lots of laughter, just hanging out, feasting on Korean and Vietnamese food. .. And we even found the long searched for kitty-cat fabric for more pockets on more self made pants.

I wish you a nice day and a happy round of cread Tuesdays!
Sincerely, Lena


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