Make a photo slip with your own pictures and print conveniently

Fotoflip cheap with your own pictures without software

Photo Photo Book to put down with your own photos to print: PhotoFancy you can create a photo film and cheap print – yours Photoflip with own pictures makes for more variety on the desk!


  • Practical presentation table stand for your most beautiful pictures
  • Your photos with your own text in brilliant print quality
  • Can be used as a table stand or wall hanger (three formats with 10, 20, 30 or 40 sides each)
  • High-quality wire spiral binding with fold-out foot and suspension device
  • Extra strong 250 gsm paper with high gloss finish
  • Noble dust jacket made of 0.8 mm frosted glass (cover sheet)

For every mood the right picture with the Fotoflip

A photo flip is just the thing if you are looking for a variety of decorations. To put a photo clip with your own pictures on the desk is like using a photo book as a table stand: All your favorite pictures are collected in your area and always, if you feel like it, it is quite easy to view the visible picture switch. Of the Photo stand for turning pages is also a nice gift, for example, filled with baby pictures for the relatives. Tell a story with a photo booth, because you can design each page on a photo clip yourself.

Design a photo clip with your own photos

You can have your photo clip for a photo album as a table stand designed and printed on PhotoFancy without having to download any software. Choose directly in the browser a background color for the sides and determine whether the picture should receive a frame or whether we the Print photo slip by exploiting the entire page width. You can make your photo clip in the sizes DIN A6, DIN A5 and even up to DIN A4. 10, 20, 30 and 40 Landscape pictures are possible if you want to make your own photo clip, except for A4 size. In this size, you can only print a photo flip, which is a maximum of 20 pages. But from DIN A4 you already have the opportunity to print very nice pictures on acrylic glass.

Photo stand for folding as a photo clip with your own pictures

Your photo flip works in principle as well as a calendar to set up: So that the table stand is suitable for folding, we use a wire-O-binding on the long side and so that the photo clip is safe, we use a solid plastic sheet with display on the back (in subtle milk glass look). Alternatively, the Fotoflip also for hanging suitable. The front is protected by a thinner and transparent plastic cover sheet. We print your photo slip with our own pictures on 250g-thick, semi-glossy paper using UV-printing varnish. So you can print a photo clip cheap and still get a high-quality photo block.

The perfect photo slip for your customers

Not only for the private sector, you can create a photo clip, even in the commercial is a photo booth with changing images is a practical matter. Changing but recurring offers and other information can be easily and practically conveyed through a table-topper to fold over to your customers. Instead of having your own sheet printed for each piece of information, you can design a single photo slip yourself and show the right sheet as needed. You can also have a photo flip printed cheaply to make it a creative image brochure, for example, in the waiting area of ​​your business. In addition, a photo clip with your own pictures is also a creative Giveaway for your customers, for example, as a small collection of beautiful designs for your customers with a page in the beginning for the presentation of your brand.

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