Make animal masks for carnival

These animal masks are really so simple homemade. Here we show you how to make masks out of paper plates. And which animal are you: bear, panda, bunny or monkey?

These animal masks are the absolute hit with our children (and also in the editorial staff itself). Especially because they are so quickly made. You don’t have to decide for one animal, you just make them all! The Clou: All animal masks are made of cardboard plates. Here we show you how to make the masks out of paper plates.

Material for animal masks

– Paper plate – one plate makes 2 masks – clay paper in black, dark brown and light brown – craft colour in dark brown, light brown and pink – black felt pen – colourful paper straws – basic material: scissors, glue stick, Tesafilm, brush

Cool animal masekn: Making masks from paper plates

Making masks from paper plates

Of course you can make any animal you like. We have chosen the homemade animal masks for panda, bear, bunny and monkey. And this is how you can make them. Even if they are not related to each other, bear and monkey will be made together – at least in the first step. Paint the back (the outwardly curved side) of a paper plate with brown craft colour. Let everything dry well. Then halve the paper plate. Draw two circles for the peepholes on both halves. It is best to find an object that corresponds approximately to the desired size of the hole – then the eyes are the same size for all masks. For example, we used the capsule of the glue stick. Carefully cut out the circles. Our tip: This works best with curved nail scissors.

➤ bear mask

Now cut out two ears from dark brown clay cardboard for the bear. Transfer the outline of the ears to the light brown paper. Draw a second smaller ear into the outline with some distance to the edge. This is the inside of the ear, which should stand out slightly in colour. Glue the outer and inner ears together and then glue the finished ears against the paper plate from behind. Use tape to keep the ears in place. For the bear’s snout you need a circle of dark brown clay cardboard with a radius of at least 2.5 cm. Glue it centrally between the eyes so that it protrudes slightly above the lower edge of the mask. Now draw a nose with a black felt-tip pen and the bear is ready. ➤ Monkey maskFor the monkey mask, first round off the edges of the paper plate half generously upwards. Now paint a heart-shaped area around the eyes in light brown – whereby of course the lower, pointed half of the heart is missing. You can orientate yourself by the grooves of the paper plate. The arches of the heart form should run along here. Once the paint has dried, draw a line in the middle between the eyes and a small dot to the right and left of it. The next step is to make the ears. Draw two circles with a radius of 4 cm on the dark brown paper. Draw two circles with a radius of 3 cm on the light brown paper. Cut everything out and glue the ears together. Once the glue has dried, you can glue the ears to the paper plate. Also here applies: fix additionally with Tesa.

Make a Tiger Mask

➤ PandamaskeCut a paper plate in two halves. Again draw circles for the peepholes (e.g. capsule of the glue stick as a template) and cut them out. Take the black clay paper and cut out two bear ears. For the panda, unlike the bear, you do not need any inner ears. Glue the ears to the paper plate. Fix with tape. For the typical coat pattern of the panda we still need the black eye areas. It is best to start by transferring the two eyes to the black clay paper. So you have an orientation, how big the eye area must become. Paint a 7 cm long oval around the eyes. When measuring, you should put about 0.5 cm above the eye. Cut everything out. Don’t forget the eye cut-outs! Stick the oval onto the paper plate so that it is slightly inclined to the right or to the left. The last step is to paint a nose between the eyes with a black felt-tip pen.

➤ Rabbit MaskCut the peepholes in the remaining half of the paper plate. Cut the large rabbit spoons from another paper plate. Paint two rounded rectangles on the inside of the plate. Also use the curvature, which gives the ears a cute bend. Of course you can adjust the length of the rabbit spoons individually. With us they are about 14 cm long. Paint the inside of the ears with the pink craft colour. Also give the bunny red cheeks. Use the black felt-tip pen to draw the sniffer nose. Once the paint has dried, you can glue the ears centrally onto the paper plate from behind. Fix again with tape. We have cut the whiskers from the black clay cardboard to size. Simply cut out six very narrow, long strips. They may vary in length. Glue with glue or tape next to the nose.

Last step for all animal masks

In order to be able to use the beautiful animal masks properly, we have given them a handle. Glue the colorful straws to the paper plates from behind. A tip from us, so that they hold better: First press the upper part flat. This creates a larger adhesive surface. Of course you can also tie a rubber band to the masks. To do this, make a small hole in the plate on the right and left sides, thread in the rubber band and tie it down.

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